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Poisoned Economics


Empire is the enemy of mankind. It poisons everything. It poisons economics. It poisons the mind and then sucks society dry. Few nations have been able to free themselves of its sting, often only with great sacrifices in the wake of great revolutions, and even those have often been betrayed. China suffered great tragedies on its path from empire to freedom, but it achieved a victory that few nations in history have won. The founding of the USA was a similar victory, hard won, then carelessly lost. Today, empire rules the USA, a dying country with its industries destroyed, and its soul sold to empire and its money, a nation that is essentially dead when compared with what it once was. China's communism has so far shielded the nation from this death, although precariously, a fragile oasis in a disintegrating world, blackened by looting, fascism, nuclear war threats,. and put to sleep with the song of global warming and depopulation.

With society no longer aiming for its freedom from empire, the Ice Age Challenge that empire denies to exist, cannot be met. This means that 99% of humanity will die of starvation when the Next Ice Age begins in roughly 30 years, for which the preparations are presently being prevented. Empire will not allow the needed scientific and technological development to occur throughout the West that is required to meet the Ice Age Challenge.

The dialog is situated in time near the collapse of the Soviet system. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, The Flat Earth Society, by Rolf Witzsche.


      "Economics?" I interjected.

      Steve paused, looked at me, and began to laugh. He suggested that economics was indeed not one of my strong suits yet, though it is essential for me to come to understand it. He said that in a healthy economy the people of a nation provide themselves the financial credits for their self-development. These credits are issued for infrastructures; education; scientific research; technological development; industrialization; farming; energy development; health care; education; culture, and so forth. "Economics is about improving the quality of society, advancing its power to improve its physical welfare." Steve explained that all these elements, especially the inner conditioning, are essential elements of the physical economy. In turn, the physical economy, and it alone, provides for humanity's physical existence. This means that the human productive capacity is the only source of society's physical wealth, while society's spiritual and humanist riches make the physical riches possible. "So, where do you see the productive capacity of mankind increasing today? You see this happening in China. And where do you see the productive capacity of mankind collapsing as we speak? You see this happening in all the circumcised cultures where society has mutilated its humanity. And where do you see the center of this located? You see the center of this squarely located in what used to be the British Empire that is no longer called that, because it is a global enemy now, the global enemy of mankind.

      "You've got to understand one thing before you even qualified to think about economics in today's terms," Steve continued. "You have got to understand the British Empire, no matter what it calls itself, is the enemy of mankind, the only enemy mankind has and ever had in recent history. Empire is a madness that tears civilization apart, and the center for that is the City of London, the one square mile financial district at the heart of London that calls itself the City of London. The City is the center of empire that is looting the world. It sings the tune of monetarism, which means using money to gain power with which to control the nations and much of the world, that is, to drive the nations into slavery to its dictates. Every bad thing that we see in the world is derived from that. The Empire rules by destabilizing nations to break them up and prevent them from becoming a humanist force that would invariably become a threat to empire itself. It also rules with dope to accomplish the same goal. That is how it nearly destroyed China in the aftermath of the Opium Wars. It also rules with slavery, and it utilizes the circumcision to advance its games of enslaving mankind. It nearly destroyed India during the colonial period, by means of slavery, and is about to do the same with China again with the most modern form of slavery, called free trade. It also aimed to destroy Russia. It aimed to do this with Communism that it created in London and foisted onto Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution. The revolution was supported and financed from the City of London. The British Empire also aimed to destroy the USA with its Civil War that it unleashed in order to protect its slavery there and to break apart the Union that opposed slavery. This attempt failed. Sometimes the Empire looses. But often it succeeds. It aimed to destroy Germany as the leading proponent of real economics in the late 1800s, following the Hamilton and Lincoln system of political economy. The destruction of Germany succeeded, though it took the Empire World War I and World War II to do this, and the Maastricht Treaty afterwards. Yes Peter, Hitler was not the real enemy of mankind at his time. He was a hireling of empire, financed to power out of London, a madman hired for is commitment to do dirty deeds.

      "The real enemy of mankind is the system of empire that was exemplified by the British Empire, and still is," Steve continued. "This is the 'machine' that Hitler served, the mythical 'god' called Empire. The system of Empire is the 'machine' that destroyed Africa. It destroyed Africa with wars; it destroyed it with famine; and it destroyed it with AIDS. The system of Empire stands behind each one of these. Now the Empire is at war with the Middle East to prevent its economic development and to destroy the countries that have the oil, unless the oil-countries join the Empire and allow themselves to be looted. Yes Peter, the system of Empire is the enemy of mankind, and that includes every hand that becomes a part of the system. This makes the Empire the only real enemy on the planet. It is an enemy that uses every means to assert itself.

      "The Empire is the enemy of mankind, because it demands the lifeblood of society and does not create or produce anything that advances the general welfare of the society it feeds on. It exists by stealing, and is destructive in return. This makes it the enemy of mankind. Stealing is counter-productive. It doesn't produce anything, but destroys the infrastructures for production. This is happening all over the world, Peter, and now in evermore-destructive ways. Its nature as a double-edged sword makes the Empire the enemy of mankind. It is really the only true enemy that mankind has. All other seeming enemies, including terrorism and war mongering, are but derivatives of this core enemy. Empire is the adversary of mankind. It opposes all that is good, denies humanity, disputes reality; it is not a force that constructs and sustains civilization or reflects reality and Truth. It is a murderer, and has been a murderer from the beginning. It is a liar, and the father of lies. This makes the Empire the enemy of mankind. And this system of adversary that Empire is, goes deep, though often imperceptibly.

      "Look at the vast divergence of executive salaries in the service of the nation," Steve continued. "In a typical State Government over 30,000 civil servants are paid in excess of $75,000 a year, while workers on minimum wage have to do with $5 an hour and old age pensioners with $500 a months. This vast divergence is a gross denial of the Principle of the General Welfare. And this is just the beginning. In the same context, 10,000 of the public servants demand a salary in excess of $100,000 a year; 2,000 rake in more than $150,000 a year; 750 get more than $200,000 a year; 250 more than $250,000; 100 more than $300,000, and over a dozen in excess of $400,000 a year and ranging upwards to nearly a million. This pay-scale trend reflects the system of Empire in the form of rape on the public that is typical in the world of empire. Rape is actually too soft a term, because it presupposes that society is so stupid that only a few out of millions upon millions of people are qualified to fulfill a certain coordinating task. This is a gross indictment of the integrity of society, which is a typical perception of society in the land of Empire. In real terms it is an insult, and in the world of Empire that operates a hierarchical structure of elitism, this insult is intentional - a method to depress society. In most cases the benefit to society by those who rule is inverse to their pay. The most efficient 'rapists' are often the most destructive, as can be seen in the world of corporate executives with some earning hundreds of millions a year while they are wrecking the industries that they 'serve,' and thereby rape the public double that pays the bill. This inverse relationship goes all the way up the scale, with some hedge fund managers raping the investors they serve at the tune of billions a year, while their handiwork is destroying entire categories of industries and is wrecking the welfare of entire nations all around the world. This makes the system of Empire the Number One enemy of mankind, second to none. Nor can this problem be corrected for as long as Empire rules. Of course the masters of the World Empire won't allow this to be corrected, because this too, is just a stepping stone towards their still larger goals.

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From the political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Flat Earth Society

Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 47
Chapter 5 - Poisoned Economics

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