Plato, 2020, USA, Trump  -  critical stations in the making of History,  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Plato, 2020, USA, Trump

it opens a wide scene with many stations along the way
in the making of history - a 6-part video and introduction



This 6-part series of videos cover the wide scene of making history, from Plato to the American President Donald Trump in 2020, with many stations along the way. The introduction portion of the video briefly introduces 12 of the features of the main stations, from the founding of the USA as a republic, the emancipation of slavery, the founding of America's own currency for its industrialization and national development, and the subsequent privatization of its currency into the hands of an oligarchic system in the process of numerous levels of entrapment, in which the sinking of the Titanic, on the anniversary day of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, played a significant role. America became entrapped by what came out of the process, and remains so to the present day. America remains trapped into a collapsing financial system, with a financial derivatives gambling orgy in the quadrillion dollar range, that has has become too big for bail-out and bail-in, but which an American President has the executive power to shut down in a comprehensive bankruptcy reorganization, and save the nation. That's what stands behind the impeachment circus of 2020. The circus is driven not by what the President had actually done, but by what he has the power and inclination to do, in times of emergency.

The introduction highlights all these stations. The following 6 parts offer the details.

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Introduction: Stations of History. (Runtime 6 min)

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Part 1: The School of Athens (Runtime 18 min)

Here we find the root for the principle of the republic, and the forces arrayed against it.

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Part 2: Founding the American Republic (Runtime 17 min)

America gained its freedom from the European oligarchy, based on the principle of the republic. Much was achieved on this path, from Benjamin Franklin to Abraham Lincoln, and beyond with the economic development of America with its own national currency, the Greenback. But when this was overturned with the assassination of President McKinley in 1901, the principles of the republic were fast becoming lost, with tragic consequenes.

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Part 3: America Trapped (Runtime 28 min)

In 1912, America became trapped into giving its national currency away. The national currency became privately owned, and became a debt-creating engine for the nation. The plot succeeded in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. But before it came to that, some major opposition had to be cleared out of the way. On this path, the sinking of the Titanic played a significant role. It was sunk on the anniversary day of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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Part 4: Age of the Monster Traps (Runtime 15 min)

Humanity is stuck in two monster traps, with no serious efforts being made to get out of the traps. The traps are "nuclear war" and "Manmade Global Warming". An American President who is inclined to follow the principle of the republic, has the power to close the traps and make America great again.

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Part 5: The 2020 Coup against Trump and the Republic
(Runtime 36 min)

Donald Trump is the kind of President, with the executive power, who is inclined and able to protect the general welfare of the nation, especially in times of the onrushing financial crisis as the quadrillion dollar financial derivates gambling casino is about to disintegrate. He can shut it down in bankruptcy reorganization, to prevent the banks bail-in thievery from destroying the nation. This is why the President is under attack in a political vendetta that now includes impeachment. - not for what he has done, but has the power to do. - However, the use of impeachment for political purposes and vendettas, is a gross abuse of the power bestowed by the Constitution, which renders the impeachment itself a High Crime - a crime against the Constitution and the Republic, worse than treason. See below: "The bottom Line is:"

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Part 6: Breaking Free (Runtime 17 min)

How does a society protect itself against oligarchic forces and their armies of Aristotelian operatives? The answer is simple: By finding value in the principles of the republic, even in economics, and applying these principles.

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Appendix to Part 6

Three videos of the series,
"Yes the Russians did hack"

Each video deals with the subject
of freedom from oligarchy
 - each in its own way.

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The Trump Impeachment is a crime against the Constitution.
Why isn't anyone defending the Constitution?

The Bottom line is, that the ABUSE of the Constructional power to remove an American President from office, for purely political vendettas, objectives, and election engineering, is a crime itself - a high crime against the Constitution and against the Republic, worse than treason. This definition apples to the impeachment 'war' against Donald Trump, which is clearly a part of a political vendetta that began on the day of his election, relentlessly, that now resorts to the abuse of Constitutional powers to advance the vendetta's objectives. (from Part 5)


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