The Universe 'speaking' of Ice Ages, how do our politics speak?  -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Coronavirus-19, hybrid wars against the Ice Age soft-landing:
Part 4: Empire Stench


This video is a preliminary part of a series


The stench is at the core. It oozed out big time in 1974, with the National Security Study Memorandum presenting a major policy statement of Empire, for the world. The policy did change the world in three different way:

#1 The policy authorized the creation of the HIV/AIDS virus, which was first deployed in 1958 (intended for depopulation).

#2 The policy authorized the Manmade Global Warming hoax in the 1974/75 timeframe.

#3 Under the policy a hybrid war was launched against truth in science itself, until the alert scientists capitulated.

Of course the real target of it all was humanity, and its still lingering potential to build itself the much needed Ice Age Soft Landing infrastructures to be able to live in an Ice Age world.

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