Discovering Love

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Wealth is power. The development of spiritual riches enables in society the power to create a wealth of good and of resources for living that cannot be created on any lesser platform. In ancient days the River Nile had primed the pump with abundant food resources that had enabled the development of a richly creative society, which it still does in some degree. Now, the modern society create their own food resources and resources for spiritual and cultural development. On this path a wide horizon of amazing resources lays before us, which is only held back by the still too-small-minded world.

The dialog unfolds in the background to a fictional morning meal of leading-edge spiritual pioneers after a great evening and day before, a meeting of their mind that had increasingly challenged the limits, which now challenges the too-small perception of the future. The bottom line is that we have a critical need to develop ourselves and our world far beyond the trap oligarchism and empire, a trap of stolen wealth, in order to meet the Ice Age Challenge, the ultimate challenge that stands before us all. 

The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, Discovering Love, by Rolf Witzsche.


      "Have you ever lived in Egypt?" Steve asked me moments later.

      I said that I hadn't.

      "Then you haven't likely been touched by the Nile, that is so much a part of the heart of Egypt's history, more than the pyramids, really," said Steve. "The pyramids wouldn't exist without the Nile. The Nile drains a large part of the landmass of Africa. During the rainy season its banks overflow and flood the surrounding areas with richly fertile silt. The flooding formed the basis for a highly productive agriculture and abundant wildlife. With food at hand in abundance, less effort was required in working for a living, so that the people in Egypt's early epoch had time to spare for their mental development. The mental development, in turn became the foundation for the Egyptian civilization, and also for its collapse when the development was stopped, as imperial insanity took over. The pyramids could not have been built without the Nile, which enabled the mental development. The pyramids stand as a silent testament to remarkable mathematical knowledge, astronomical discoveries, technological skills, and spiritual purpose, all of which the early Egyptians had acquired. In this sense the pyramids are a testament to the riches of the Nile that had opened the door to the early society's mental development."

      "What are you getting at?" I interrupted him.

      "Slavery could not have built the pyramids," said Steve. "Human labor isn't a big factor in the economy of the Universe. Neither is it in mankind's economy. That is why slavery doesn't work, no matter how hard the rulers of the world try to make it work. The wealth-creating power of society is its scientific and technological power that vastly multiplies the power of human labor. Without mankind's scientific and technological power, the floating bridge to Africa can never be build. And that is why it has not been built. Society is presently denying its scientific and technological power, to the point of vilifying it. "

      "As I said, the rise of slavery ended the era of the great projects," Ushi interjected.

      "The Nile may have enabled the building of the pyramids, but it did not build them," said Steve. "The power of the human intellect did the building. The pyramids therefore stand as a marriage monument that signifies the union of the recognized riches of the Universe, and the recognized productive riches of the human being, and its creative spirit. The pyramids are a testament of the natural bridge between the creative Spirit of the Universe, and the creative spirit of mankind. The building of a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, that will link America and Africa, will be accomplished one day in the same context, and for the same reason, though it remains blocked for now, until slavery is abolished with all its derivatives attached. The abolition of slavery may be one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever faced. It is presently one of the greatest challenges that I am aware off. The slavery challenge is greater than the challenge presented by the near return of the Ice Age, which threatens the global devastation of agriculture. The Ice Age challenge can be met with scientific and technological development, but this remains blocked in a slavery-oriented world. This was the Pharaoh's doom, just as it is now our doom. It appears that slavery began in Egypt when the influx of foreigners, in the search for easy food, caused the need for military garrisons to control the foreigners. The resulting 'defense' projects, became low-grade projects, with little focus on Love. When this happens, the enslavement of people begins, and society looses its precious humanity, whereby evermore of the vital factors become blocked. In the modern world, these blocked factors are now threatening our food supply. Africa, which could feed the entire world all by itself, has become a hellhole of misery and starvation, and on this path a boiling caldron brewing new diseases. That's the preparation we have made to face the coming Ice Age with."

      "I see no efforts being made by anyone to meet the looming challenge," Ushi interjected. "Slavery is increasing, starvation is increasing. America has joined the slave masters of the world. It is committed to this course, at the expense of it killing its own population with poverty. China is now fully on the path to being enslaved by the West, in this new form of slavery, rather than being developed. India likewise, is being dragged into this bottomless trap, as are Japan and Korea, with Europe lining up at the door begging to become enslaved. The whip of the slave masters is no longer as visible, as it once was. It is financial now, but it is just as cutting and just as destructive. And with slavery on the rise, the circumcision is on the rise, being quietly promoted under the cover of countless deceptions. The only thing that is not promoted is food production. Food production is collapsing, and what remains of it is used as a profit mill. Global food production could be doubled with ease, but the trend is in the opposite direction, leading to the graveyards of starvation."

      "Is this what we are fighting here?" I interjected.

      "That's the bottom line, Peter, and what we find here is a tragedy," said Steve.  "Just tell me the name of anyone you know, who is standing in the hustings today, fighting for the survival of mankind. The hustings are empty. The masters of money rule the world unchallenged. Human life has become meaningless. The tune of the song is now, depopulation, rather than the development of life. The song is about protecting money, instead protecting the food supply. Calls are already being heard to burn food in cars as fuel."

      "With this attitude, how are we going to survive the coming Ice Age?" I interjected.

      "Precisely, Peter, how will we accomplish this feat, without becoming human again?" said Steve. "Love and Life are one. If this isn't reflected in human living, we are already dead. This is what we are fighting for. Love is our life. The two are interlocked on all levels. If we love ourselves and one another in the truly Universal sense, we will also love our world, and the plants that provide our nourishment, and provide nourishment for the animals, that provide us the animal proteins that are vital elements in human nourishment. The proteins that support our life have millions of different structures, but they are all made up of only twenty basic amino acids, the only ones that exist. Of these twenty, the human body constructs twelve by itself. The remaining eight have to be brought in from the outside. They exist in complete balance in animal proteins. These eight, that we must ingest with our food, are called the 'essentials, because we really do need them. At the present time, we derive them as a contribution from the animal world, including fish. If we don't bring them in from there, which is presently our only source for them, our body will starve. If we stop ingesting them for a lengthy period, the human body begins cannibalizing itself, starting with its muscles. If you ingest an incomplete balance of the essential proteins, like one that contains only seven of the eight essential amino acids in the diet, this diet will be far less useful for your nutrition, as an essential element will then be missing. And this applies to all of us. No one is excepted. This means that our love for life must be wide enough to include the protection of the animal world from the ravishing of the coming new Ice Age, and include the protection of their food resources."

      "The present consensus is that this cannot be done," Ushi interrupted. "And so it won't be done. The consensus is also strong that universal love in society is impossible. On the strength of this knowledge we remain as isolated, divided, circumcised, and enslaved, as we have been for the last 5,000 years. We say we can't move across the barriers, so we don't move. We also say we can't face the coming Ice Age, and so we refuse to even consider it. We have the power within us to create the resources we need. The building of the pyramids proves that we have the capacity for achievements that border on the miraculous. Why then do we convince ourselves that we can't do these little things, as building the infrastructures for protecting our plants and animals, against the return of the Ice Age that typically affects the entire planet, and affects plants everywhere?"

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From the  social science and religious fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Discovering Love

Volume 1of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 219
Chapter 18 - Freshly Baked Buns

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