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Solar nuclear fusion is electric and external

Part 1: The Sun is plasma, NOT a gas sphere


The Sun cannot be a gas sphere, powered by hydrogen nuclear fusion. Its gravity would crush all atoms in its core. An atomic sphere of the size of the Sun cannot exist. The known mass-density of the Sun reflects the typical characteristics of a plasma sphere. That's what we see when we look through the umbra of sunspots. We see a dark Sun below its surface. Plasma does not emit light. The Sun is externally powered by electrically activated nuclear fusion on its surface where all the known atoms in the solar system were and are created by plasma-fusion synthesis.

With the Sun being externally powered by plasma flowing into it from interstellar space, the Sun is strongly affected by plasma density fluctuations, which of course affect our climate and in extreme cases cause Ice Ages on Earth when the plasma density flowing into the Sun is insufficient to maintain the electromagnetic primer fields that focus concentrated plasma onto it. When these fields collapse, when they become inactive, the Sun reverts to a less active state. With the primer fields being no longer active the interstellar plasma flows by the Sun, whereby the plasma-fusion of the Sun is dramatically reduced (potentially by 70%).

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