Seascapes and Sand

Part 2 

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Out of the Heart


Peace, prosperity, and freedom come from the heart of humanity and from nowhere else. Here lies the 'Sun' of civilization. If it is smothered, civilization disintegrates and humanity dies. However, when it is put up on high it illumines the world. By it empires vanish, instead of humanity. But this isn't rocket science, is it? It is something that every human beings already knows in the heart, which only needs to be acknowledged. What comes out of the heart may seem surprising, because that's where the native sense of humanity still exists. Thus, what flows from the heart may seem surprising - even while it has the power to heal and often does -  because the song of the heart defies what is accepted as politically correct. 

The dialog is a dialog of speeches unfolding in the background of a fictional peace conference in Moscow near the end of the Soviet era. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, Seascapes and Sand, by Rolf Witzsche.


      "Hear, hear!" said Ushi in her normal tone of voice and raised her hand when we met this very evening after the great speeches were made. We met in the lobby of the hotel in a room off to the side that had a fireplace, a room with thick carpets, heavy sofas, a dark decor, and with a remarkably quiet atmosphere for a room located just across from the bar.

      "Have I promised you too much, Peter, in my role playing when we met the last time, back in that restaurant after the organ recital? You have been aware of all the right answers all along, for the questions that had puzzled you. You just needed to be nudged a little by a 'slave boy,' as an encouragement to acknowledge yourself as a human being. I think the same applies to Anton too, in a different context perhaps, though the process is the same. It's a process of uplifting the scene to a higher level of regarding one-another in Love. So, why shouldn't it be possible that she too be nudged a little to acknowledge to herself that she already lives in the complex domain, as do all human beings, because we are all human. Does she really have any other choice? But I have discovered something in the process of the role-playing that I hadn't noticed before. I discovered that the slave boy understood the principles that could have prevented the restarting of World War One, which ended up causing fifty million deaths."

      I agreed that this basis was covered. "But the train doesn't stop there, does it?" I added. "There is one level higher than the complex domain, where one sees with the mind's eye."

      "Science enables one to see with the mind's eye," said Ushi. "The slave boy became a scientist under his own guidance. Nobody really teaches Science."

      "It can't be taught, because science isn't an end in itself," I said to Ushi. "Science is our gateway to the truth. Science builds a platform of knowledge that enables us to touch and understand the absolute. One can only teach and learn the art of making discoveries. Any other form of 'teaching' is liable to become indoctrination. We can share discovered facts of course, and invite students to relive the process of the discoveries of these facts, but we cannot really teach science itself. We can teach the art of utilizing the gateway that science is, by which we step up to the level where the scientifically rational is uplifted to the spiritual. What the slave boy saw as a community of principle, our friend Helen had seen as a complete reality. Helen had beheld an aspect of spiritual Truth in the form of her vision of a vast universal lateral lattice of human hearts, all existing side by side, all being tied to one another by strands of reflected Love. Helen saw those strands of Love as strands of light. Shouldn't we do so likewise in all aspects of our daily living? In the living lattice Helen saw the flow of a healing process that is happening naturally, which pertains to the real world, which we can discover, and visually behold, and physically experience when we become sensitive to its Truth."

       "Isn't it amazing in how many ways Helen's concept of the lateral lattice principle applies," I interrupted Ushi. "Helen had told me about her discovery in Leipzig before I met you. What she discovered keeps on popping up everywhere. Of course, you have known her for much longer than I have. You probably experienced much more of this profound aspect of reality that she has discovered."

       "You are right, Peter. In the lateral reality that Helen saw and understood, where we all exist side by side, no options remain open for any stepping away from it, and this has amazing implications," said Ushi. "And as Helen had put it, the Truth is the Truth. It's not theoretical. What is Truth is knowable and understandable. Only lies are not understandable, because there is nothing truthful in them.  Even the community of principle that the slave boy saw as a platform for his freedom, is no longer actually an option in the lateral lattice, but is an aspect of Truth that comes to life in understanding. Truth comes to light as the forever reality of our being. It's no longer an optional issue then, is it?"

      "Yes, and sex has a place in that, Ushi," I interrupted her. "Sex unfolds as a part of it. It unfolds as a link of the larger chain that comprises all the links that make up our civilization. Helen had told me that the direction of that flow that she observed, in the strands of love, was always outward oriented. She said it was always flowing out from the individual hearts, like rays of light radiating outward from a sun, illumining the Universe with light. This outward flow of loving that she saw, obviously also includes sexual loving. I find that this makes the lateral-lattice principle beautiful to behold."

      "Actually it is far more than just beautiful," said Ushi.

      "How more beautiful can it get?" I said and shook my head in disbelief.

      "You don't know what beautiful is, until you see the whole thing," said Ushi. "The metaphor of each person being arrayed like the Sun that lights up the Universe with light, actually has a real foundation. It happens everywhere in the Universe. Helen didn't realize this when the image first appeared in her mind. She was amazed therefore, when Steve told her recently that he had discovered in astrophysics, that her lateral lattice perception is physically reflected in the makeup of the Universe. It really is that, Peter. Steve said to Helen, 'Just ask yourself, what powers our Sun?' He pointed out that our Sun isn't self-powered. This was something that Helen already knew. 'This means that you already know the answer to the core question regarding the lateral-lattice model,' he said to her."

      Ushi paused and looked me in the eye. "So, tell me Peter, what powers our Sun? You know this too."

      "What a question is this?" I said to her. "We all know that the Universe didn't start with a big bang. That's a fairy tale that a person might tell to children, to put them to sleep at bedtime. It is a story in which the weakest force in the Universe, which is gravity, is imagined to have caused the actual creation of the Universe in a giant gravity initiated explosion. This Big Bang Cosmology is nonsense, Ushi, and so is the nuclear-fusion powered Sun that is built on it, and everything that goes with it, like black holes, dark matter, exploding stars into supernova cosmic fireworks, and so on. The perception is nonsense, that our Sun is powered by giant hydrogen-bomb-type explosions occurring continuously deep in the interior of the Sun to power it. That's all nonsense, Ushi. Fusion doesn't produce power. It is a constructive process that requires power to make it happen. Nothing in our galaxy is self-powered. There is no need for anything to be self-powered. If it was, the universe would have run down long ago, and folded up, and vanished. The Universe is unfolding, not running down, and so it is powered by a vastly greater force than gravity that keeps it operating and growing. It is powered by the all-pervading electric force that is carried in plasma streams. Plasma streams are the most ideal conductors of electric currents in existence for long distance energy flows. There are vast fields of electric currents flooding the entire galaxy, in which our little solar system exists, which light up the Sun with in-flowing energy. The Sun is electrically powered by these energy streams flowing into it from the outside, Ushi. But why do you ask this question that we both know the answer for? What is your point? You know as well as I do, that every sun in the Universe is actively powered by the vast electric currents that flow in plasma throughout our entire galaxy, and every other galaxy, without exception. Every star is thereby a sun in itself that is powered by this universal process. Is this, what you are getting at, when you ask, what powers our Sun?"

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From the political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Seascapes and Sand

Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Winter Songs


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