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Ice Age Ahead: Too little was known about the coming Ice Age till the early 2000s, especially that cause of it. It was only known that an Ice Age would be upon us at some time in future. Even as late as 2003, the renowned Polish Professor Zbignew Jawarowski, chairman of the Scientific Council for Radiological Protection in Warsaw who had explored historic ice of glaciers around the world for 50 years, was no-more aware of what caused the phenomena of climate change and Ice Age phenomena than anyone was at the time. All that he could say in his 2003 paper "The Ice Age is Coming" that it already 500 years overdue.

It wasn't until advances in plasma physics opened the recognition to the Sun being a plasma star that is externally powered and therefore highly variable, and dependent on external conditions, especially electric resonance conditions. Suddenly the puzzling enigma and paradoxes were becoming resolved, relating to solar physics, climate change, especially the Ice Age phenomenon. Now, with numerous measurements coming together, made in space, in the air, on the ground, and with radio telescopes, and with all of them telling the same story, it became scientifically evident that the next Ice Age phase shift would occur in the 2050s or sooner, not thousands of years in the future, and that it would be caused by the Sun becoming affected in a way that its radiated energy would be rapidly reduced by 70%, in the process.

The resulting consequences for our living on Earth are evidently enormous, but so is our ingenuity as human beings, and our creative and productive power. We do have the capacity and the resources to built us a New World for one-another, in the tropics, far from the ensuing ice regions, and come out richer in the processes, with a new renaissance. The default option, to lay ourselves down to die by not responding to the imperative the universe lays before us, is not an acceptable option. It can be avoided. This website is designed to inspire society to raise itself up to the challenge and live, and to live more abundantly than never before. My videos, books, and writings that I present on this website are designed as resources for humanity for its necessary universal mission, to build itself a new world.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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