Plasma Astrophysics, Queen of the Sciences  -  introduction by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Plasma Astrophysics: Queen of the Sciences

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Plasma Astrophysics
is the science that humanity depends for its future existence


Plasma Astrophysics

Plasma Astrophysics became a science in the late 1800s, and developed over the years into the leading science of the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the Sun, the Earth, and even the climate on Earth, including the Ice Ages.

Plasma Astrophysics has superseded many a prominent theory in mainstream cosmology, such as the Big Bang theory; the Hydrogen-gas Sun theory; the Creation of the Earth theory; and also the long-held theories of how the Ice Ages happen, and the climate on Earth is shaped.

The superseded theories thereby became archaic. They become obsolete in the light of new horizons opening up in Plasma Astrophysics, supported by a wide range of new, and physically measured evidence that presents a radically advance image of the Universe with implications that are immediately relevant in the present world.

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Because of the great significance of Plasma Astrophysics for the living of humanity in the modern world, I have combined the entire complex of more than 120 videos on the subject, onto a single USB thumb-drive data-stick, in the form of a comprehensive package focused on the most vital science of modern time.

I will produce and mail the comprehensive USB stick as a gift, in response to a $100 donation that I see as a fellowship commitment to promote the science on which the future of humanity depends, for which the USB stick is offered as a tool. For any lesser reasons it wouldn't be worth the effort to produce and mail the stick.  - Please e-mail your mail-to address to:

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