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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

 Stories in dialogs, presented in both video and audio form

transcripts; potential for theatre settings, stage sketches, etc.. 


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Nuclear War

Shadow in the Night

The Morning After -

A Weapons Mythology

Guns in the Closet

Oasis of Sanity -

Lunchtime Surprise

Operation Noah

The Sound of a Bird Woke Me

The Christmas Present

In the Shadow of Ants

Empire and Oligarchy

Dayita from India -

The Imperial Bravo

The Lord of the Rings

The Flat Earth Society

Confessions of a Zoo Creature -

  Farewell to a Gentler World

The Uncircumcised Land

Poisoned Economics

Tiananmen Square

The Dictator Challenge



Shadows that are Light -

The End of a Delusion -

Love-pains Economics 

Horse Sense Economics


Ode to the science religions


 Anton of Grace -  

Sex and the Challenge of Joy

The Thousand-Year Celebration

Love Letters - 

Love Festivals

for a New Renaissance

Shared Roses - 

Shared Stories

The Strategic Defense of Humanity

The Supreme Being

Drilling Holes through Sophistry

Resurrecting Carmen 


Ode to Joy

A Poster with Dragons

Flood Tides of Love

Weighing the Infinite Crime

For the Sake of Truth

National Treasure

A Girl Named Lianhua

Queen of the New Law

The Incompetence of the King

Out of Africa

Out of the Heart

Winter Storms

Love Letters - 

Love Festivals

Universal Rape

Music versus Depopulation

Flashlight Parties

The Monster Rape and Rat Campaign

A Question of Clout

The Byzantine Speech

Sex and Unity

Sex and Sacrament

Setting the World on Fire with Love

Glass Sculptures

The Anton Paradox


Rivers of Life

Self-love, Islam, and the Golden Hijab

Glow of the Invisible

A Dream about Love

The Intimate Taj Mahal

Praying in the Wong Direction


The Lateral Lattice of Hearts


Clothed with the Sun

Crossroads in Time

Mission Africa

and Marriage

Erica's Flower Garden

How Does a Gardener Love a Rose?

Window to the World  - 

The Universal Marriage of Mankind (series)

Embracing the Untouchable (Indira)

Infinite Marriage in a Narrow-minded Land  

Defining the Face of Truth 

The Paradox of India

The Light of India 

The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho

Dimensions of Dancing 


In the Brilliance of a Night

Freshly Baked Buns

The Bottom Line

With a new Ice Age, potentially beginning in 30 years, under an 'inactive' Sun, the greatest challenge in all of human history stands before us: to maintain our existence as a 7 billion population in a radically colder and darker world. 

While we have the physical and technological resources on hand to meet the greatest challenge of all times, the Ice Age Challenge, and this challenge can be easily met in the physical context, we nevertheless face a seemingly insurmountable array of non-physical barriers standing in the way. For this, our greatest resource is brought into focus, which is our being in love with our humanity. On this frontier we are just beginning to take some daring strides forward into the wonderful and challenging landscape of the pioneering territory that unfolds with our love for our humanity.

The stories, dialogs, and videos presented here are designed to open up a wide horizon with profound vistas to enrich one-another as we explore, understand, uplift, and heal our world, and our living within it, so that that the great opportunities that stand before us to empower us in the present to meet the needs of the future become richly fulfilled. With the 'language' of love unfolding for the wonders that we embody as human beings, the great challenges ahead will then not find society again a 'small' people as this had been the case far too often in the past, but will usher in a new world, a renaissance world where the old world is conspicuously absent.




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