With the Universe 'speaking' of Ice Ages, how do our politics speak?  -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Coronavirus-19, hybrid wars against the Ice Age soft-landing:

Part 5: Self-Revealing Universe

This video is a preliminary part of a series


The universe is revealing itself and its history. It is revealing itself in several different ways.

#1 Ice Ages are real, because the Earth has been alternating between deep Ice Age environments, and between warm interglacial periods. This has been going on for the last million years. We are at this precarious state, because the cosmic power streams that power our Sun today, are presently at the lowest level in 440 million years. We live in an Ice Age epoch. The evidence four this plain and undeniable.

#2 Ice Ages begin when the Primer Fields collapse that are part of the cosmic power system. The Primer Fields are electromagnetic structures that form when the power stream unto the Sun are strong. Their function is to concentrate the incoming cosmic stream and focus the concentrate onto Sun. In this manner, our Sun operates in high-power mode. When the Primer Fields collapse, because of insufficient power to maintain them, the solar activity drops into hibernation mode, typically for 90,000 years. That's when our next Ice Age begins.

#3 In the years leading up to hibernation, during the boundary zone, the climate on Earth is mastered by the Sun, by the wakening of it, which produces ever greater volumes of solar cosmic-ray flux that affect cloudiness and in effect 'poison' our climate. During this period mayor crop failures will likely occur. The only way for humanity to solve the unfolding crisis, is for it to start building the Ice Age soft-landing infrastructures where agricultural production is secure and out of reach of collapsing climates.

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