Ice Ages may hold the Key to human cognitive development  -  a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Near Ice Age
ample cause for celebration



Ice Ages are real. This fact is demonstrable.

We have measurable, credible, historic evidence of 2 million years of 'recent' Ice Ages.

The dynamics of the principles that cause the Ice Ages, are knowable, demonstrable, measurable, and scientifically provable with tangible evidence. 

It is also demonstrable that ice ages are not a scourge. 85% of human development occurred under Ice Age conditions. and only 15% in warm climates. While the coming Ice Age, that may begin in the 2050s, requires humanity to upgrade its world enormously to protect its food supply, evidence suggests that ice ages are vital for humanity as the prevailing conditions contribute to the development of mankind in a manner that only Ice Age environments can provide that are rich in cosmic-ray flux reaching the Earth. 

The video refutes the Milankovitch Cycles theory for the Ice Age phenomenon

The video provides scientific evidence with mass-density comparison, that the Sun is a plasma star, externally powered, which can go inactive when its energy supply diminishes, thereby causing the gigantic climate events of the Ice Ages. The evidence for this lies in ice samples that show rapid temperature oscillations, and massive dust accumulations during the glaciation periods.

The video further explores 2 critical dynamic trends of evidence in support of the recognition that the next full Ice Age will begin in the 2050s, if not sooner. 

1 - The rapid weakening of the solar winds
2 - The weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, and its magnetic-pole drift

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