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Farewell to a Gentler World


Few people give themselves the privilege to look the future into the face to discern the inevitable end of processes in progress, and how to escape the consequences when it becomes no longer possible to shape the course to the future.

This applies to the Ice Age Challenge before us and the collapse of the present agriculture, as much as it did apply at the time when the Soviet Union was collapsing and the world was changing, when the empire of the West suddenly became king of the world, and its fascism unopposed. That's when the world that seemed tragic, became worse.

The dialog is situated in time near the end of the Soviet era. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, The Flat Earth Society, by Rolf Witzsche.


      Steve was at home when we arrived. The balcony was closed off in the winter. He was working in the kitchen, the only room that was heated in the entire apartment. Wood was piled up to the ceiling against the back wall of his study where the bookcase had been.

      "Ah, my dear friend, the king of the fumblers!" he greeted me as we walked in. Then he grinned and embraced me in a tight bear hug.

      "I'm sorry that I disappointed you," I replied.

      He asked me to sit down after the usual small talk was dispensed with. "Alright, let's count up your sins," he said in a loud tone and laughed. He reached for a piece of paper and pencil. Then he looked at me over the top of his glasses.

      "Number one! You insulted Antonovna and all of Russia with your Byzantine speech. I suppose you know that.

      "Number two! You blew it with Antonovna, royally. I thought you would establish a level of freedom towards each other that would reflect itself throughout the whole conference and uplift it.

      "Number three! You have cheated humanity. Because of your failure, there may not be another peace conference for a long time to come.

      "Number four!  You dared to put the entire assembly down by standing tall above them."

      Then he took his glasses off and handed me the paper he had written on while he continued to scold me.

      "We can't talk here, the apartment is bugged," he had written.

      I apologized to Steve profusely for my utter stupidity when he finished his ranting, now that I understood the game. "But, frankly, I don't give a damn that I insulted all of Russia with my speech," I added. "What I said was factual and correctly presented. It was the truth. Did you want me to smother them with wonderfully comfortable lies such as the western media spew out and put people to sleep with? I didn't go to Russia to dishonor the people there by lying to them. You taught me to honor people by being truthful with them. I was truthful with Russia by pointing out that we in the West are in much deeper shit than they are. I am not responsible for how people interpret the truth, or how they react to the truth, I am only responsible to myself for speaking the truth. They should thank me in Moscow that I gave them the truth honestly, even if they didn't like it. I am guilty of being honest with them, that's all. If they can understand what I said, they will grow thereby and uplift themselves as the result of it, provided they are willing to make the effort. Yes, I agree. I am guilty that I stood above the assembly and I urged them to wake up. But Steve, you can't accuse me of being a slave to public opinion. If I was, that would have been worse. Nor did I cater to the people's own slavery to public opinions, or even manipulate public opinion myself. I am sorry about only one thing, namely that I offended you by not measuring up to your expectations. Can I invite you for a beer to atone for my sins?" I added.

      "You better make it two or three," he replied, "because your sins are many."

      We had only one beer in a nearby pub and then went for a walk along the banks of the flood-prevention canal that had been built along the Elbe River. "Now we can talk," said Steve, "finally."

      We walked arm in arm like a threesome in love. We stayed warmer that way, being cuddled up together. The sun stood low on the horizon. A cold wind swept in from across the open space surrounding the river.

      "First I would like to thank you," said Steve to me. "I spoke to Antonovna. She came out of this with a new life, something had changed, she responded to some higher ideas just as I had hoped she would." He reached his hand out. "Congratulations my friend! You have helped a dear friend to rediscover herself. That was all I had hoped for. The rest of what you did, or didn't do, will likely be inconsequential. None of that really matters. The Soviet Union is doomed economically and will collapse shortly, and East Germany will collapse with it, or sooner. The Cold War will end by default."

      "The Cold War will end?" I asked astounded. "I had suggested the possibility in my speech in Moscow, as a theoretical chance. I also warned Antonovna about the trend that I had observed, a kind of movement towards the end of the Soviet System. But you say it is already happening. Oh boy, so soon?"

      Steve nodded. "It will happen soon, but there will be no peace resulting from it. Things will get worse," said Steve. "You must understand that the collapse of the Soviet system is not caused by Love-Based Economics. The power behind the collapse is Greed-Based Fascism in an accelerated form in its naked costume, bearing the mark of imperialism and fascism stamped on it. The Soviet Union is a victim of the synarchist game. The synarchists created it, and now they are taking it down. For the people living there the collapse of the Soviet Union and East Germany will be a step backwards, a step closer to hell. Remember what I told you that night in Fred's apartment, when I told you that we haven't achieved anything yet? The fact is, we have drifted into a rut, and now things are worse, a whole lot worse.

      Steve turned to me and told me that he just came back from Italy where he had a long meeting with a few people of the fondi. He said that the fondi's Mafia is prepared to take over all of Russia. "The synarchist bankers are going to destroy what is left of the Soviet economy, by looting it, and then the bankers will see to it that Russia never recovers."

      I looked at him in shock and shook my head. "That's incredible, Steve! Do they really think they can pull this madness off, like destroying Russia at their whim? Nobody, in the entire history of humanity has ever successfully defeated Russia and destroyed it, including the Nazi madman Adolf Hitler."

      "This time they will, Peter, but that's not all of it," Steve continued." With the Soviet Union put out of the way, the fondi have the whole world open to them. They are prepared to go for it. They intend to create a New World-Empire, and a New Dark Age for humanity. They intend to call it the New World Order. On this path they intend to gain total world domination. They have been setting themselves up for this, Peter, for a long time already. They are going to establish themselves as a World Empire on the footing of the old British Empire. It will be modeled along the line of the utopian philosophy of H. G. Wells, based on police state fascism and the rule of imperial terror over all the nations of the world, like in Roman times. Only this time the terror will be enforced with nuclear threats just short of nuclear war, but with ever-deeper-reaching forms of terror, including wide-ranging genocide and then large-scale depopulation."

      "You can't be serious," I protested.

      "It's not what I think, that's important here, but what the fondi think that they can get away with. Believe me, they are serious about what they told me," Steve replied. "I am totally convinced that they are serious."

      "They can't control the whole world," commented Ushi who hadn't said anything until now. But then she stopped abruptly, turning to me. "Tell Steve what the man in the plane has said about Hysteria-Based Fascism."

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From the political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Flat Earth Society

Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 23
Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

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