The Sun and the solar system, outside the box -  video series by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

When the solar wind stops in the 2040s

Part 6: 
Solar wind 'steam' is diminishing towards the next Ice Age


When a tea kettle is heated past the boiling point, the excess energy produces steam. The solar wind is the steam of the excess energy in the system that powers the Sun. When the solar wind stops, possibly in the early 2040s, the density of the plasma that powers the Sun has diminished past a critical threshold. Beyond this point the Sun will go dimmer and eventually go inactive, whereby the next Ice Age begins. This may happen in the 2050s. That's nothing to fear, of course. We have the power to build the infrastructures for living in an Ice Age world. We are the children of the Ice Age. Human development began when the Ice Age Epoch began 2 million years ago. The question is, will we uplift our world enough for the whole of humanity to master the coming transition? Or will we allow the human presence to collapse back to a million people worldwide, by default?

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