Seascapes and Sand

Part 2 of the Monster Rape and Rat Campaign

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A Question of Clout


Who in society has the clout left for an effective opposition being possible against the rape in of society by the oligarchy of empire? Who ever had such clout? One of the subliminal rape 'slogans' of empire to humanity is, You Have No Cloud!

The goal is to disable opposition to empire breaking down civilization, science, culture, and the physical and spiritual support structures of society. 

The dialog unfolds in the background to a fictional peace conference in Moscow near the end of the Soviet era. The dialog comprises a chapter of the novel, Seascapes and Sand, by Rolf Witzsche.


      I met the English gentleman once more, quite unexpected the next morning, while I was having breakfast. I was hoping I would meet Ushi. There was a space free at the breakfast table, right across from where I was sitting. I had hoped it would remain free for Ushi, for our breakfast together that rarely worked out. But instead of Ushi, the man sat down at the free spot and smiled. He slipped a note to me, written on a napkin. "Let's go for a walk after breakfast."

      I nodded.

      "Forgive me for my long rambling last night," was the first thing he said. "I have to leave in a few days, or else I'll be missed at home. But I also like to see you once more, because this is important too. I don't want to leave with you having a false impression of me, because of my family-background. Our family has become a rebel, as I said yesterday. We are trying to distance ourselves from what the larger family name stands for. We hope to be able to undo some of the damage that was done, in whichever way this is possible. We try to heal the injuries. If your brother was to suffer from a horrible disease, would you not do all you can to bring about a healing? You may agree that this is not always easy. It's dangerous all too often, especially when your brother doesn't want to be healed. Whenever one gets caught in this kind of religious trap that has been created, where everything is turned upside down and night is deemed day, the fires can flair up enormously. I would rather not get caught swimming against the flow that governs the tragic families that my name is linked to."

      "Are you saying the Illuminatism is a religion? You mentioned religion," I said to him.

      The man nodded slightly. "It isn't by intention, but it has become that. Meyer Rothschild didn't see it as a religion, I am sure. The Illuminati was a tool he used. A tool isn't a religion, though it often seems that way in reverse when religion becomes used as a tool. But Meyer was above that. He was too intelligent for that. He had the Illuminati created as a weapon more than as a tool. Religion, of course, is a perfect weapon. The Light of Lucifer, the light of the fallen angel, becoming the light of the devil; that's a good weapon against the weak-minded. To them, the devil became god. A whole religion was built around that to keep the weak-minded spellbound and nicely obedient, complete with rituals and sacrifices. This crap makes the weapon an effective tool. You may not know this, but as soon as the weapon was created as a religion for the weak-minded, religious tolerance was officially preached. The freedom of religion became a civil right. It was called cultural freedom. With Satanism becoming an established religion, all the murderous abominations that came with the weapon were given the protection of cultural freedom. This has vast implications. Those who acknowledge to themselves to have the Light of Lucifer, have thereby been defined as having every right to see themselves uniquely qualified by a higher power, to rule the world. Thus they grab whatever power they want as a religious prerogative and demand others to bow to them, calling themselves master. They are thereby pre-absolved of whatever crimes they commit, or will commit in the future. The Jewish religion has a clause like that, whereby a believer is pre-absolved of all crimes in advance, for a full year, by simply performing a certain prayer ritual several times on a specified day. Maybe that is where the Illuminate got their arrogant 'quality' from. They are free to steal, to murder, to destroy entire nations as a religious exercise; and they do this without the faintest sense of guilt. They see themselves as serving a 'machine' that exists for a higher purpose. It's all justified under the clout of this monstrous religious hoax that they serve. That is why fighting global warming has become a religion for those who got trapped into it, because with the authority of religion, no matter what its name is, you can justify anything. Religion requires no principle, no proof in uplifted civilization, no evidence in terms advancing culture towards the kind of productive power that enables a richer life and a freer society. Religion doesn't even require an ounce of truth. It shuns it. That's the kind of background that enables the Illuminate to exist. In the real world, of course, there is no such entity as a devil, or such phenomenon as the light of darkness, or manmade global warming. It's all a concoction of crafted lies, a hoax really. The real Universe, of course, isn't designed that way, as a hoax. God isn't a devil. The God of the Universe is Intelligence expressed in universal Principle. From the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy, everything unfolds in a vast complex of harmonizing universal principles. That's elementary physics, isn't it? But this isn't deemed to be elementary in living when it comes to the mind, though it evidently is. According to modern physics there exists not a single speck of matter in the entire Universe. All that exists is the construct of forces expressed in principles that reflect the Spirit of an incredible Intelligence pervading the Universe. This is the quality of Mind. Nothing is arbitrary in its expression. If even a single one of these complex principles did not exist, which reflect the intelligence of the Universe, or acted contrary to it, the Universe would have no basis to exist, and so it wouldn't exist. If Principle could have contrary expressions, there would be no universal Intelligence expressed and chaos would result, so that nothing would be formed. Then the Universe simply wouldn't be. But the Universe does exist, and the Intelligence behind it is expressed, and the harmonizing Spirit and power of its Principle qualifies it for the term, God, and the term, Love. That is what illuminatizism denies. Illuminatizism is a lie thrown into the face of God. Whoever lives that lye, isn't an intelligent man. It qualifies such a person to the honorable club of the dumbest and meanest persons, as an idiot and a self-condemned person, a walking dead though still being alive. There are many such persons who pride themselves to have chosen to become the broken cog on the wheel of human culture, causing the whole complex of culture to fail. This, in a nutshell, describes the policy of intention that I see reflected in so many ways around the world where the Illuminati roam. The ultimate death-policy is now in the final stages of its unfolding, for ultimately the sung of illuminatizism is the song of human depopulation."

      "The devil depopulates the Earth," I said. "That's cute! Where did we hear this before?"

      "This insanity is what we are fighting to heal society of, me and my family back home, and a small network of others, said the man. We are fighting for Truth. Do I make sense?"

      "That's the only fight that is possible," I interjected. "If illuminatizism is an empty hole, you cannot fight against it. You can't fight against an empty hole; a hole filled with lies is still empty. You can only fight for Truth. Then you have clout. But that's quite a challenge, since the whole world now believes in lies. The problem is, we can't afford to let the lies become played out, because the result would then unfold in the final disintegration of society. I don't want to be in a world in which people dig through bags of garbage to look for the slimy old banana peels they may have thrown out weeks before, which suddenly look like a source of food against the pain of hunger. But this is exactly what we will see when civilization stops. And it will stop as quickly as this, when it does, when money fails and the economy fails, and nothing moves anymore. I don't want to live in that kind of world. This means we have to expose the nature of the lies in a more manageable and scientific fashion, before the lies become born out."

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From the political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Seascapes and Sand

Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 96
Chapter 8 - A Question of Clout

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