The End of a Delusion 

by Rolf Witzsche

A dialog from the novel Endless Horizons

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The great collapse of civilization that many had long expected, and others had refused to believe would ever be possible, happens in the story on a Tuesday, when the value of currencies could no longer be trusted. Currencies receive their value by what is produced in the productive economies. When these collapse, the real underpinning of the currencies vanishes, whereby the perceived value of currencies becomes increasingly a delusion. When the delusion falls apart, the reality comes to light that there is little or nothing of value left that the currencies would represent, to be trusted as value. Without this trust, currencies are but paper.  When the trust vanishes, the entire economic system that is built on this trust, falls apart. We are closer to this point today than we were in the time when the story was written.

That the money facade is as thin as a soap bubble is evident by the choruses of cries for bailout money from the governments and tax payers, which has cost the American people an estimated 50 trillion dollars since 2008 when the bailouts began. Now the new focus is on allowing the gambling banks to bail-in the depositor's assets directly, according to the template established in Cyprus in 2013. The bail-in laws that are already in place are nothing short of an open admission that the entire monetarist system is bankrupt to its very core, and is in real terms functionally dead.

Against this background we hear cries for war, to restage the deck, which means nuclear war that no one can survive. If war is avoided, the end of delusion will happen and tare civilization down, unless the dying system is replaced before it falls apart, and is replaced with a new economic system that prohibits the private looting monetarism that had has destroyed the economies, and becomes established on a national credit foundation, with which to rebuilt the wealth-creating productive economy. If this doesn't happen, a process akin to story of the dialog below will likely play itself out.

Transcript (from Chapter 2 - The End of the Grand Delusion)

      The great collapse of civilization that many had long expected, and others had refused to believe would ever be possible, began on a Tuesday at noon. According the Fred, between eleven in the morning and lunchtime, all of the financial markets around the world had ceased up. The value of currencies had become increasingly uncertain that morning, and then had suddenly faded into nothing as though they had no value at all. Not a single country in the world had any form of economic development on the agenda, or in progress, or was allowed to have any, that would have given its currency value, while the bailouts were getting bigger. Suddenly, as if a command had been given, the fancy house of cards began to fall. At first one card tumbled, which took a section of the house down, and then another fell. The long thread of the U.S. dollar was no longer there as the final resort currency to hold the house together, and without this thread, there was suddenly nothing there that anyone could trust. Soon, everyone on the trading floors of the financial market slid into a sense of disbelief and confusion.

      Fred told us that when he saw the erupting sense of despair and panic in the traders' eyes on the news channel, he closed his office, gave everybody the day off, rushed home, got changed, and got on his motor bike, to get out of town as fast as possible, breaking all speed limits to reach our place before dark. He arrived when the last faint sign of the sunset was still barely visible. His first question was, "what is the status of your fuel supply, and the status of your food reserves?" It didn't take long to realize what those questions meant.

      We found out days later how lucky Fred had been that he had reacted as swiftly as he had. We heard tales coming down from NORAD that added up to a gruesome story of countless tragedies heaped upon tragedy.

      When the currencies had lost their value in the markets, the banks immediately shut down. After that the entire civilian infrastructure suddenly began to collapse. At three in the afternoon, the malls and super markets had closed their doors, since the sticker price of merchandise had become meaningless. By five the electricity failed. The lights went out in many districts. By six o'clock that very evening, the entire vast electricity grid across the nation became dysfunctional and went cold. Nobody could figure out why. Was the cause technical? Was it sabotage? Neither would anyone have been able to correct the failure anyway, or would have cared to do so. Everyone's focus was suddenly on individual survival, and the survival of families.

      Without electric power everything had stopped. The gas pumps didn't pump; the trams came to a halt; the subways became dark hallways of chaos; the water supply system ran dry; the sewage system clogged up; the cities became dark; elevators became prisons. The city scene became reminiscent to scenes from the Iraq War, where civilization had been suspended. Except now, in this new warfare, the people became increasingly drawn into a war against one-another. Looting began, and as some said later, after that, the situation became worse. The guns began to speak, and without radio and TV operating, nobody knew what was happening. In comparison with that, all eight of us lived like in paradise on Ross' rock by the sea. We had our own electric power plant that powered the coastal surveillance equipment. We had our own water, and because of our remote location and the critical nature of our surveillance mission in times of war, we were required to keep a large stock of food in reserve. We even had our own secure communications link with NORAD Center that might have been the only place that still knew what was going on in the cities and in the world.

      The world-financial catastrophe that Steve had forecast decades earlier, which the much slandered American economist and self-appointed statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, had warned about, forever, so it seemed, which I had feared would erupt while I was in Africa with Tony, didn't erupt while we were away. It erupted on the day the lights went out, two months after we had returned. The near infinite inflation of the financial values that Steve had warned us about from China, had created a financial bubble in the West, filled with nothing but hot air; a bubble so big, that it dwarfed the entire world economy. The bubble carried a value in the accounting ledgers equal to ten years of the gross domestic product of the entire world. America all by itself had created itself a debt bubble that was larger in size than a stream of thousand dollar bills, packed face to face, stretching from coast to coast and out to sea on both sides.

      This global bubble had popped. It had imploded into nothing. It had popped like a soap bubble that begins to split open at the weakest point when the internal pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the soap film that gives it its shape and its luster. When that happened in the financial markets everything vanished from sight, leaving in its wake a spray of tiny droplets that bore no resemblance to the glittering sphere that once existed, while the droplets floated away with the wind. Left behind had remained an emptiness filled with unspeakable misery, and a horror that went far beyond the scope of merely collapsing dreams. What resulted became closer to my own dream where everything crumbled into a pile of dust. Still life went on; for some people it did.

      A few of the poorest nations welcomed the crash. Their debt portfolios became meaningless by it, as indeed they had already been before the crash hit. All debts became meaningless at the moment that the entire financial value structure of the world became meaningless. In any case, the debtor nations had already repaid their debt many times over in real terms, in the service of usurious demands. All this happened, of course, before the world-financial 'house of cards' blew away and the bailouts began. The world had been awash for years with financial claims, especially with financial-derivatives claims that were built up in the biggest casino-type gambling orgy ever, which generated claims against an economy that was no larger in comparison than the droplets that remained after a soap bubble disintegrates. This reality had always existed behind the fancy facades. Eventually it became recognized, just as the most hidden reality always asserts itself when the dreaming ends. The blowout of the world's fancy dreams caused a rude awakening that affected everyone's physical existence. It should have been obvious that the bubble was empty inside, and most people instinctively knew this, but it was preferable to them to dream the dreams that the Imperial Soap Bubble Society had inspired.

      The bubble was probably popped at the moment when a 'child' had spoken up and exclaimed, "but the Emperor has nothing on! He has no clothes! He is naked! See, the bubble is empty inside! See, the American President has no authority to act. He is naked. In America, the authority to govern flows from the Constitution for the 'transacting' of its principles, and the Constitution itself is built on the Principle of the General Welfare, the great lateral principle that is also the Principle of Economy. There exists no other Principle of Economy. Principle is singular for each aspect. The Principle of Economy is singular. When the President steps on the Constitution and refuses to 'transact' the Principle of the General Welfare, but tries to 'conduct' his own show, or the show of foreign masters, he forfeits the authority of his office and all his acts thereby become void."

      The voice of the 'child' had been issued to all governments and institutions in the form of an international open letter that had sent ripples throughout the world, in which it proclaimed, "The way I see the difference between the U.S. republic and a parliamentary government, is that in the parliamentary system the authority to govern flows from the electorate, whereas in the U.S. system the authority flows from the Constitution. In this case the electorate does not empower a dictator, but merely elects a person that is deemed most likely and most able to 'transact' the Principle of the General Welfare of the Constitution. The electorate of the American republic, the USA, thereby has the duty to vacate the office of any President who fails to 'transact' and 'conducts' games without authority to do so. Impeachment is a path that should have been implemented. Since the U.S. Congress and Senate have by their own refusal to 'transact' the Constitution, forfeited their own authority. Thereby their own actions had become void too. In this case, the replacement of the failing administration and Senate and Congress, becomes the direct responsibility of the American people, and also of the people of the world, since the USA was established with the aid of the brightest pioneers of the world at the time, and with the support of many people and nations as a gift of mankind to itself. Mankind has a responsibility to assure that its gift to itself does not become lost or be tarnished, but that it remain standing tall in the world as a bastion of freedom from empire and as a beacon of the natural liberty of the human being that the masters of empire would deny. The issue here is an issue of Principle. One cannot compromise on Principle. And so I say to the President of the USA, you have no authority to speak for your nation, you are naked, because you disregard the Constitution from which an American President's authority flows. You are naked. You are a nobody! Please resign, since your actions are invalid anyway, as they were carried out without authority." The child that had authored this international open letter was none other than Nicolai Vasily Berendeyev, our Nicolai.

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