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Confessions of a Zoo Creature


None of the animals in the zoos of the world live there by their own choice. Only human beings allow this to happen to them. Some even apply to be admitted and regard it as a privilege. And those are the most alert. They apply for the golden cages, while society in general doesn't even recognize that it lives in a zoo, with the zoo being operated by the oligarchic system of empire. The animals are kept in the zoo for the pleasure of the 'noble' class, and as in the case of a real zoo, it is hard for the animals to escape their captivity. Only human beings have the power to escape to freedom, though few choose to play their native role. 

The dialog is situated in time near the end of the Soviet era. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, The Flat Earth Society, by Rolf Witzsche.


      After our plane was refuelled in Russia, and this only after we sat around on the tarmac waiting for it, for what seemed like ages, were we cleared for a second try to get back to the West. This time the destination was Frankfurt.

      The man in the black suit stopped at our row again after we were back in the air.

      "Ah, the traitor has returned," said Fred.

      The man just smiled benignly. "You are blind," he said to Fred. "You may call me a coward, but not a traitor. Of course you wouldn't know the difference since you are blind. There are things going on that you have to stare at for a long time before you get the picture, and even then, when you see it, it all looks like so many scenes from fairy tales. What you see is too incredible and bizarre to be taken seriously. You see a cabalistic occult society that is satanic by nature, which has taken control of our planet via its total control of the central banking system throughout the Western World, which of course is all privately owned. Tell me, how many people do you know who understand that the real political power in the world is privately owned. Who controls the money controls the governments and controls how you live, and even whether you are allowed to live. This control is tyranny. The tyranny is enforced with war if there is any resistance. Every war in history is rooted in the rage of empire versus civilization. And it is a rage that rules, because there is no foundation in universal principles to support the existence of empires and the rule of empires. In their rage empires slaughter and brutalize society in order to increase the wealth they squeeze from it. Fascist brutality is the tooth of power of that rather tiny cabal of the masters of empire that rules the world at present. Of course the history of empire goes way back. The modern empire was born on the track to hell that had its beginning 5000 years in the past. I have recognized long ago that the days for putting a stop to the rule of empire have passed. Society missed that boat before our time. Today the empire not only owns the governments, but also the mentality of society. It is a cruel illusion served up to society that there exists such a thing as a free citizen living in a beneficent democracy. Once I saw this I saw no reason not to join the empire since they rule us anyway. I reasoned that from the inside I might see more than any of you ever will. It should be plain to every alert person to see that we, of the empire, have full control of the earth and its finances and also of its media that control the public. There may be a few alert people left, but where are they? I can see no way at the present that any nation or power can defeat the current phenomenon of empire. How would anyone oppose them? We, of the empire, are everywhere and nowhere. We have no name as such, though we are known by many mythological names, such as the Illuminate, the New World Order, the Fondi and so on. So how can you defeat something when you don't even know its name, much less what and where it is? And even if I was to tell you these secrets, who would raise a finger or even a voice against empire? Did you ever see a demonstration in the streets against empire? The sad truth is, society simply obeys us and serves us. The nations go to war if our agenda requires war, whether it makes sense to them or not. We supply the sense and they simply obey. They obey even as they bleed for us."

      "Why this boasting?" Fred interjected, "Do you intend to recruit us to your Flat Earth Society Empire? Don't bother, your power is fading. Your private world-financial system is bankrupt. Its end is near. That's the reality of your world. It's an 'empty' world, filled with 'empty' money, because money in itself is nothing. Money has no value in itself. Only when society associates money with physical production and processes that enrich its living and its power to have a freer and more creative existence, does money gain a certain value that reflects the substance of the productive and creative processes. Money gains its value from what is being created and produced in society. If nothing is produced, all the money in the world has no value. The productive and creative process is what gives money its value. That's the economic principle and its processes. That's all there is. There is only one economic principle, not two or three. When society needs to build things to enrich its living, like a new power plant or iron works or farm improvements, it utters itself financial credits in the form of money to build the things it needs. That's the economics of civilization. On this platform credit is extended with no interest being charged, because the interest of society lies in the productive power that the process thereby creates that money plays a role in. Charging interest at the source, except to cover administrative costs, is thievery, and is not allowed in a real economic process. Monetary profiteering, looting, gambling, or raping society as some call it, is likewise not allowed. An economy doesn't exist to create millionaires and billionaires, but to supply the needs of society in the richest and most efficient manner possible. This is the real economic order. There is no such thing as a New Economic Order as if a universal principle could be reinvented, or the Universe itself could be reinvented. The very term, The New World Order, is a lye. Monetarism isn't an alternate economic system. It is a counter-economic system. The monetarism of empire is thievery by design and doesn't qualify to be called an economic system. What you call, The New World Order, does not represent an economic system at all, but a system of thievery, rape, and destruction. It is a genocidal system that wrecks the processes by which society lives. It thereby forces death upon it. Monetarism is an empiric system that destroys the value of money it plays with. It destroys it, by destroying the creative and productive power of society, and by destroying society itself in the process. It is a system of economic and cultural collapse. Monetarism is a death system that is as bankrupt in economic terms as your Flat Earth Society Empire is in scientific terms.

      "Is that what you want to recruit us to?" Fred continued and began to laugh. "There is no value in what you offer. Whenever I hear talk about the mythical New World Order I see a world being raped by millionaires and billionaires, and multi-billionaires, raped by money with collapsing value, a world being upheld by the force of a political and legal system of corrupted stooges who have prostituted themselves to the moneybags. That's what I see in my mind when I hear talk about a New World Order. I see a sick world with a sick society where the term living no longer really applies. So don't bother trying to recruit us."

      "Why would I bother to recruit you?" said the man in black. "The end game hasn't begun yet and might not begin for some time. So, the old game still rolls on. However, it would be advantageous for you if you would let me explain the political reality so that you can work effectively within that reality while the New World Order is taking shape all across the Earth. We are the New World Order. We are shaping the world. We've got our thumb on you. We've got our thumb even on Russia, India, and China. We run everything. We truly run all of the nations, though the nations aren't aware of it yet. This is the face of globalism, our globalism. So who would attack us? We own everything. We control all power."

      "You control a collapsing fairytale," Fred interjected.

      "No, we really do control the world, my friend," said the man in black. "We have the world in our pocket, because there is no opposition. There exists only a universal confusion of conflicting opinions that has totally disabled society and its self-protection. In an effort to prove this I wrote a six-page letter in the early days to alert society of what I have seen on the inside. A daring friend published it on the Internet. Guess what the response in society was? The letter got a big fat zero response. I told the world how it is, just as I have here, and the response from the world was zero. My point is that we of the empire, which I have wisely joined, truly do rule the world by virtue of society's universal refusal to rule itself. Sure, people talk politics till the cows come home, but we own the media that presents before them exactly what we want them to know, and think, and believe, and tie themselves into knots with, and also what we want them to do. And behold, as if by magic, all the little servants around the world obey us. Sure, we let you little people have your entertaining circuses of private opinions, but no real science is allowed that opens the door to truth. And so you all obey us to the very core of your innermost consciousness where money and other forms of pornography has displaced your humanity."

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From the political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Flat Earth Society

Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 17
Chapter 2 - Confessions of a Zoo Creature

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