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The Dialogs Theatre for building a New Renaissance
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Rolf Witzsche
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Freedom begins at the heart and unfolds outward from it. Freedom is not a quality defined by the absence of oppression, but is an active impetus with the power for good that disallows oppression. Freedom from war is an irrational concept, because war itself is irrational: a bottomless pit of insanity. Freedom and humanity IS one. Principle and its idea IS one, and on the planet Earth this one is expressed as civilization. The individual expressions may vary, but the unity in principle that encompasses the whole of mankind and its common aims to express its humanity will never vary, and remain the power for freedom by which barriers and limitations fall by the wayside. 

Freedom unfolds with love, joy, grace, beauty, sublimity, generosity, creativity, productivity, and ingenuity. All of these are parts of the one that is civilization. If we let go of them, no one has freedom and society disintegrates. In this case it can be said that there is nobody really 'home.' Home is where humanity rules. That is where freedom is found. Freedom is spiritual.

The videos of dialogs and stories presented here are designed to open up the horizon to the dimensions of freedom in order that society's brooding sense of impotence and smallness falls by the wayside. We need this spiritual sense of freedom and its power developed to the utmost as a requirement for meeting and mastering the Ice Age Challenge. The time for this to happen is now. A new platform for agriculture needs to be built in preparation for the next Ice Age, beginning in 30 years. We must achieve the freedom to do this within the short time we have remaining. We must create a secure food supply infrastructure that remains operational and efficient in the coming new environment under a radically dimmer and colder Sun.  

The dialogs and stories are samples from my 14 novels. They have been chosen to present specific principles. Some have also been chosen for their potential to be adapted to theatre settings, stage sketches, and so on.

The stories and dialogs are presented in written and audio form, all free online and downloadable. 

Aspiring for Freedom

 Ode to the science religions    


 Anton of Grace    

 Sex and the Challenge of Joy    

 The Thousand-Year Celebration    

Love Letters - Love Festivals    


This is where we stand on the question of freedom. Much more needs to be achieved on this front. Modern society gives itself far too little freedom. It has boxed itself in with a vast array of mythologies, ideologies based on lies, and dehumanizing religions. Theoretically, the great tragedies in the world that result from a lack of freedom can be addressed in a healing manner by rediscovering the principles of freedom, starting with the Principle of Universal Love becoming restored on a high-level scientific, spiritual platform. 

 Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 on the Principle of Universal Love

My 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for this purpose.  Its unique focus renders the series probably one of the most critical works of literature in the world today, as humanity's future existence depends on the restoration of the Principle of Universal Love on a wide front, in order that empire and its wars can end, and the Ice Age Challenge be fully met.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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