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Universal Love
and Marriage

The Dialogs Theatre, for building a New Renaissance,
presents focused stories and dialogs from novels by
Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

The greatest peace treaty of all times, the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 that terminated nearly a hundred years of war and left no one vanquished at the end, is built on the pioneering recognition of the Principle of Universal Love. It created a new platform for civilization that still stands today, though it is severely under attack. It also created the most powerful platform for economics ever devised, known as the Principle of the General Welfare that inspired a growing commitment to enrich the living of society by mains of developing the human potential with scientific, technological, and cultural advances. Whenever a society was committed to this principle of love for our common humanity, expressed in enriching one-another's existence, society prospered, and inversely when the principle was denied, society collapsed. 

But what is universal love in practical terms? How is it expressed in day to day living from the grassroots level up? How can we enrich our perception of one another, and our commitment to one another? How can we deal with what stands in the way? Here a wide landscape unfolds that is unfamiliar, with perplexing paradoxes. Nevertheless, the deeper we look, the more we begin to recognize that the answers are already lodged in our heart, though often outside the realm of accepted doctrines and mythologies. If the human being is the tallest expression of life in our world - the very face of God as one might put it - then we find in each other a treasure in which love is defined. We find a spark in each other that is already in our heart by being human. We find a diamond that has so many facets that we have barely begun to discover what we have. And in this love that is unfolding, we begin to discover what the term God may mean that we, humanity, are the highest expression of on this planet.

It has been said that without love, we cannot see God, which implies that without love we cannot see ourselves either as the supreme expression of life on our planet.

The dialogs and stories presented here are samples from some of my 14 novels. They have been chosen to present specific aspects of the wide landscape of universal love. Some of the stories and dialogs have also been chosen for their potential to be adapted in some form to theatre settings, stage sketches, and so on.

The stories and dialogs presented here, are presented in both written and audio form, all free online and downloadable. 


Universal Love

Erica's Flower Garden

Is it possible for a gardener to embrace but one single flower in a vast garden and close his eyes to all the rest?



How Does a Gardener Love a Rose?

Falling in love is a paradox in which we discover that the beauty that we cherish is our own heart and soul.



Window to the World

Our universe is a marvellous place, but what is greater, its wonders in space, or its most precious gem, the human being?


The Universal Marriage of Mankind (series)


Embracing the Untouchable (Indira)

The first part of a series focused on the Universal Marriage of Mankind as human beings, staged in India.


Infinite Marriage in a Narrow-minded Land

The Universal Marriage of Mankind as human beings stands denied by religion, wealth, status, power, contracts, myths, and the truth 'shredded.'


Defining the Face of Truth 

Where are our real riches? Do we find it in the lateral, universal kiss, or in grabbing all the world's money that creates poverty and compensation claims?


The Paradox of India

The paradox is that India survived the chokehold of imperial brutalization by 4 major empires across a span of 35 centuries from 1500 B.C. to 1947.


The Light of India 

A light from India's spiritual past shines through. It blends with Christian Science spiritual achievements and with the challenges that still remain.


The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho 

Of 85 temples built 1000 years ago in one place, adorned with thousands of sculptures of people in all arenas of life, 15% erotic, 22 temples remain today.


Dimensions of Dancing 

May our inner dancing bring into our life the power of the dance in which the 85 great temples of Khajuraho were built, called the erotic temples.



This is where we stand on the question of universal love. So much needs to be achieved on this front to bridge the empire-dangers of war, economic collapse, and depopulation genocides, that it seems we have barely begun. Theoretically, much can be accomplished by starting with the Principle of Universal Love and building it up on a high-level scientific, spiritual platform. 

 Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 on the Principle of Universal Love

My 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for this purpose.  Its unique focus renders the series probably one of the most critical works of literature in the world today, as humanity's future existence depends on the restoration of the Principle of Universal Love on a wide front, in order that empire and its numerous types of wars can end, and the Ice Age Challenge be fully met.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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