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Empire and Oligarchy

The Dialogs Theatre for building a New Renaissance
presents focused stories and dialogs from novels by
Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

Empire is the oligarchic system. The two are one.  It exists by looting humanity. When challenged, it answers with subversion, terror, coercion, and fascism. And when these fail, it answers with extermination. Its methods are thievery. When its methods are denied, it wages depopulation and wars that become orgies of annihilation. 

When universal love is lost in society, empire has free reign, and its methods become copied by society itself, against one-another, individually and collectively. On this train to hell, society itself becomes fascist and hails the wars launched by the insane, the rulers of empire, the champions of a world without universal love. For this end numerous ideologies have been invented, such as by the Austrian School that began to invent methods for disabling society from within - ideologically, culturally, scientifically, politically, and economically. The Austrian School that operated by invitation only, has become proliferated into hundreds of branches, all operating under different names for reasons of obscurity, with all having the same objective, which is to protect the looting practice of the ruling oligarchy and its system of empire. 

Nuclear war, terror, starvation, depopulation, are some of the options pursued on the course of protecting empire. For as long as this course is pursued, humanity is doomed by it. The resulting movement towards doom is now fast accelerating with the western economies disintegrating on all fronts where nothing much remains standing to be looted. On this path nuclear war is being pushed evermore into the foreground as a final option to capture Russia, China, and the entire Eurasian continent to feed the looting machine. The often-stated imperial goal to "reduce" the current world population of seven billion people to less than one billion, as fast as possible, as a means to re-establish the 'golden age' of feudalism - an age of stability for the oligarchy, and of poverty and slavery for the rest of the world, is one of the policies integrated with the nuclear war option, as if anyone would survive such a war. 

The videos of dialogs and stories presented here are designed to open up the horizon to humanity's option, to establish its inherent freedoms that it has the power to claim, whereby the brooding sense of impotence, smallness, and indifference that is ruling much of society today, is left behind. We need to rebuild the human optimism and develop humanity's creative and productive power to the utmost as a critical requirement for meeting and mastering the Ice Age Challenge that is now before us. The Ice Age Challenge demands humanity to shut down its fascination with oligarchy and empire, and to do this now while the Ice Age Challenge can still be met. The challenge demands that a new platform for agriculture be built within the short time we have remaining before the Ice Age begins, in order to secure our food supply in the new environment under the then radically dimmer and colder Sun.  

The dialogs and stories in this 'theater' are samples from my 14 novels. The samples have been chosen to present specific principles. Some have also been chosen for their potential to be adapted to theatre settings, stage sketches, and so on.

The stories and dialogs are presented in written, audio, and in video form, all are free online and downloadable. 


Empire, the Oligarchic System

Dayita from India

3,500 years of the system of empire, from its distant past in India, to the present


The Imperial Bravo - Part 1

The tectonics of empire are shifting..

The Imperial Bravo - Part 2





The Lord of the Rings

The modern equivalent of Tolkien's tale of the Lord of the Rings is still unfolding.



The Flat Earth Society

A society that lives with its head stuck in sand...



Confessions of a Zoo Creature

Zoo animals are not captives by choice, only human beings are, gleefully in the zoo of empire, by oligarchy.


Farewell to a Gentler World

Few can look to the future to discern the inevitable when it becomes no longer possible to shape its destiny.


The Uncircumcised Land

China is one of the few largely pristine, uncircumcised, major countries in the world, a critical foundation the USA has lost.


Poisoned Economics 

Empire is the enemy of mankind. It poisons everything. It poisons economics. It poisons the mind and then sucks society dry.


Tiananmen Square

At Tiananmen Square an uprising was organized to break the nation of China and hand the masters of empire the key to the world.


The Dictator Challenge

Celebrating our Universal Marriage deals with dictatorship enthroned in America on the same platform that was given to Hitler. 


  While it seems almost impossible, when seen at the surface, for society to free itself from the scourge of empire and oligarchy that has infested the fabric of civilization so extensively that its fascism has been accepted as a normal feature of the face of humanity, it serves us well to 'see' with the mind's 'eye' where we discover that empire has no principle, no power, no moral and spiritual foundation, and no constructive function that would give it legitimacy. While society is still deeply trapped, mentally, by the mythologies and lies of empire, an instant breakout is inherently possible, because the movement of thought has no impeding inertia to overcome. Freedom is a spiritual thought object that is subject only to the truth.

I have written a science fiction novel a long time ago that symbolically explores the freedom to be where one wants to be, at an instant. While we don't have the capability physically, which would revolutionize space exploration, we should have this capability mentally that enables us to move instantly in inner space to wherever we need to be. 

Flight Without Limits

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

On this platform the Principle of Universal Love appears less esoteric and more scientifically spiritual as a constructive platform for civilization, which the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 has already illustrated as being possible. 

And this is where we stand on the question of empire destroying humanity. Theoretically, the present course towards extermination by numerous means can still be reversed with the Principle of Universal Love becoming restored onto a high-level scientific, spiritual platform. 

 Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 on the Principle of Universal Love

My 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for this purpose.  Its unique focus renders the series probably one of the most critical works of literature in the world today, as humanity's future existence depends on the restoration of the Principle of Universal Love on a wide front, in order that empire and its wars can end, and the Ice Age Challenge be fully met.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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