Discovering Love

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Freshly Baked Buns


The wealth of society is not found in accumulations, but in creative discoveries that set the stage for a richer world, for richer living. Accumulations inspire poverty. Created riches are dynamic, none-accumulative, like the sunshine that is ever new and rich in what it is. In this context we have barely begun to explore what the real wealth of humanity is, and what a wealthy society is capable of producing for its living.

The dialog unfolds in the background to a fictional morning meal of leading-edge spiritual pioneers after a great evening and day before, a meeting of their mind that had increasingly challenged the limits. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, Discovering Love, by Rolf Witzsche.


      I woke the next morning to a gentle kiss, accompanied by the most beautiful smile and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Steve was already up and dressed when we came into the living room, arm in arm. He had breakfast ready. There were freshly baked buns on the table, hot from the bakeshop, wrapped in a cloth, a whole basket full.

      As we joined Steve at the table he stood up and closed the curtains the moment we sat down. He blocked the morning sunshine that was streaming into the room through the open window.

      "What is that supposed to mean?" said Ushi with a smile.

      Steve stood in front of the window, in front of the curtain to darken the room further and grinned.

      Ushi shook her head.

      "No, no, you two should look at each other," Steve said, and began to laugh, "you are both beaming like light bulbs. No, you are beaming like the sun. It's getting too bright in here."

      "Oh, you!" Ushi protested, "Please open the curtains again."

      "OK, have it your way," said Steve, and opened the curtains again. "Still, I am right," he said. "What happened last night was a breakthrough into the complex domain, as Gauss would say. Life unfolding in the sphere of Love takes us into the complex domain. No eye has ever seen Principle unfolding into Light. But it has, hasn't it? Did I promise too much? What happened last night is of historic significance!"

      Ushi punched him gently. "Don't make fun of this."

      "I am totally serious," he said, and began to grin. "Your beaming faces are a part of the proof of it."

      "Sure, sure," said Ushi in reply, and laughed, then shook her head.

      "Of course you are right," Steve replied. "I agree, we didn't get very far in proving anything. Still, a huge breakthrough was made."

      "Now I must confess something," said Steve moments later. "Something that I had suspected would happen has indeed happened."

      "And what's the answer to the puzzle?" I interjected.

      "Aha!" said Steve and raised a finger. "Something extraordinary has happened. "Be honest Peter in answering me. I suspect that the very thing that you might have imagined to be paradise concerning sex, wasn't a big thing at all, once the focus had shifted from the physical threshold, towards spiritual freedom. I suspect that by crossing that threshold into the spiritual world, you experienced sex without slavery, a world where the higher dimension brought to light a quality of sex that turned out to be brighter than anything you had hoped for. That is what I had suspected would happen."

      I said quietly, "thank you Steve."

      "I didn't help you to fulfill your dream," said Steve. "Me doing that, would not have been a gift to you. But I have helped you to fulfill a hope that you hadn't even hoped for. For all your life you had remained stuck at the threshold. I merely gave you a gentle nudge. That was enough to get you to step beyond the threshold. We all face those thresholds. Science gets us to the threshold. But living in the lateral lattice is a process that takes us beyond Science."

      Steve turned a bit more towards me. "You had asked me a question last evening over supper. You had asked, 'What is universal Love?' You may remember that I gave you no answer then. It appears that the answer that you seek cannot be found in processes of Science. The answer is found in the lateral lattice. You experienced the answer, rather than me formulating it. We have talked about the subject all evening, till late into the night," Steve continued. "The scientific talk was necessary. We have talked about Love in terms of it being a universal principle that underlies civilization itself. We also recognized it as the most essential aspect of Principle to build a New World on. In fact it came to light as the only possible platform we can have on which mankind can survive in the nuclear age. The knowledge for building nuclear bombs will always be with us. Our challenge is to build a world in which this knowledge is inconsequential, and will always remain inconsequential. The resulting world would have to be so rich that nobody would ever think of using war to steal from one another. The nukes cannot be laid aside out of fear. It doesn't work. Nobody has ever laid a weapon aside out of fear. This feat can only be accomplished on the platform of an active peace that is anchored in Love. The Principle of Universal Love appears to be the only possible foundation for that platform, a platform for building a New World on in which we can survive in the nuclear age and create a bright future for the whole of humanity. Science can get us to the threshold to it. But to do it involves living the principles that Science brings to light. Healing is doing. Civilization is doing. Leaving the fantasies of insanity far behind and stepping up to living in the lateral lattice of universal humanity is a process of actually doing what Science lays before us. This doing must unfold into living the principles that we see reflected in the Universe."

      "Can you be certain that the Principle of Universal Love can support this tall platform for building a whole New World on?" said Ushi, speaking to Steve. "Sure, I agree there is nothing else that offers any hope, and Peter says the same thing in many different ways, but can we be sure that our assumption is truthful? We have taken one step. Where is the proof that this is the model for saving the world? Can we really prove that this model won't break down? Can we prove this even to ourselves?"

      "I don't think we have such a proof," I said quietly. "We have an idea that this might be so, but can we prove the idea to be truthful, so that we can build a whole New World on it?" I shook my head.

      "I don't think we can do this yet," said Ushi. "To universalize what we had daringly accomplished after a full day of reasoning against the entire flood of insanity, that we understood to be insanity, might be too risky to build a New World on. Rushing into this, might open the gate to great dangers that could potentially be worse for society. Maybe what is required, to build a New World on is not possible to achieve. It would certainly be irresponsible to throw out a proposition and expect to have humanity take it on faith, and establish a civilization on it, just on faith, even on faith in Science."

      "That would never work," I interjected. "Nor would this be a valid scientific approach. The footsteps to truth must be won individually, like those countless prior footsteps of a climber that eventually make it possible for the climber to stand on the peak of Mt. Everest. We stood on a similar peak last night. I think the model the world needs is the model for getting there. Once the model is established and the climbing is secure, the resulting progress may be swift. It took a whole day with us working together to explore the model. In addition Steve had probably done exploratory work for decades previously, and you probably too," I said to Ushi. "This seemed to have been enough to bring me up with you to the mountaintop. But can this process be generalized?"

      Ushi applauded and embraced me and rewarded me with a kiss.

      "Peter is totally right," she said to Steve. "If we were to expect society, including ourselves, to take anything on faith, we would be no better than Euler and Lagrange were when they paraded before humanity advanced mathematical concepts that they couldn't prove, except with magical numbers that they expected society to accept on faith, because they hadn't bothered to develop the science fully. Peter is right, we mustn't fall into this trap. The whole world may be stuck, but this is no excuse for us not aiding it to get out of its trap. Science is understandable. Principles are knowable. Gauss proved that. That means Truth can be experienced consciously. And yes, this can be generalized. Gauss is the proof."

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From the  social science and religious fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Discovering Love

Volume 1of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 219
Chapter 18 - Freshly Baked Buns

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