Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

What we seek we already have

all climate changes (including CO2 trends) are caused by the Sun


The lesson should have been learned at the Paris, U.N. Climate Change Conference, that what it seeks in its dreaming - a world without manmade global warming - is already, demonstrably, reality. 

The fears of an overheated world, are fears in dreams where nothing is actually real. It is a well-established fact that the global warming of the Earth that ended the icy climate of the Little Ice Age of the 1600, was not caused by human action, industrialization, or energy utilization, but was measurably caused by the Sun, by increased solar activity.

Yes, the intensity of solar activity can be measured. It can be measured in Carbon-14 ratios, and also in Beryllium-10 ratios. The ratio of these isotopes is directly reflecting the intensity of solar cosmic-ray flux impacting the atmosphere and the Earth. In times of high solar activity, the cosmic-ray flux is low, which produces lower ratios of these rare isotopes that have no other natural cause. Their ratios are measurable. The measurements follow the known temperature trends in both cases. The measurements also prove that changes in cosmic-ray flux directly affects the climate on Earth. Even minute forms of weakening on the Sun can thereby have large affects on the cosmic-ray flux streaming from the Sun, which causes large changes in cloudiness on Earth that changes the amount of the radiated energy from the Sun that is reflected back into space, which thereby becomes lost to us.

All this is known. The Little Ice Age resulted from extremely low solar activity, and inversely, the global warming afterwards resulted from increased solar activity. We have proof for both in the isotope ratios.


With the measurements, we have concrete evidence that the global warming from the 1700s till about 2000, are not caused by changes in human activity and fuel burning, but was caused directly by the Sun. We also have an element proof thereby, that CO2 affects nothing, and that the rising CO2 density is not manmade, but is simply a natural reflection of the long transit times in the global recycling system, of the high CO2 volumes that were absorbed into the oceans during the cold period of the Little Ice Age.

The official denial of all of these known facts places the Carbon Global Warming scare cards into the deck of the terrorism of modern irregular warfare against humanity, and its war against science and truth.

The video also includes an overview of the opposition-consensus to the climate fraud in the science community.

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Climate Fact versus Fiction

The climate fiction of today includes many climate facts.

It includes the fact that the Earth has been in a strong global warming trend from the end of the Little Ice Age to 1998.

In this period many glaciers have retreated, some enormously.

The Greenland Ice Sheet too, has seen extensive melting around the edges, and measurable ice loss.

Antarctica has likewise experienced massive ice losses as the result of the enormous global warming that has occurred.

The arctic likewise, has experienced massive losses of ice in the arctic ocean basin.

These are all facts. The facts have been measured, photographed, explored, and they have been given rise to frightful predictions. Here the pure fantasies, contrary to facts, begin to enter the scene.

The climate fantasies have linked the experienced global warming, which has been very real, to the massive increase in global CO2 density in the air, which likewise has been very real and has been increasing in synchronism with the global warming from the end of the Little Ice Age to the present, as the cause for the global warming trend.

It is further fantasized that the increase in CO2 density, which coincides with start of the industrial revolution where large amounts of CO2 were increasingly emitted into the atmosphere, is the cause for the global warming that has occurred.

It is tempting to make these connections on the basis that CO2 has the physical characteristic to be a greenhouse gas. CO2 is able to absorb radiated energy and to slowly retransmit it in a scattered fashion.

Here, however, the facts and the fantasies begin to diverge, because the increase in CO2, and the great global warming, have each an unrelated origin, neither of which originates with industrial activity, human living, and the burning of fuels for energy production.

Advances in science have demonstrated with absolute physical measurements that the experienced global warming has resulted exclusively from increased solar activity. This relationship is clearly established with Carbon-14 measurements.

It has been discovered in the 1940s that the interaction of solar cosmic-ray flux with the Earth's atmosphere transforms a tiny portion of atmospheric nitrogen into the rare isotope Carbon-14. In the process one of the protons of the nitrogen atoms is being displaced by an energetic neutron. The transmutation creates a heavy carbon atom that has two extra neutrons attached. The interaction of the solar cosmic-ray flux with our atmosphere is the only natural source for Carbon-14 that is known to exist.

Since Carbon-14 is an unnatural atomic element, it decays over time. The decay time is widely used for carbon dating of historic organic material. The measurement of Carbon-14 is also used as a direct precise measurement of the relative solar activity and its variations over time.

The measurements show that in historic cold times, such as the Maunder Minimum of the Little Ice Age that is known to have been an extremely weak period on solar activity, coincides with larger volumes of Carbon-14 measured in samples from this time. This means that during these extreme cold periods, the solar cosmic-ray flux was correspondingly larger.

The measured relationship is confirmed with the experimentally demonstrated fact that cosmic-ray interaction increases cloudiness. When during the CLOUD experiment at the CERN labs in Europe artificial cosmic rays were injected into a test chamber, the water vapor nucleation went straight up and off the chart.

The experiment proved in principle that cosmic-ray interaction increases cloudiness. It is self-evident of course, that increased cloudiness reflects increased amounts of incoming solar radiation back into space, which thereby is lost to us, and results in global cooling.

It is self-evident, therefore, that the deep cold of the Little Ice Age, and the Great Global Warming afterwards, had both their origin located exclusively in the Sun.

The Little Ice Age is thereby demonstrated to be coincident with low solar activity, measured in extremely low sunspot numbers, which is also measured in extremely high Carbon-14 density values at the time that are a direct measurement of the cosmic-ray flux at the time, which thereby becomes a measure of cloudiness that has caused the the Little Ice Age cooling. These interlocked measurements place the great climate changes on Earth, both towards cold times and warm times, directly into the court of the Sun.

The CO2 carbon gas is not a causative factor on this huge scene of the climate dynamics, where the Sun itself is demonstrably the driving factor for the climate change on Earth.

So what about the CO2 increase then? Has it no effect at all? The answer is that it has no effect, or ever had, and never will.

While CO2 is a greenhouse gas by its physical characteristic, its total effect among all the greenhouse gases and greenhouse effects, is roughly a millions of the whole.

The total greenhouse effect is caused by a combination of the absorption of solar energy in the Earth's atmosphere, and the retention of it by the atmosphere.

It is a generally recognized fact that 43% of the heat budget of the atmosphere is generated from incoming sunlight being absorbed in the atmosphere, 9% is from energy being reflected back from the ground, and 48% is latent heat released by the cloud-forming process. The heat that is released is the heat that has been invested in the process of evaporating water into vapor.

If you take a kettle of water and boil it away into steam, a considerable amount of energy is required to accomplish the transformation. When the steam is condensed back to liquid form, the invested heat is released. In the atmosphere, this happens in the cloud-forming process. This typically happens at high elevations that are the colder regions of the atmosphere where a large portion of the generated heat is cooled-off into space.

The CO2 carbon gas plays no causative role in either of these three processes.

For starters, the absorption characteristic of CO2 is 10 times lower than that of water vapor, which is 100 times more densely present and is active on a vastly wider spectrum. In addition, oxygen is also a powerful greenhouse gas, which is 575 times more densely present in the atmosphere. In addition to all of that, the Rayleigh scattering effect of incoming sunlight adds to the atmospheric heat budget. The effect is caused by light interacting with molecular oxygen and nitrogen which causes a strongly diffused radiation in the sky. If it wasn't for this effect, the sky would be black. The CO2 effect in all of this, in the combined absorption of incoming sunlight is infinitesimal.

In the 9% portion of the solar energy that is radiated back from the ground as outgoing radiation, the narrow absorption band of CO2 is vastly overshadowed by the 10 times more efficient water vapor that is 100 times more densely present in the atmosphere and is effective over a much wider range of the spectrum.

The bottom line is, that the CO2 contribution to the greenhouse effect, in both the incoming and outgoing energy flow, is so minuscule that it is not actually physically measurable. It is likely in the range of a millionth part of it, if that.

The big determining factor is cloudiness. Cloudiness reflects a portion of the incoming sunlight back into space, and the water-vapor in the clouds absorbs huge amounts of incoming solar energy that is retained in the clouds and is largely cooled back into space.

Under heavy cloudiness the solar radiation received on the ground is 9 times less than under a cloudless sky.

Cloudiness has a strong feedback effect on the climate. When the climate cools, less water vapor is produced, which reduces cloudiness, and re-warmth the climate. CO2 has no effect on it, and even if it had an effect, miraculously, which is physically impossible, the effect would be offset by the climate dynamics. Only when the overall cloudiness is affected in a big way by changing solar activity, are big changes forced in the climate dynamics.

These interlocked facts prove that CO2, no matter what it's atmospheric density may be, is a zero factor in the climate equation, and always has been that, and will be so.

In geologic history when the atmospheric concentration of CO2 had been 10 to 20 times more dense than it is today, not just a few percent, immense ice ages have occurred in spite of the huge CO2 concentrations.

In addition to all that, the current increase in CO2 isn't manmade anyway. The current increase is the result of high-levels of CO2 absorption into the oceans during the cold period of the Little Ice Age. CO2 is absorbed strongly in the cold waters of the polar regions, from where it is circulated back into the tropical waters by the conveyor belt of the cold deep-ocean currents. The currents move slowly, so that the CO2 that rides in these currents from the cold polar waters, arrive back in the atmosphere with a time delay of 350 to a thousand years.

In addition, less CO2 is dissolved into the oceans in warm periods, which boosts the CO2 increase.

The current CO2 increase is a reflection of both factors. It has nothing to do with industrial activity, or manmade increases by the burning of carbon fuels.

The current worldwide manmade CO2 emission adds slightly over 1% of the total CO2 volume into the global atmosphere, each year. Of the global volume, a third gets recycled every year, and a third of that gets recycled through the oceans with a long-long cycle time. The tiny 1% portion that results from manmade causes gets lost in the huge recycling volume.

It would be cause for celebration if the human effects would significantly increase the atmospheric CO2 density. The Earth is CO2 starved. All plants need CO2 to live, and we need the plants for our food. In geologic time, we have the lowest CO2 density that may have ever existed. The CO2 starvation is so severe, that a mere doubling of the CO2 density in greenhouse operations results in a 50% increase in plant growth. We need a 10-fold increase in Global CO2 density to invigorate the biosphere and to fortify it against the increasing CO2 absorption into the oceans that occur during the Ice Age glaciation times. With the next Ice Age being potentially as close as 30 years from the present, large scale efforts should be made to extract dissolved CO2 from the deep ocean currents and pools. We need a 1,000% increase, and we need it relatively fast. We definitely don't need a CO2 density reduction.

Nor do we need to worry about global warming. The Great Global Warming that the Sun gave us from the end of the Little Ice Age to 1998, is already over. The Earth is getting colder. The solar activity is getting weaker. The solar cycles are fast diminishing. Even the solar wind is diminishing. The next Little Ice Age may be upon us in the 2020s, setting the stage for the next big Ice Age to start in the 2050s. The Great Global Warming lives on only in dreaming. The time has come to awake.

Who is imposing the dreaming?

The mortal enemy of empire is the development of humanity, for which science and truth is the driving force as a single package for the advance of civilization. Empire aims to defend itself with modern irregular warfare, by grinding humanity into the dust. The climate card is just one card in the deck of the masters of empire, whoever they may be. The deck is aimed at the destruction of humanity, and wherever possible with the destruction of science and truth, and the reduction of the mind to ever-lower levels of infantile 'thinking' by means of absolute lies. 

CO2 is not a climate factor in the real world. It never will be that. This fact is as plain as the sunrise each morning. Nor is the modern CO2 increase in the world, manmade, such as by industrial activity and energy use. This fact too, is as plain as day. However, huge, contrary lies have been spouted for 40 years in the climate theatres where everything is made up to serve the intended degenerating scare campaigns. The effect of those 40 years of relentless mental warfare have fostered a deep shame in the soul, a shame of one being alive as a human being, as a burden to the Earth, etc. To those living in this cultivated comatose state, the nuclear war terror card isn't a big issue anymore, or economic collapse, or mass murder. The blindness of being mentally asleep also hides the really critical issue, the giant existential issue, which is the near Ice Age before us in 30 years. In addition, the sleep state also hides critical economic issues, such as for example the issue of restoring the Glass Steagall bank protection legislation as an element of the strategic defence of nations. Asleep, and ruminating on issues of lies, society has been rendered functionally dead.

The strategic defence of mankind needs to begin at the root. It needs to begin with honest science, defending humanity with truth, in order to disable the entire deck of the cards of subversive warfare as a single issue. This means that the climate issue, technically, is a none issue, and that modern irregular warfare, where the climate card is played with lies as a part of a larger deck, is the only issue. 

It makes no sense in this context to split the deck up into separate single issues, except to let the exposure of the climate fraud, expose the entire deck as fraud, by example. 

So, please awake! The CO2 carbon gas is not a climate factor. It never was or ever will be. That's as plain as the sunrise each morning. Nor is the ongoing CO2 increase manmade. That's as plain as day, too. The facts are so self-evident that you only need to open your eyes just a little. If you doubt this, watch this video.

Music: by Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony #9 (opus 125) 4th movement (choral) based on the poem, "Ode to Joy" by Friedrich Schiller. The music was performed and recorded by the Schiller Institute in Germany on March 24, 2010 as a part of a political and cultural event to demonstrate and to promote the scientifically correct Mozart tuning (and later the Verdi tuning) of C=256. The performance is available on YouTube in 2 parts:

Part 1:
Part 2:
also see:

Historic Precedence: In the year 1907, a coalition of interests launched a massive slander campaign, primarily in the press, against America's foremost scientific and spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. A part of the campaign, in conjunction with the press, was a legal attempt at declaring her to be incompetent, in what became known as the Next Friend's suit. How did the spiritual pioneer defend herself? Her layers had prepared a brief in her defence, to be submitted to the court. After a lengthy deliberation she asked that the brief be not submitted. In response, the court appointed a master to visit her, to ascertain the truth, who evidently found the charges groundless, so that the case was simply left to die. However, she did mount an appropriate defence to protect the real target in this case, which evidently was not her person, but humanity as a whole. Society would be deprived of her profound achievement by the weight of the slander. She launched an appropriately massive defence of humanity by founding her own press, at the age of 86, which she named, "The Christian Science Monitor," with the charge, "To bless al mankind and to injure none." She defended mankind by saying in essence, "Put on your beautiful garments," the garments of truth, science, and love, in order that the intentions of mental malpractice cannot harm you. With this defence the slander ceased, and those who had promoted it, with some big names among them, retracted themselves with shame, at least some did.

In her case the slander campaign was short lived, probably just a few months in duration. In comparison, the modern campaign that slanders humanity as an incompetent climate villain and a beastly burden on the Earth for which depopulation is demanded, has been going on for more than 40 years. In this case too, the slander is groundless, as plain and obvious physical evidence indicates, and tens of thousands of people with scientific and academic backgrounds have testified repeatedly. Nevertheless the attack on humanity continues with evermore cries for economic suicide and depopulation being directed against the soul of humanity. The Paris Climate Change Conference is slated to be the greatest-ever mental malpractice mass-force event with 50,000 people in attendance; in the nature of the Nuremberg mass-rallies that were dubbed rallies for peace. Who is defending humanity? Who inspires mankind to put on its beautiful garments of truth, science, and love in defence of humanity? We are humanity, all of us together. We are the greatest manifest of life on this planet, and the greatest creative power with a mind that has the resources in itself to protect itself against all forms of mass-mental-malpractice, and thereby protect its future. Some day this will be recognized, unless the terror orgy of nuclear war is allowed to become real and ends the human journey

Ode to Man: A critical question. "Which profession provides the highest service to God, and to man in God's image? Is it the service of the clergy, the scientists, or the politicians?"

What should the answer be? There can only be one answer.

The clergy speaks about the glory of God, and of man in the image of God. But the clergy speaks only words. The scientist puts into practice what the clergy merely hints at. The scientist searches for fundamental principles and applies them to create a civilization in which humanity can live more richly and fully than it would otherwise be able to live. The scientist opens the gate to the truth that the clergy merely dreams about. Thus, the scientist provides a higher service. More important, however, is the work of the politician that creates the institutions, which enable the scientists to work and the clergy to speak. Without creating institutions of government committed to advancing the welfare of the whole of society, the fruition of the dreams of the clergy and the ideas of the scientists cannot be realized. Without the politician dedicated to the highest principles, society remains a collection of slaves. Thus, the highest tribute falls upon the politician.

 But there remains yet one critical aspect to be considered. The supreme tribute must be bestowed on the individual human being, on Man the Living the Image of God. The church serves to define it. Divine Science serves to empower it. It is the politician's task to stoke the furnace and protect the church and to protect science, but the power in this world rests with Man for the very glory of God. If the human being - the humanity in man - is slandered, God is slandered and civilization diminishes and falls apart. If that happens, the Principle of the Universe is slandered instead of being expressed. Then the light goes out in the world. Every sting of hate is a slap in the face of God. Every loving thought and gesture, in contrast, is the reflection of God bringing a light to this world that can never truly dim. That's something to be considered, isn't it?



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