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Ice Ages begin when the electric dynamics fail

Part 4: The solar wind and the Ice Age


The electric dynamics that power our Sun will fail below a minimal threshold in plasma density.  That's when the Sun goes inactive and the Ice Age begins. The solar-wind pressure serves us as an indicator of how much strength is left in the solar system's electric dynamics, and that is fast diminishing towards its cut-off in the 2050s.

A strong item of evidence that we live in an electric universe is found in the amazing similarity of the absorption lines in the spectrum of light from close stars and from the most distant galaxies. It proves that every sun in the universe is an atom-synthesizing star powered by plasma, which makes a sun vulnerable to supply conditions. The proof of vulnerability, and this means our present vulnerability, lies in the Dansgaard Oeschger Oscillations found in the Greenland ice sheet.

With this in mind, the solar-wind pressure is our thermometer of how close we are to the start of the next Ice Age, and it is fast diminishing.


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