Drilling Holes through Sophistry

by Rolf Witzsche

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The sophist owns the thinking of society by clever tricks of convoluted language. His song seems right, as if sung by a chorus of angels, while its purpose is war, domination, power, control, and to 'achieve' poverty and impotence in society. The effect of it is the sword of war that murders millions. But can anyone cut through the sophistry that rules today, that cries for nuclear war, economic destruction, the depopulation of the planet by mass genocide? We should learn from ancient Athens that has lost its crown. Classical Athens had ‘earned’ its demise with the sophistry of Pericles, the master craftsman of the art of destroying civilization with a song.


The exploration dialog is situated in an airplane. 


     A lot of people on the plane were not at all pleased to have us on board, much less being proud to have us there. A couple of young airmen that overheard Steve and I talking about the SDI cancellation in conjunction with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, started to call us traitors and something worse. Their reaction supported Steve's prediction that the bulk of humanity would help the fondi's empire to realize its world-engulfing goals, the goals of doom.

      "There you have a real life example of sophistry," said Steve to me in response to their slandering us. "It's only a mild form of it," he added.

      Since the air had become too 'thick' for us in the front of the plane where everyone had congregated, Steve suggested that we should go for a walk. This meant going to the back of the plane.

      "A sophist rarely knows that he is a sophist," said Steve once we got settled in the back, in the second last row in the almost empty cabin.

      "Our task," he said seriously, "is to create an honest unity among people. This can only be achieved on the basis of truth. The truth is that we are all human beings. In this we are united laterally and naturally right across the world. In contrast, all top-down vertical relationships are forced and artificial. Every vertical structure is artificial, and every imperial structure is vertically oriented. The top-down structured vertical system has no principle. It exists only on a platform of seduction or force. The seduction is achieved by sophistry, a process that destroys a person's humanity with lies of countless types. The lateral relationship, in contrast, where mankind stands side by side with one-another as human beings, unfolds a structure of truth. That's what sophistry is designed to bury. The lies of sophistry then become the underlying issue that separates empires with all the human misery that they create from universal love and freedom. Everything apart from that is secondary."

      Steve suggested that sophistry is a type politically driven philosophy designed to dehumanize thinking and hide the truth behind a blanket of mythologies. "It actually proclaims that there is no such thing as truth," said Steve. "In sophistry, opinion is truth. Lies are truth. The division and isolation of humanity is regarded as the truth in the minds darkened by sophistry. That's what Hobbes represented. We have to cut through this blanket of lies that has been built up through the ages, layer by layer. We must recreate the natural basis for unity that has not been acknowledged on this planet for three thousand years. We need to establish a unity that unfolds a community of principle reflecting the truth about our humanity as human beings."

      "That won't be easy," said Ushi. "This is what sophistry stands in opposition to. If sophistry is a philosophy that denies the very existence of truth, then it is a mode of thinking that tells people that there is nothing in the universe that can be recognized, understood, and be verified as a truth reflecting universal principle. All the wars based on lies are therefore cited as proof that there is no truth in anything."

      "Isn't that the lye that we are already living?" I said to Ushi. "By abetting the biofuels hoax that is making us mass murders by intention, aren't we saying to us and to one-another that there is no truth in what we recognize as the lateral domain where we stand side by side with one-another as human beings? We are saying with our action that no such principle exists, that there is no truth in it, that universal love is just a word, and empty phase, an illusion. Sure, it is tough to change the policies of all the nations that have become trapped into this scheme that has made us all murderers. While it is tough to get out of this, though not impossible, it is far easier to let our love shine at the grassroots level of our social existence and live by the Principle of Universal Love there. But this isn't happening either, except on rare occasions. My friend Erica was forced to face this rather sad fact and hated herself for it when she looked at herself in a mirror afterwards.

      "One night after coming from a lecture at your university back home, she found herself followed by a man who forced her into an empty building," I continued. "She decided that rather than resisting the rapist, it would be safer for her to just let him have what he needed. And so, instead of screaming she kissed the man. As she did, she felt him explode into his pants. He apologized to her afterwards, saying that he didn't know what came over him. He even asked her for a date, which she refused of course. She told him that relationships can't be forced, and he looked like an intelligent person who should be able to create a loving relationship with someone, to meet his needs. He told her that he had tried and had hoped more than she would ever know, but only encountered closed doors. That's what had jolted Erica afterwards, and had hit her hard, because she too had closed the door in his face, even though he had said, please. Why couldn't she love enough to give him a date in a public place to talk, and to explore with him how his needs might be met? She had answered him harshly instead of lovingly, while the loving gesture would have cost her nothing and would have meant a great deal to the man. For this lack of love she found it hard for her to look at herself in a mirror. As a consequence she took up the study of love. She asked herself why it was that society had become so hard in its heart and soul that these needs for love, as that of the man, remained unanswered among the great riches that society had in itself, to the point that they lead to rape out of frustration. She found no answer."

      I suggested to Ushi, that long before we will find a way to pull ourselves out of our abetting the biofuel genocide that makes us murderers by our own action, we must to find an answer to the softer crime of closing the door into the face of one-another, instead of meeting the human need that is so easily met with the abundance of the riches we have. I suggested that behind every person who is driven to rape out of frustration, may stand a multitude of others who are starving in silent want. "So, what can we do?" I added.

      "I don't think the problem is caused by a lack of love in the soul," said Ushi. "I think the inhibiting causes are nothing more than cleverly erected blocking factors that are designed to keep society 'small' and impotent, and isolated. Society lives under the governance of a deeply disabling sophistry that started in ancient times and hasn't been healed. Rape is never a natural consequence, just as the commitment to murder, as we now have it globally, is not a natural consequence. Both are symptoms of a disease that has not yet been healed. We were closer to healing the sexual issue in ancient times. I can remember for example that in the brighter days of Athens the famous intellectual woman Aspasia of the 400s BC timeframe, whose house became a center for learning and exploration, had counted Socrates among her frequent guests, whose famous Socratic method of reasoning is attributed to her, by some scholars. Other scholars also accuse her of having run a brothel, which Socrates, and also her consort Pericles, would likely have vehemently denied. Nevertheless her intellectual openness that evidently left a bright mark on Greek culture, appears to have also been intertwined with a certain sexual openness. She seems to tell us that we've become a small people in our closed-off narrow-minded isolation. Now Palmerston seems to tell us, that what we became, has been carefully cultivated to the point that we have become the executors of genocide of our own kind. The bottom line therefore is that the biofuels genocide is but a symptom of a deeper cause, which we need to heal first."

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