2014 - the Critical Year

When I brought my 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, to an end, two options came to mind of how to end it. 

Since the series is designed to explore the Principle of Universal Love unfolding in society from the grassroots level up, the ending had to reflect this. It also needed to reflect the current potential for the consequences for society when it fails to protect itself with the principles that uphold its civilization. To illustrate both directions, I have included two unique stories in the last novel, Lu Mountain, the story, Queen of the New Law, of a grand escape from the inwardly empty oligarchic system, and the story of Lianhua, of a society guided by scientific leadership, which nevertheless fails itself at the critical moment.

Which of the two ending-stories will prevail in our world is determined by us all in the context that is illustrated in the dialog of one of the chapters, named "The Incompetence of the King," with society being the ultimate 'king' in the world.

This means that the final story in the real world will be largely determined by the depth of the paradigm shift that can be achieved in today's world, a world teetering at the brink of nuclear war, economic collapse, depopulation policies, and the next Ice Age on the near horizon, for potentially the 2050s timeframe. To explore the depth of the paradigm shift towards a brighter humanity that we may achieve, I have added the six chapters leading up to the final chapter.


Our Fate is Determined by Us

Ode to Joy

1st of final 7 chapters of the series, The Lodging for the Rose

1 - Cultural festival


A Poster with Dragons

2 - Science versus philosophy



Flood Tides of Love

3 - Substance of our humanity



Weighing the Infinite Crime

4 - Measuring tragedy



For the Sake of Truth

5 - Pulling China out of the rut



National Treasure

6 - Geometry of an abduction



A Girl Named Lianhua

7 - Humanity unfolding forevermore.



Queen of the New Law

The story of a 'winning' in which a people are not vanquished, but all become free.



The Incompetence of the King - Part 1

Democracy means, society taking responsibility for its welfare and its future.

  The Incompetence of the King - Part 2



This is what my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, was written to inspire. In the light of the now brewing storms on the horizon, the series of novels appears more relevant today than in the time it was written. We, as human beings, are the leaders that have the power in the world, and we do have the capacity as human beings to shape this power to protect and uplift ourselves and our world, and to direct our destiny.

The Power of the Heart

Out of Africa

Who speaks for humanity? Who sings the songs of the heart?

Out of the Heart


Winter Storms

What makes life a Joy?


Love Letters - Love Festivals    
From the novel, Seascapes and Sand

 May we discover the power that we have, the greatest power there is, the power that rests on love. 

With the Ukraine presently out of reach as a potential victim for looting by the western oligarchic system that is still the ruling 'king' in the West, the western empire, which is increasingly collapsing for the lack of rich victims to loot, has lost a critical element of hope. By this loss the world is pushed evermore into the direction of nuclear war that is intended as a means to force the surrender of Russia and China to the looting machine of the collapsing western empire. In addition, nuclear war is ultimately also needed to fulfill the oligarchy's long-standing wish to massively depopulate the world as a means for exterminating the existential threat to empire that a developing society inherently is. 

A number of critical developments at the end of 2013 make a desperate nuclear war by the forces of empire increasingly likely in the near future. This is so, because it is highly unlikely that the currently planned universal "bail-in" of society's assets across the western world, to save the looting system of empire, will stave-off the collapse of the oligarchic system, and the collapse of the oligarchy with it. While the "bail-in" process is enshrined in law across the West, in some cases from 2009 on, which allows the confiscation of society's bank deposits and pension funds to prevent the gambling casinos, called banks, from collapsing, the planned "bail-in" grand thievery won't solve anything, even if it is fully implemented, as its implementation would immediately collapse the little that is left of the western economies. This self-evident fact brings the nuclear-war danger closer onto the horizon than it had been at the height of the Cold War, even while a victory in such a war will never be possible for anyone. The is no victory possible at the end of the road of near universal extermination.

Nuclear war is an extermination war. I have explored the dynamics involved in two novels. Both were written during the Cold War years. In the light of modern developments, it appears that both novels are more relevant today than they were in the time in which they were written. The same can also be said about the series of novels, "The Lodging for the Rose," that explores the Principle of Universal Love, standing at the crossroads between the potential for a renaissance in the world, and the potential for the annihilation of humanity.


The Nuclear-War Danger

Brighter than the Sun

The fictional tragedy of a 'small,' conspired nuclear holocaust that should have been prevented, with the goal to shake the world to its senses. 


Flight Without Limits

A science fiction novel of a space flight without limits, which we need now in the mental realm where no inherent limits theoretically exist.


Discovering Love

This is the 1st of the 12 volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, focused on the principles for the freedom in universal loving, to heal a fragile world. 


The novel, Brighter than the Sun, illustrates the ever-present danger of nuclear war being caused through the back-door by coercion, technical failures, misguided patriotism, and illogical reactions in the heat of great crisis. This type of danger is greater today than it was in the 1980s during the Cold War era when the missile race began. In those 'good old days' the launch-to-impact window was long, in the order of 45 minutes. The long window allowed for some dialog. In today's world, Moscow can be hit from Poland in 5 minutes via a 'depressed' trajectory that enables near 'instant' decapitation. If the Ukraine has been integrated into the EU system, this extremely short time would have been cut almost in half again. 

The point is that the response window, in the face of modern technology, has become so short that meaningful reactions needs to be largely automated, in order to remain possible between launch-detection and impact. The potential for systemic failures has thereby become vastly increased, and the potential for a great tragedy for humanity, has increased with it.

In the second novel, Flight Without Limits, a science fiction space-flight novel, three potential outcomes are explored, by exploring three separate worlds. On one planet the long-prepared firestorm begins one morning. By noon the deed is done. The planet remains thereafter a lifeless rock. On another planet, the inhabiting society has developed itself spiritually and economically way past the point where weapons are tolerated, for the recognition that any resort to killing, even for defence, would destroy the precious fabric of their civilization, the very light of their being. 

On a third planet, fascism had become extremely developed in the face of the nuclear-terror weapon. In the face of fascism and its ensuing economic destruction, ironically, the nuclear weapons became useless. Nuclear weapons require critical maintenance, for which a highly developed industrial and scientific capability must exist, which fascism destroys. Without this infrastructure the nukes became useless over time. Modern thermonuclear warheads are tritium-primed warheads. Tritium decays rapidly and is hard to produce. But can a human society live long under extreme fascism, when fascism is itself a project for extermination?

There is evidently only one path possible for humanity to survive in a nuclear-weapons capable world, and this path is to scrap the intention for them, which means scrapping the system of empire that requires war as an extermination process. By the underlying intention of empire, nuclear war was designed from the beginning as an extermination war. The Cold War was ushered in with the imperial intention to exterminate the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union saved itself by developing a counter weapon. But the intention still remains. New strategies are constantly developed. The intention is to try and try again. In addition, the imperial policy to massively depopulate the world has brought a new parameter into the arena of intention, while the rapid collapsing of the imperial financial system brings a crisis-type of urgency for an end game into the strategic nightmare.

This is where the present politics against Iran and Syria are located, as 'fringe' events that render Russia the intended target. Russia has a close relationship with Syria and Iran. It requires a presence in both countries for its early warning launch-detection of submarine-launched missiles from the Mediterranean and from the Indian Ocean. Russia cannot afford to let these countries fall into the hands of the western empire, which would close the early-warning window it presently has in the South. Evermore of these games of intense tensions are being played that step by step tighten the noose around humanity, while the moral power that would protect humanity is being eroded.

Convergence of Insanity


Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

The nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima ushered in an era of terror to force the nations of the world to lay down their sovereignty. This still continues.

Mutually Assured Suicide

Allowing nuclear war is an act of suicide for humanity. The forces are on the march, presently aiming to force Russia, China, and India into submission.

Arresting the Infinite Crime

Committing War in any form is an infinite crime. Empire and war is one, and this one IS the most-infinite crime.

The nuclear war for extermination must be seen in the light of the immense Ice Age Challenge that now stands before us, which cannot be avoided. Nuclear war can be avoided by scrapping all the nuclear weapons in the world. This can be done in a week, if society cares to do so. Since war is a component of empire, war can be eliminated by phasing out empire, such as by bankrupting it on all of its fronts. But the Ice Age Challenge cannot be avoided by any means. This challenge must be met. The economic resources must be created to build the infrastructures that enable a seven to ten billion world population to exist and flourish in the deepest Ice Age environment.

The great effort in the USA, that is presently being made towards reinstating the Glass Steagall law, will have a major effect along this line when it succeeds. Presently it stands as a ray of hope in an otherwise dark and barren landscape. Society's reluctance to commit itself to the Glass Steagall law in the USA, and consequently around the world, which would bankrupt and eliminate the system of empire, stands as an example of the still lingering blindness in society to the fundamental principles on which its civilization rests. 

The underlying principle in the Glass Steagall case is simple: The Glass Steagall law is designed to deny the oligarchic system its claimed private right to steal. And those who oppose the protective law, by their action deny the right of society and its government to block the oligarchic system's claimed private right to steal. 

In real terms, the scope of the fight for Glass Steagall is far bigger still. The protective law that eliminates empire is needed as the only available means to eliminate war, destruction, extermination, and depopulation. With the objectives of empire remaining a force in the foreground, the Ice Age Challenge cannot be met. If the Ice Age Challenge is not met, 99.99% of humanity will perish by starvation nor the lack of new food resorces when the Ice Age begins. The Ice Age has the potential to unfold rapidly in a measure of days, in 3 to 4 decades from the present.

An Astrophysical Renaissance

Ice Age with a dim Sun in 30 years

With the Sun being externally powered by electric interaction, a supply threshold exists, below which the electric system fails and the Sun turns off, glowing but dimly by residual energy. 

Our Electric Fusion Sun

The Sun's mass-density is too low to be a gas star. It can only be a plasma star. On its intensely brilliant surface, nuclear fusion occurs by which all atoms are created. This stops when its electromagnetic primer fields collapse. 

Sequel 1: Energy Forever

The energy streams that power the Sun are available to be utilized also on Earth. They offer us an endlessly sustainable future without resource depletion, for constant development.

An Ice Age begins on the day the Sun powers down to its 'inactive' state, whereby it looses potentially 70% of its energy output and brightness. All regions on the Earth above the 35-40 degree latitudes (north of the Mediterranean) become then not only useless for agriculture by the reduced solar energy, but also become uninhabitable by the cold, and by snow that no longer melts. The dramatic results affect all of Russia, Europe, Canada, and the northern parts of the USA and China. For the affected nations to be able to exist, new agricultural infrastructures and habitats will have to be created in the tropical zone, mostly afloat on the oceans as too little available and suitable land area exists in the tropics. 

Large infrastructures are required for this, with little time remaining to build them. This means that the building has to begin now. The Ice Age challenge cannot be addressed in a reactive mode. An Ice Age does not develop over thousands of years. The transition may be as short as a single day or a week, as the Sun powers down, with the consequences unfolding within months. New food supply infrastructures and habitats will then have to be in place when the transition begins, or else few people will survive. At the end of the last Ice Age the entire world population was a mere 1 to 10 million people. That's all the natural environment had been able to support in an Ice Age world.

In real terms the coming Ice Age may be a blessing for humanity. It forces us to look at ourselves more honestly and to discover our creative potential and the resources we have available, especially in the form of energy resources. The Earth receives only 45 one-billionth of a percent of the Sun's radiated energy. This minuscule portion is nevertheless 150,000 times larger than the entire present global electric energy production, including nuclear power. Can you imagine the kind of energy depth and density we can have available by tapping into the electric source stream for the solar energy? With the Sun being electrically powered, the Earth is afloat in a vast sea of cosmic electric power that far surpasses in scope our puny energy needs. This is an energy resource that can be utilized with the appropriate interface technologies. Thus, the Ice Age Challenge comes with a vast energy resource attached, as a silver lining. It comes to us at a time when our present energy resources are fast becoming depleted, with the remaining reserves being measured in mere decades, especially for oil, gas, and coal. 

Of course, we won't get access to the cosmic energy resource, with economic looting, war, destruction, and depopulation in its numerous forms of extermination, all standing in the way.

The greatest challenge that we face therefore as human beings living on the Earth, is to develop our humanity sufficiently to enable us to have a future that makes demands on us in the present that no one can yet physically see, but which can be perceived with the 'eye' of the mind. This capacity for 'spiritual' perception is critical, because all of the great existential dangers are dangers that unfold in the space of a day or hours, so that reactive responses are useless. Nuclear war, for example, can erupt in minutes and end an hour later with far greater destruction in the wake than anyone can survive, or extremely few. Any reaction to this war has to happen before the war begins. 

The Ice Age unfolds potentially just as quickly, and with similar consequences. It cannot be addressed in a reactive manner. Its challenge has to be fully met before the Ice Age begins. 

The "bail-in" economic collapse, too, is a quick one with enormous consequences. Any reaction against it has to happen before it begins.

Once any of these destructive processes begin, the time for reacting is over. The consequences can then no longer be stopped. The reactions must happen now in order to prevent the existentially destructive consequences. This critical requirement takes us beyond political processes, into the realm of spiritual processes where our humanity is rooted. Unfortunately this arena is largely ignored as an arena of power in civilization. Nevertheless, how we regard ourselves as human beings and the nature of our humanity, will determine the course of the future, and whether we will have a future at all. For this reason I have produced another series of exploration videos, to explore the spiritual dimension and the dimension of healing that is largely smothered with religiosity, oligarchic perversion, and intentionally imposed cultural decay.

Spiritual Development

 Healing History (part of an 8-part series)

No man has had a greater impact on universal civilization than the man Christ Jesus, called the Redeemer. Rome had executed the man and rewritten his history. Can we discover what the man's real story may have been? Civilization rides on the answer.

The 5-fold divine

Part of a video series that explores the development of Christian Science from 1866 onward, and its milestones of spiritual recognition.

From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding

A single video explores the infrastructure for spiritual discovery created by Mary Baker Eddy, who developed a monumental complex of scientific structures for the spiritual development of humanity, which however is largely deemed not to exist. 


Science of the Lord's Prayer

The video explores the amazing scientific dimension for the Lord's Prayer that Christ Jesus had evidently worked with.


As we enter the year 2014, all of the above considerations merge. The nuclear-war danger is becoming increasingly critical under the increasing imperial pressure, but will our love as human beings for our humanity inspire us to take the needed steps to end this danger and create a new renaissance in our time, before the danger overwhelms us all and ends the human journey without recourse? 

The balance may swing either way. While we have the spiritual resources as human beings to tip the balance in our favour, our interest in utilizing these resources has worn thin. The Ice Age Challenge may help us here too, to swing the balance powerfully into our favour, as it demands us to dig deep and develop our humanity to the utmost. 

Physically, the Ice Age Challenge can be easily met, but will we inspire ourselves to take the needed steps? The real leadership power in the world is rooted humanity at large. It can be developed from the grassroots level up. Our power as human beings lies there. It lies in our love for our humanity and for one-another, which, when it is developed, promises to become the greatest protective force that nothing can defeat. But will we develop it? 

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - Jan. 4, 2014



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