The Sun 'speaking' of Ice Ages  -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Sun 'speaking' of Ice Ages: that's Plasma Astrophysics

The Sun 'speaks' of the science that humanity depends for its future existence:


The Sun 'speaking' of Ice Ages, and the next one beginning in the 2050s.

Of course, the Sun doesn't actually speak. It speaks to us through the mountains of evidence that modern science has discovered and measured in numerous different ways. It warns us. It says to us that stepping from the current interglacial period, into the coming Ice Age climate, is comparable in effects to a person falling off a cliff. This is only survivable if a soft landing has been prepared for it. And that's not happening. For the coming Ice Age, no soft landing has been prepared, both for human living and for agriculture. A crash landing means the end of humanity, or nearly so. That's the current stage. But the Sun also tells us that we have the creative and productive power as human being to avoid this default fate. It defines the coming Ice Age as gift to humanity by the universe, which when accepted, will impel humanity universally to raise itself to ever-higher levels of its humanity that have remained unrealized for far too long.

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