The Sun and the solar system, outside the box -  video series by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Electric Cold Fusion Sun

Online exploration video-series in 7 parts


The universe is developing. It is anti-entropic, dynamically self-powered, a construct of principles. It exists exists radically different than the Big Bang dream specifies. Our sun is not a gas sphere, powered with internal nuclear fusion, but is a plasma sphere with plasma fusion occurring on its surface in which all the atomic elements in solar system have been electrically synthesized, with some heat and light being generated along the way.

The exploration video series presents a world that may surprise you, which cannot be seen from within the box of constrained empiricist science. Living outside the box, a whole new universe comes into view, with a view of our solar system and the Sun that far surpasses the authorized doctrines. Outside the box you see reality as a wider scene that includes the 99.999% portion of the universe that the masters of the box say doesn't exist, which is plasma.

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