The Imperial Bravo - part 2

by Rolf Witzsche

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The tectonics of empire are shifting. Its plates are overlaying the nations. Plates of force are grinding down all that is good, and humanity with it. But the plates are plates of impotence: plates of empire begging for society's compliance. 

The recruitment weapon of empire is the corrupting force of fear, whenever bribery fails. Much of the world has been corrupted on this platform and has indeed been recruited by empire to do its bidding as its slave. Some day society will realize that it cannot go this route, on which it is collapsing itself into imperial impotence, and meet the Ice Age challenge that demands our full attention to built new agriculture deep in the tropics over the next 30 years, to grow food for 7 billion people in the protected regions before the Sun goes inactive and the next Ice Age begins. The answer to empire should be humanity's song: Amazing Grace.

The story is fiction. It is situated in Venice, Italy, at a private meeting with an agent of the imperial fondi for purposes of recruitment. The dialog is presented in two parts.

Transcript of Part 2



      "Yes, I can see that the Intelligence Illuminati might not be to your liking after all. Maybe you would like to pursue something else," Palmerston said moments later. "Our latest experiment is much more gentle. Also it is completely hidden. In fact, it is so completely covered over with lies that it is hailed by society as the savior of mankind. Unfortunately the project has so far not worked very well," said the man. "I am talking about our Environmental Illuminati. That's the group that has banned some of the most essential achievements of mankind under the environmental guise. They've banned the DDT pesticide, which once nearly eradicated malaria, before they banned it. Now malaria is back in a big way. Malaria is an agonizing disease as the parasite eats a person's liver. In Africa all by itself, every forty seconds a person dies of malaria. Mostly the victims are children. This goes on hour after hour, year after year. That adds up to over a million needless deaths per year worldwide. And poverty kills even more. Some put the death toll from poverty at 30,000 a day. Most of them again are children. That adds up to ten million per year. You were shocked when you realized that the cruise missile that you saw fly by your house a few days ago might have been intended for Baltimore where it would have killed almost a million people. But why should you be shocked at this miniscule thing when you don't blink an eye when your noble nation commits ten million people to death in needless horrible agony, year after year, with your own policies? Compared to what you are doing, our Terrorist Illuminati, and our Intelligence Illuminati, are playing with trifles. They are almost saintly in comparison. And what's worse, your noble country doesn't even bother to stop its own killing, but allows it to go on with an intensity that makes Hitler look like a saint, which would be easy to stop. Instead, you defend the need for more of this killing by organizing world-depopulation conferences and poverty building measures. Our Environmental Illuminati are set up to help you along to reach your goal to depopulate the world. Unfortunately their projects aren't working too well, like the DDT ban to bring malaria back and increase food spoilage by protecting the pests. People are beginning to realize that there exists no scientific evidence that DDT is harmful to anything except the pests that plague mankind. We need a diplomatic offensive to turn that failure around."

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 from Chapter 11 of my novel: Winning Without Victory
online page 159 to 175 - Transcript

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