Energy in the Ice Age of the dimming Sun -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Our Energy Future:
Energy Forever

forever is a long time  


Human beings have lived on the Earth for over two million years in which the use of fire was discovered, but the mass-utilization of energy began only a few hundred years ago. However, the world's resources for the mass-use of energy that our civilization now depends on in the form of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power, are being rapidly depleted. Our energy reserves are measured in decades now, up to a few centuries in some cases, while the next 90,000-year ice age is already looming on the horizon that we need to prepare for and live through, and aim to live beyond for millions of years to come.

So far all efforts have failed to develop advanced energy options built on a resource that cannot be depleted, such as windmills, solar panels and solar energy systems, which themselves become disabled when the next ice age begins under a diminished Sun. Are we lost then, when our energy resources are depleted? We cannot exist without large-scale energy production.

Fortunately we are not lost. In fact our potential future is bright. We have the type of near infinite energy resources within reach that the most optimistic future civilization would require. This energy resource exists in cosmic space in the form of plasma electricity. It surrounds us. We are afloat in it. It is the energy resource that powers the Sun. This energy resource is enormous. It is so enormous that the Earth becomes a habitable planet by receiving a mere 45 one-billionth of a percent of the Sun's radiated energy, through the back door, as it were. And this received solar energy, through the back door, is nevertheless 150,000 times larger than the entire global electric energy production, including nuclear power. Can you imagine the kind of energy depth and density we can have by going directly to the front door of the solar energy cycle?

Can you imagine the amazingly energy-rich future that humanity is able to create for itself by simply tapping into the electric supply stream for the Sun, - by going to the front door, instead of receiving a trickle reflected back to us through the back door as radiated energy. By tapping into the inflowing solar energy source-stream a complete breakout is possible for us on earth from the current 'prison' of the unstoppable energy-depletion. 

Our tapping into the cosmic electric energy resource is the greatest step for humanity that lays before its feet - a step from entropic energy resources to an anti-entropic energy future that can never be depleted.

Unfortunately this path is being blocked by oligarchic control of science. It is being wilfully blocked with political processes, even while all other pursuits to undepleatable energy production for humanity have led us into dead-end situations and wasted efforts, including genocidal projects for the mass-depopulation of our planet. 

The unblocking of humanity's science and its creative self-discovery, however, requires a spiritual process of society's self-recognition of its inherent human potential that develops the power of our humanity, which is ultimately the creative engine for all power systems. It is the human genius that enabled us to utilize the power of fire, and to step from wood fire to coal, gas, and oil utilization, and on from there to nuclear power, with dreams of nuclear fusion power. This has been our path for growing up as a human society. We have shed the diapers as it were. The time is now to become adults, to reach beyond the limits of our planet and the small-minded thinking imposed on us that is unbecoming for adults, and to reach for the cosmic energy resources that power the universe.

The video focuses on all of the above concerns.

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