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Nuclear War

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Empire is an oligarchic system. Its hallmark is thievery; its goal, depopulation; its wars, orgies of extermination. When universal love in society is lost, empire forms in the void. Wars are launched by the insane, the rulers of empire, the champions of a world without universal love. Empires exist by looting, destroying, and annihilating developing nations under the civil sounding term of "demographic adjustment." The often-stated goal of 'adjustment' is to "reduce" the current world population of seven billion people to less than one billion, as fast as possible, in order to re-establish the 'golden age' of feudalism - an age of stability for the oligarchy, and of poverty and slavery for the rest of the world. 

The videos of dialogs and stories presented here are designed to open up the horizon to freedoms where society's brooding sense of impotence and smallness is left behind. We need this sense of optimism and power developed to the utmost as a requirement for meeting and mastering the Ice Age Challenge. And the time for that is now. A new platform for agriculture needs to be built within the short time we have remaining, to secure our food supply in the new environment under a radically dimmer and colder Sun.  

The dialogs and stories are samples from my 14 novels. They have been chosen to present specific principles. Some have also been chosen for their potential to be adapted to theatre settings, stage sketches, and so on.

The stories and dialogs are presented in written, audio, and also in video form, all free online and downloadable. 


Nuclear War is a Thermonuclear Extinction-War by Intention

Shadow in the Night

A fictional story of a nearly successful nuclear armed cruise missile attack




The Morning After

By the edge of the sword, peace is PASSIVE and dangerous.





A Weapons Mythology (a 4-part story)

A weapons-mythology with mythological justification, vs the weapons-reality and getting free from it.


Guns in the Closet

Nuclear war, the unimaginable that humanity allows to stand against it.


Oasis of Sanity

Security against nuclear war requires active universal love and humanity on all levels.


Lunchtime Surprise

From civilization to Armageddon in thirty minutes! That's the face of nuclear war.


Operation Noah

Flying a rescue mission at the edge of a poisoned world.  Abraham has failed


The Sound of a Bird Woke Me

In the shadow of a nuclear holocaust the dialog focuses on what is precious about our humanity



The Christmas Present

A work of science, the result of a discovery, reaching out to what is substantial and is cherished in the heart. 


In the Shadow of Ants

The dialog combines the political with the spiritual in the context of attempted nuclear attacks, courageously prevented by individuals.


Thermonuclear war adds up to mass-extermination that no one might survive. Nevertheless, the insane dream of a winnable nuclear war, and their game is on. The train to hell is on the fast track. The targets are Russia and China. Both refuse to kill their populations and surrender to the world empire. In thermonuclear war, being a target spells annihilation. 

In the past, the assured counter-annihilation under the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine has kept the nuclear bombs at bay. This doctrine no longer applies as a devastating counter response to any type of nuclear strike is now welcomed under the new doctrine of world depopulation that the green ideology is recruited to idealize.

It is still possible for society to take actions to protect itself by shutting the oligarchic system down. The world is still alive, and clean, and green with fields growing food. However, without a radical change in the present course in the political world, the end of humanity might be ushered in, in the space of a lunch break, and it likely will, as one sees almost no movement on the path away from war to give us hope.

Hope is thin, indeed. Whatever movement there is towards blocking war, is faint, though such movement needs to happen, and happen universally for society to move with power to protect its existence, while anything less spells, disaster. 

Thermonuclear war is survivable only in fiction, as in the novel, Brighter than the Sun, where the extermination policy is left out of the script. This type of fiction,  though is useful as it enables one to explore the unimaginable dimension of thermonuclear war in the very small, where it is almost comprehensible and may inspire a reaction against it. The reaction has to come before the war starts. That's when a reaction is still possible.

Brighter than the Sun

a novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

In the wake of the destruction that major war is imposing, both physically and humanly, which reflects the policy of empire, humanity will not be able to create the economic resources in time to master the impending Ice Age Challenge. This means that the extinction of humanity will likely happen, no matter what type of war is being pursued. Humanity can only survive if it takes decisive action to end the rule of empire and the controlling system of oligarchy that has enslaved, impoverished, and dominated it for millennia.

And this is where we stand on the question of war. Theoretically, the present course towards the extermination of humanity can still be reversed with the Principle of Universal Love becoming restored on a high-level scientific, spiritual platform. 


 Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 on the Principle of Universal Love

My 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, has been created for this purpose.  Its unique focus renders the series probably one of the most critical works of literature in the world today, as humanity's future existence depends on the restoration of the Principle of Universal Love on a wide front, in order that empire and its wars can end, and the Ice Age Challenge be fully met.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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