Ice Age in Canada,  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age Canada 

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The challenge can be meet

The New Ice Age before us might begin in 30 years with a 70% dimmer Sun. It poses enormous challenges for our civilization. The greatest of these is that we find the spiritual, scientific, and technological power to meet the coming Ice Age with a rich renaissance in culture, self-perception, creativity, and prosperity second to none.

In love with our humanity

The challenge is, to understand the Ice Age dynamics and to respond intelligently. With it, we have the capability in our grasp, for the first time in the history of the world, not to become decimated by the glaciation consequences that in the last Ice Age had reduced the human presence on our planet to a mere 1 to 10 million people worldwide.  

We have the potential to say to this: Never Again! But will we take the footsteps to make it so?


The Ice Age Challenge for Canada, 

A series of explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Earth Climate-History dynamics

Mechanistic Ice Age Myths

Failed Ice Age theories

Electric Sun - Electric Ice Age

Canada's future hangs in the balance

Earth Climate-Future dynamics

Understanding our climate future is critical for Canada


The O18 proof is in the pudding

Is Canada a nation without a future?

Ice Age Planning is required!

paradoxes demand an understanding of the solar electrodynamics that affect orbits, earthquakes, meteorites, and require planned Ice Age defence of humanity.

Industrial Revolution in Canada

The above series of articles is designed to set the stage for exploring Canada's potential contribution towards securing civilization and humanity with it, in the face of the greatest challenge that has ever been faced in the history of mankind: to house and nourish a 7-10 billion world population in an Ice Age environment in which most of the current worldwide agriculture becomes disabled, and to do this with new, anti-entropic energy infrastructures that remain yet to be built.

Will we meet and master the Ice Age Challenge and save the nation and the world, or will we do nothing towards this end and lose everything? While time is running short, we still have a chance to built for the future. The potential for the greatest renaissance with the greatest industrial revolution lies before us. We face an exciting time ahead if choose to go for it. And why shouldn't we?

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