The Imperial Bravo - part 1

by Rolf Witzsche

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The tectonics of empire are shifting. Its plates are overlaying the nations. Plates of force are grinding down all that is good, and humanity with it. But the plates are plates of impotence: plates of empire begging for society's compliance. It boasts of power, as it must to hide the secret that it has no power. Whatever power it claims, is given to it by society. It has no power by itself. Its boasts that still ring out into the night to the very day, are songs of sophistry, the songs of Pericles reissued for the modern age. With his song, Pericles destroyed Athens, but only because society listened. And so it will always be. But shouldn't one rather be listening to the sanity of the human heart. This sanity builds up nations and ushers in periods of renaissance.

The story is fiction. It is situated in Venice, Italy, at a private meeting with an agent of the imperial fondi for purposes of recruitment. The dialog is presented in two parts.

Transcript of Part 1



I had a feeling that most people at the Physicist's Conference in Venice supported us, at least in principle. Against all expectations, we got a standing ovation at the end, primarily for what Steve had presented. The applause for him appeared to be more than just a gesture of respect for his stature in the scientific community as a renowned professor in the field of theoretical physics. In spite of the initial boos and heckling the applause in the end was evidently an infinitely greater acknowledgment of what we stood for and what we were trying to accomplish than Stravinsky had received on his opening night of the Rite of Spring.

      Ross, our second man in scientific authority on this diplomatic mission, said that we should celebrate, because we had achieved a victory against the strongest possible opposition, namely that of the scientists who had worked on the project that we canceled, and then turned it upside down on them. Still, unlike everyone else, I didn't feel that much like celebrating. Something was up that was troubling me. Something wasn't right. Something was in the air that was hard to put ones finger on, something that dominated the background that could now no longer be ignored, like the danger of an avalanche in the mountain after a heavy snowfall. We had dared to do what had not been done since the days of the League of Cambrai in 1509. Like the Renaissance powers had threatened Venice, the leading slave-trader and looting empire of its time, with extinction, we had dared to declare war against the same empire and its modern fondi, and we had done this symbolically on the empire's old home ground, right at the heart of Venice.

      We had done precisely what I had recognized that the Renaissance powers had done wrong. We had repeated their mistake, their crucial mistake that became the undoing for the Renaissance itself. Steve's speech, and my own in lobbying for the Ice Age Renaissance at the physicist's conference, was in all respects a hidden declaration of war against the fondi. I had a feeling that we would be paying a steep price for this, and possibly for a long time to come.

      As it was, we received the fondi's response in short order. There was a letter waiting for me the next evening before our departure. The letter had been stuck under our hotel room door while we were out for supper. It was from the man from the fondi. The letter was addressed to me directly.

      "Congratulations," the letter said, "you have won this battle. The fondi have lost this round, but don't celebrate yet. You have not won the war, and you never will. There are other methods the fondi will now use, and other times they will select to destroy America and the USSR. Think about that. Actually they like what is now taking place. Having you as an opponent adds a little spice to the fight, though you will never win. You won't win, even with all the backing that your Uncle Sam can give you. You simply are not in the same league with the fondi. Also, you are a fool. You should have found a way to negotiate with the Russians to keep the SDI alive for both country's sake."

      The person that wrote the letter wrote that this was not the fondi's view, but his own.

      "The fondi's long-range target is China, not Russia," he wrote. "Russia is useful to them as a trigger to draw the USA into a nuclear confrontation that will not only destroy both nations, but create the background in which their other stooges can destroy China, India, Iran, and Indonesia in one fell swoop. Your friend, Steve, was right in what he said, but he didn't think far enough ahead. He didn't see the danger to China. His bungling proves my point, that you are amateurs when it comes to geopolitical games."

      He remarked sarcastically that this is what we will always be, amateurs.

      "China is the fondi's biggest foe because of its people's commitment to develop their country into the richest on the continent, and to develop with them the entire Asian continent. China is at the point today that the USA was in its early days, before it had become the envy of the world. If the British Empire hadn't broken America's republican spirit, the American people would have helped to develop the whole world by now. The fondi's feudal way of living and looting the world would have been history. But now, they rule the world. This is why they target China now, to be destroyed. If China's unfolding drive for self-development is echoed throughout Asia, the rest of the world will follow suit. When this happens, the fondi's days are over. The fondi won't allow this to happen."

      The man wrote bluntly, perhaps honestly.

      "It is unfortunate that China must be destroyed," he wrote, "and India likewise for its enormous development potential, and that Russia and the USA must be sacrificed as a means for the fondi to be able to do away with China and India. But such is the price that the world will be required to pay for the fondi's survival and for their quest to achieve World-Empire status. Also, let me assure you that there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this from happening. You may have prevented a nuclear war last week, and you may have prevented a new one from erupting next week, but you cannot prevent the fondi from attaining their goals. So far, you have been helping them, and they expect more of the same help from you. In the New World that you have just created, the fondi may use the same divide and conquer process against Russia, China, and the USA, that they have used so successfully against Africa. Also, you should realize that the destruction of Africa has barely begun. The fondi do not really have to use nuclear weapons to destroy anyone, although they may do so. In fact, ideally, they won't need to destroy anything at all."

      He pointed out in his letter that the fondi's desire is to simply depopulate the regions that they want to control, as they have always done, by creating poverty. Poverty kills as powerfully as the nuclear bombs do, he pointed out in the letter.

      "Just watch what will happen in the Great Lakes region of Africa, which has the richest mineral deposits in the world," he continued in the letter. "The fondi will bring in their mercenary armies to conquer whichever country they want. Whichever population foolishly stands in the way, will be wiped out. This is what can be accomplished with power, and there is nothing that you can do to stop the fondi once the process has begun, because you don't have any real power. Naturally, Russia may well be dealt with in the same way that Africa is already being dealt with to some degree. This is certainly possible without the force of nuclear weapons. You must look at nuclear weapons as merely a diversion. At first the fondi destroy their targets politically, then economically, then financially, and finally they will destroy them biologically once their food production capability is destroyed. So, who needs nuclear bombs? Consider them as a diversion to hide the real process. My point is that it is impossible for anyone to build technological defenses against these kind of processes that the fondi control, because fundamentally, the fondi's processes aren't technological processes. You have killed the SDI as a technological process. That's all you did. You didn't even come close to detecting the real process.

      "Russia, of course, may now be wiped out. It lost its usefulness. It appears to be no longer of any significant advantage for the fondi to allow the Soviet Union to survive. You may have just signed Russia's death warrant. The USA will likely be dealt with in a similar manner when the time is ripe. The American people, themselves, will help the fondi to accomplish this. You know yourself how stupid people can become with the right kind of 'incentive.'"

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from Chapter 11 of my novel: Winning Without Victory
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