Seascapes and Sand

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Flashlight Parties

Antonovna has a difficult secret to reveal, a painful secret. Ashamed, she never told anyone before. Afraid of the consequences, she nevertheless reveals her story, the story of her betrayal by her own family. In this, her story mirrors the experience of humanity in many ways.

The dialog unfolds in the background to a fictional peace conference in Moscow near the end of the Soviet era. The dialog begins after a dinner date.  It comprises a chapter of the novel, Seascapes and Sand, by Rolf Witzsche.


      I was stunned by Anton's question: "What do you see for our future?" What future did she mean? Did she mean our future together, a union of hearts without end, an acknowledgment of a love that would never fade? We had known each other for just a few days, and met for just a few hours really. I was going to answer that I saw a bright future. We were both beginning to honor the gentle bond that love had forged, a bond that brought to light a vast common ground where our hearts were in touch with one-another as through they were one, but remaining sovereign.

      But was this really what she was asking? Luckily, we were just leaving the tower lobby for the subway station. The changing environment seemed to excuse my lack of an answer. She seemed patient with my reluctance.

      "Peter, what do you see for our world's future?" she repeated her question, while we were waiting for her subway train.

      I found myself jolted back to the drab reality. The political question was easier to answer, though with far less joy. "I see doom, Anton." I answered quietly.

      "I thought you saw hope," she replied.

      "I always have hope in my heart, Anton, and I can find many reasons for it, but I also see doom on the present path the world is on, and to be honest, my hope for a new path is wearing thin. The world is moving backwards at an amazing pace. The map of its future might be one without a Soviet Union in it, and without a United States of America. Our countries are both set up to be destroyed by the ruling imperial fondi that have amassed enormous financial power. With that power they have turned once noble halls of government, into whorehouses, especially in the West, where politicians prostitute themselves for a penny to their masters bidding. The imperial fondi want the Soviet Union broken, and it will likely happen for the lack of patriotic leadership. The fondi want to break Russia for two reasons. As far as I could determine from what they boasted to me in Venice, while they had tabled their death threat, they want to eradicate the economic power of the Soviet Union that could set the stage for a new renaissance in Europe. If the Soviet society were to discover the power of its humanity, a new renaissance would be inevitable. It would come into being together with a totally transformed perception of communism. The fondi fear this renaissance potential. They want it broken, and they boasted to me, that I, and also my 'pathetic little friends,' as they had put it, am powerless to stop them, nor is any power in the world. They also want the Soviet Union broken up, so that the individual republics can be ravished and looted. The fondi are running out of countries to loot. They looted Africa, South America, and all the Third World Nations. They looted them dry. They need fresh 'flesh' to sink their teeth in, to feed on. For this they have their eyes set on Russia and the Soviet-block nations. I am afraid for your country, Anton, because your people don't realize in what great danger they are. That's why I see doom. Nobody is interested in defending your country on the inside, where the greatest danger lies. The irony is, that there are actually countless people inside the Soviet Union, both in Russia and in all of the republics of the union, who want the union to be broken up. They see gold in the West. They can already hear the jingle in their pockets. But they don't realize that the jingle that the fondi parade before their eyes is stolen loot and that they are the intended target to be looted next in line. They are literally setting themselves up to be raped by the fondi. That is why I see doom, Anton. The West has captured the hearts of too many in your society, and those whom they captured, now want out of the union. They want the union to be broken up. They want to have the right to enter the whorehouses of the fondi and to be raped by them. They don't see it that way, but that's what they are asking for. They are asking to be raped. They want to experience the democracy of the whorehouses. That's what they deem to be freedom. And the fondi will open all the doors for them; just wait and see. It will give them their freedom of hell. They've placated the gates of their whorehouses with gold. And they will be raped. I can guarantee you that. That's what the whorehouses of the fondi are for. Those who enter, will find no pleasure therein, but hell. They may convince themselves at first that they like their life of being slaves to the fondi, as they get praised and rewarded for their compliance, but many will find that it costs them everything they have, even their life. By then it will be too late. The bridges will be burnt. When the Soviet Union is broken up, they will suddenly realize that their home is gone, so that they cannot return and find support in it from one-another. This is the face of doom, Anton. The doom can still be avoided, but I don't see the movement that would prevent it. All that I see is an ever-greater glorification of the vertical imperial system, the Byzantine system, which the fondi use to dominate their victims that they intend to rape. They do it mentally at first, then physically. That's what you are celebrating, Anton, when you celebrate Russia's Thousand Year history under the Byzantine strangulation. You are celebrating the glory of the whorehouse. You will find no joy there, no life, no freedom, only a silent pain, the pain that Russia hadn't been able to free itself from for a thousand years, because the whorehouse gates are painted in golden colors. Russia could not see the trap, much less a way out. Many women find themselves in this kind of bind, and so do many countries today."

      I had fully expected an avalanche of protest from Anton, about my "brutal honesty," as she had put it earlier, which had prevented us from dancing. I expected her to cut me off when the pain became to sharp, to yell at me to stop. I was trashing her country and her people again. To my great surprise she said nothing, as if she could sense that I was right and was beginning to see the danger, even to feel the hopelessness, because the challenge to find a way out was immensely great. When I was finished, she simply nodded.

      "You wanted me to predict the future," I continued. "I really can't do this. Nobody can predict the future. Predicting the future would imply that we are not human beings with an intelligent free will and the power to direct our destiny. I can only explore the inevitable results of certain critical choices that have been made, and still are being made. I gave you my assessment honestly. You didn't want me to lye to you. Looking into the future, I had to draw conclusions from what I see in the present. For example, if a person chooses to jump into a sewer, he or she, wouldn't likely emerge from it smelling like a rose."

      "But if one is dragged into a sewer, that's not by choice then, isn't it?" Anton interrupted.

      I shook my head. "There is still a critical choice involved. It is always possible to avoid the environment in which this is likely to happen. It is possible, for example, to stay many miles away from the whorehouse, if one doesn't like to be raped."

      "I always thought that the prostitutes willingly allow themselves to be raped for a penny, which they earn for giving pleasure to their clients," interjected Anton.

      "That's how it seems to work," I answered. "But does it really work that way? The whorehouses give their clients sex without a soul, sex without love, sex without joy, sex without a lateral relationship. They give 'empty' sex. And that's just the beginning. They give their client a sex-slave for hire. It drags the client into a vertical relationship. They give him a human being as temporary property, for him to dominate, and command to his satisfaction. It makes the client a slave master. That's not freedom, Anton. Far from it. It takes away a bit of the client's humanity. That's a rape on his soul. That's why the imperial world champions its whorehouses. It champions its financial and political whorehouses, where the clients are likewise being raped of their humanity. Sure, the prostitute gets raped physically in the process, and she does get her penny. That's sad what I see. It's a tragedy to be sure. But the client in this setup gets raped much more deeply. The setup rapes the clients, and they even pay for being raped. The situation that the setup creates for them, diminishes a bit of their humanity. That's extreme rape, Anton. If a person's humanity is diminished, that's extreme rape. The clients get raped in the whorehouses, and the girls are used for the process to be discarded when they are worn out."

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From the political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Seascapes and Sand

Page 60
Chapter 6 - Flashlight Parties

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