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Sex and Unity

The Dialogs Theatre, for building a New Renaissance,
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Rolf Witzsche
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Humanity is divided by sex, and brought together by sex. Sex isolates us from one-another, and also binds us to one-another. We wouldn't exist without it, as it is an aspect of human procreation, even while our personal part in the overall process is so minuscule that it is not worth the mention.  Still we need it, from king to pauper alike. We crave it, and at the same time we amputate with the circumcision the very thing we crave. 

Religions have even killed for sex, and invited communities to become murderers when religious sex-codes have been violated. Sure, modern societies no longer raise the sword or pick up stones to kill one another over sex, but sex still tears families apart. And woh, when sex enters the political sphere, it is used as a tool to tare worlds apart. 

Is sex a paradox then? It seems to be that. It inspires love, and inspires hate. But if it is a paradox, then there is a solution possible to the paradox, as paradoxes have solutions. This means, that for finding the solution we do well to take a step back for a wider view that bridges the conflicts that arise, with recognitions of constructive purpose and creative intention, such as the intention to enrich one-another's life and civilization and to make human living more powerful. Sexual intimacies, when pursued honestly, do have a binding effect. The effect furnishes stronger social unions that gives an offspring a better chance to grow up and develop. The sexual intimacies may also have a secondary reflection in tribal, cooperative intimacies, and national-identity intimacies. It may have a far wider intelligent purpose than we give it credit for. In fact, sex is one of the few aspects of the human dimension in which our common humanity is most strongly expressed in universal strands of love. It may well be that we are just beginning to discover its wider dimensions, as some of the mythologies that have been built up around it, in ancient times, are being to be peeled away.

The videos, dialogs, and stories that are presented here are designed to focus on some of the hidden aspects that gain new meaning in the light of the Principle of Universal Love that unites us as a single humanity across borders, creeds, status, cultures, wealth, and fame.  We need some movement along this line, because mastering the Ice Age Challenge requires the universal cooperation of the entire world, dedicated to this one single project that cannot be avoided. The time for breaking away from any form of isolating trap is now. A vast new platform for agriculture needs to be built, spanning the oceans, linking continents, and this has to happen soon in preparation for the next Ice Age beginning in 30 years. The greatest migration of humanity now stands before us, hopefully before the northern regions above the 40 degree latitude become uninhabitable, like Canada, Russia, Europe, and parts of the USA and China. We have no alternatives open to us, to restructuring our world and securing our food supply under a radically dimmer and colder Sun. For this we need a renaissance environment with a focus on universal human worth, and dignity, and creative power. To fail in this is not an option.

The dialogs and stories presented here are samples from my 14 novels. They have been chosen to present specific principles. Some have also been chosen for their potential to be adapted to theatre settings, stage sketches, and so on.

The stories and dialogs are presented in written and audio form, all free online and downloadable. 


Sex and Unity

Sex and Sacrament

Peace for the heart: The great uniting impetus, sex, that spans all time, gently leads to a world without distance.



Setting the World on Fire with Love

Setting the world on fire with sex and passion for Love.



Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculptures - Sex Sculptures - refracting and reflecting light.



The Anton Paradox

A sex dialog of a different kind



This is where we stand on the question of sex and unity. Much needs to be achieved on this front to bridge the isolation and develop the universal dimension of humanity. Theoretically, much can be accomplished by starting with the Principle of Universal Love and building it up on a high-level scientific, spiritual platform. 

 Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 on the Principle of Universal Love

My 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for this purpose.  Its unique focus renders the series probably one of the most critical works of literature in the world today, as humanity's future existence depends on the restoration of the Principle of Universal Love on a wide front, in order that empire and its numerous types of wars can end, and the Ice Age Challenge be fully met.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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