Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, cease to exist in the 2050s -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, cease to exist?

Our Sun is a mediocre star in a thinly populated part of the galaxy. 
It is vulnerable to diminishing supply streams.

When the Sun goes inactive, the world, except for the tropics, becomes uninhabitable.
We may be at this point in the 2050s.

Physical evidence tells us that our galaxy is presently at its weakest state in 440 million years. The long-term historic measurements are made in terms of measuring the changing ratio of a heavy isotope of oxygen (O18) at the ocean surface. The ratio reflects the surface temperature. It became preserved in the calcium shells of micro-organism living at the ocean surface. The measurements tell us that the Earth's climate is presently the coldest in 440 million years.

In this weak environment, in historic terms, the 'modern' ice ages have occurred, starting roughly two million years ago. The ice deposits in the Antarctic ice sheet tell us that the current Ice Age epoch, named the Pleistocene Epoch, gets interrupted periodically with a 'splash' of warm climates. 

This means that for 85% of the last million years, the deep glaciation conditions were the 'normal' climate on Earth, with remaining 15% being 'splashes' of interglacial warm periods of roughly 12,000 years in duration, that were the anomaly. We are presently living in such an anomalous warm 'splash', and it is fast ending.

Ice-core records show that the effect of our Sun has been diminishing for more than 3000 years already, towards the end of the current interglacial 'splash' period. 

In more recent times, data from NASA's Ulysses spacecraft indicates that the solar activity is presently in an amazingly rapid dynamic decline towards the Sun potentially going inactive in the 2050s timeframe. 

The measured decline of the solar wind pressure, by 30% in the space of 10 years, is huge, and so is the corresponding 20% increase of the measured Galactic Cosmic Ray flux, and the 30% weakening of the Sun's underlying magnetic field.  If one projects the trend forward in a linear manner, the solar winds, which reflect the 'health' of the solar dynamics, may cease in the 2030s, with the Sun going inactive soon thereafter, potentially in the 2050s.


Of course, natural dynamics rarely unfold in a linear manner. Indeed, some measurements indicate that the weakening may be accelerating. The magnetic pole drift is an accelerating example of the potentially accelerating weakening. Two large magnetic fields are interacting on the Earth. The rotation of the Earth creates a primary magnetic field along is spin axis shown in red. This intersects with the large magnetic effect of the primer fields of the plasma streams that power the Sun, which acts perpendicular to the planetary ecliptic. When the primer fields are strongly dominant, the effective magnetic pole is deflected towards the 70 degree latitude, according to the spin-axis tilt of the Earth. This occurred in the 1830s, according to on-the-ground measurements. When the primer fields diminish, the magnetic-field deflection weakens, and the spin-axis field becomes dominant. The effective magnetic pole shifts towards the geographic pole. The shifting has been accelerating.

Another item of evidence that a major weakening is in progress is found in the increase of solar 'coronal holes.' These are regions on the Son of weaker radiating intensity in the high-energy spectrum of the UV-light band. The forming of these holes made headlines back in 2007, though the holes were small and the effects were slight.

Now, we see huge holes erupting, covering almost an entire hemisphere of the Sun. The huge holes have become almost 'normal' in the new environment of the accelerating weakening in the electric plasma dynamics that power our Sun, so that the larger holes barely get a mentioning anymore. We will most likely see more of these giant holes errupting over the next 30 years, possibly on a scale we cannot yet imagine, before the Sun goes inactive altogether.

When the Sun does go inactive, at whatever point this may occur, the solar radiation will likely be reduced by 70% according to the temperatures measured in the umbra of the sunspots. 

At this point the Ice Age glaciation cycle begins anew where much of the world becomes rapidly unsuitable for human habitation, and more so for agriculture. The transition promises to be extremely short in its unfolding. The areas foremost affected are, Canada, Russia, Europe, China, and the USA. We have no historic accounts available with which to judge what it means, when the Sun goes inactive.

The Little Ice Age of the 1600s, in which between 10% and 30% of the European populations starved to death for the loss of agriculture, is too minuscule to serve as a yardstick for what the effect will be like, of the Sun going inactive. The Little Ice Age was so minuscule that it is barely noticeable in comparison with the deep glaciation. Likewise, the great climate anomalies in recent times, in spite of the horrendous consequences, are but fringe effects of the weakening landscape of solar electro-dynamics.

The great California drought, for example, should not have come as a surprise. It was known more than a decade ago that the enormous decline of the solar wind pressure, by a whopping 30%, that NASA's Ulysses satellite has reported beginning in 2004, results in a weaker heliosphere surrounding the solar system, and correspondingly greater volumes of Galactic Cosmic Ray flux reaching the Earth. This has numerous consequences. One of these is that cloud-forming is accelerated. The clouds' water transport range is reduced. The water vapor density in the atmosphere is reduced, which causes 97% of the greenhouse effect. Larger climate fluctuations occur as the result, including increased droughts, flooding, polar melting. Since all evidence indicates that the weakening of the solar system's electrodynamics is still accelerating, the California drought should not come as a surprise.

While the California drought is a 'small' thing that can be easily corrected with large-scale deep-ocean reverse-osmosis desalination of seawater, which runs by itself with no energy input required (that I proposed in June 2013, before the crisis really began, - see my video: Unlimited Fresh Water), the official response has been to do nothing, suggesting that people should move away if there is not enough water. The appropriate humanist response would have been to create the infrastructures that are needed for a prosperous human living. Depopulation is not the answer. If the Ice Age Challenge is not met on this basis, the Earth will become almost totally depopulated by starvation, when the Ice Age begins potentially in the 2050s. We should see the California drought crisis as an opportunity to develop our humanity.

The big Ice Age Challenge, which the dynamics of the universe have now placed before us, is incomparably larger than anything that has been experienced in recorded history. What we can expect, according to the principles that have been discovered, would, in a humanist world, impel the mass-relocation of the populations from the regions outside the tropics, into the tropics, complete with all their agriculture and industries. To fail on this count is synonymous with committing universal suicide.

One thing is certain, the 'non-occurrence' of the Sun going inactive in some form is NOT possible under the presently unfolding transition dynamics towards the 'normal' climate of the Pleistocene Epoch in which humanity came to be.  This means that we either respond to the challenge set before us, and respond rapidly, or that by default, we lay ourselves down to die.

Hopefully, our growing understanding of the dynamics of the universe, of our solar system, and of our Sun, in-spite of the widely cultivated science confusion in astrophysics, will inspire us in due course, to resolve the confusion and to act to prepare our world to meet the needs for the coming Ice Age future, including those imposed on us by the transition to an inactive Sun that's on the near horizon. 

With 70% less solar energy being received on Earth, it is not possible that the lands of the northern nations, such as Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, will not become largely uninhabitable, with their agriculture becoming disabled. These nations will cease to exist, unless, by their cooperative efforts new lands are artificially created in the tropics for the relocation of their populations and their agriculture that assures their continued food supply. Since there is little free, suitable land, available in the tropics, the relocated agriculture will have to be placed afloat across the tropical seas, as close to the equator as possible, complete with new floating cities and the needed industries, and all of that becoming interconnected with intercontinental floating bridges. 

A large-scale worldwide industrial effort can meet the requirements to fulfill those needs quite easily. But will the work be done. Will it be even considered?

Under full Ice Age conditions outdoors agriculture will likely remain possible only in the narrow band between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer where the Sun stands at the highest. And even this may need to be assisted with artificial sunlight. With the implementation of floating modules, the tropical zone is amply large enough to accommodate all human needs with only a small fraction of the space being used. The tropical region is a band that is roughly 37,000 kilometers long and 4,800 Km wide.

To create floating lands may sound like a fairy tale dream. In real terms, it is the most efficient option available, when it is powered by large-scale automated industrial processes.

Up to 6,000 new cities for a million people each, complete with free universal housing, are required to be built to enable the relocation of a large portion of humanity out of the uninhabitable zones. As you can see below, the areas that will become uninhabitable are presently among the most densely populated zones in the world, with the most developed cultures and industries. This, all by itself, illustrates to some degree the vast scope of the effort that is needed.

This also means that infrastructures for the mass-relocation of much of humanity can only be created with large-scale automated industrial processes that usher in a new industrial revolution along the way, operated with the extensive use of nuclear power wherever possible. Nothing less will do than to implement the most efficient processes that are conceivable, because the gigantic relocation will have to be completed in roughly 30 years, even while the industries for this effort have not yet been built. 

The technologies, materials, and energy resources to carry out the large construction effort for the global relocation, do all exist in abundance. But will the option to apply them be even considered in the current environment where the official song rings out, "let the people die," "depopulate," "make war and kill," "loot, plunder and steal," "do not develop the human capacity and economy," "save the primitive planet," "do nothing, let the market do it all," "protect the environment against global warming" and so on - will we lay the song aside?

The option for survival is ultimately not a technological one.  It is a matter of universal love for the humanity that we all share.  That is where the spiritual power lies that drives the incentive to protect human existence. There is absolutely no need on the horizon for Canada, Russia, Europe, China, including the USA, to cease to exist when the Ice Age resumes in the 2050s. The existence of a nation is not defined by the land it occupies, but is defined by the people's culture, science, creativity, expressed in the productive power that is meeting the human need. Land is secondary. New lands can be created when needed, in order that the nations are able to continue to live and develop. But will the infrastructures be built that make all this possible? Will the nations, and humanity as a whole, rouse themselves to give themselves the brightest future imaginable? That's a spiritual question.

The infrastructures that need to be built are enormous in size and scope, but the technologies and industries to build them can be matched to scale. And more than that, the development of the existing resources on the required large scale, promises to usher in a new industrial revolution such as has never been seen before, with an era of prosperity and human development unfolding in the process that challenges our tallest dreaming. And still, the question is repeated like a broken record, is anyone interested in seeing this truth?

In the present world, the answer appears to be, NO, on all counts. The movements that we should see aren't happening anywhere. This critical scene is smothered with doubt, confusion, doctrines, conspiracies, and denials. Under the resulting chokehold, the science that offers the potential to save the existence of humanity, including the life of your children, and even your own life, remains largely blocked. It remains blocked by disinterest, apathy, indifference, political games, small-minded thinking, and numerous forms of petty little self-interest.

 Nevertheless, the evidence that the Ice Age Challenge is real and immediate, is numerous. The non-occurrence of the near Ice Age is not possible. It is only possible that humanity fails to respond to its imperative, and dooms itself by this failure. 

The science itself, to prevent this doom, is actually rather simple. I have presented the critical evidence and the science involved in the form of a number of exploration videos, and series of videos. The presentations are designed to take the "Ice Age, solar science, and plasma physics, outside the Box" of inhibiting doctrines (click on the link).

However, since the major part of the challenge is spiritual in nature, such as for the nations to commit themselves to building the giant infrastructures for saving their existence, I have created an equally 'giant' wide-ranging infrastructure for the development of the Principle of Universal Love, which happens to be the single most basic universal principle by which all the brightest periods in human history had been enabled. For this vital spiritual infrastructure-building, I have created a 12-part series of novels that I have named collectively, "The Lodging for the Rose." (The series is free online, including audio books)

In order to further expand the spiritual infrastructure-building, I have set up a 'theater' of selected stories and dialogs from the novels, designed to inspire more of the needed universal love for our common humanity. I have named the project, the "Dialogs Theatre." (The elements are available also in audio form and some in video form.)

Whether we, as humanity, will meet the great challenge that the dynamics of the universe now place before us, cannot be determined. It may be that we will may remain stuck in the easy chair and do nothing, and die in it when the Sun goes inactive. 

In this case, the human population on earth will likely collapse back to the 1 to 10 million people worldwide that had survived the last Ice Age that the meagre primitive resources had been able to support under the harsh conditions. 

If we fail ourselves in our time, the few people that may survive on the default path, will likely built a new civilization long after the coming Ice Age has ended, who will then face the same imperatives in their time that we face today. They might act more wisely then, and not fail as we presently 'intent' to do? 

This means that whether we will experience the great doom that a world without food is imposing, that we are racing towards, or whether we will built ourselves the greatest era of prosperity and productivity instead, with the brightest culture yet experienced, will depend on what we will choose for us at the present time. We will experience our choice, one way or another. There is no path possible to evade the Ice Age Challenge without the obvious consequences. The video series invites us to meet and master the challenge. Honest science has that effect.

The video series is the culminating product of almost 30 years of work that began with the writing of my novels and research books. All parts of it are presented for free. Civilization is too precious not to be free.

The work began in the early 1980s when the nuclear-war doomsday clock stood at just minutes before midnight, and was ticking. The world was brimming with 65,000 nuclear bombs in the mid 1980s, that were actively deployed against society itself. But even while I was exploring the underlying principles for healing our world, a much more serious challenge came into view, in the form of the Ice Age Challenge. I soon discovered that on this front too, honesty was a rare commodity, especially scientific honesty. 

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the scientific community became concerned about the needed preparation for the near resumption of the Ice Age glaciation. Requests were made for a world-forum to discuss the critical issues, especially the economic issues. When the world forum was staged in 1974, it was hijacked and turned into a frenzy event for the global warming doctrine that became vehemently promoted ever since. The issues of Ice Age science, all died on this train. 

Actually, there was little on the scene worth noting at the time. In the shadow of the Big Bang theory, everything in the universe is being deemed to exist in isolation. The Sun is deemed to be a universal constant, so that consequently all climate changes have been deemed to be manmade. Huge sacrifices have since been demanded from humanity in the name of saving the Earth from the non-existing manmade climate effects.

The only Ice Age theory that existed at the time, was the Milankovitch Cycles theory of orbital variations in beats of 26,000 years, 41,000 years, and 100,000 years. 

It was theorized that Ice Ages result from the combined long-term changes in hemispheric and seasonal distribution of solar energy received from the Sun. The theory began to die when it became recognized that the total energy received by the Earth always remains the same, regardless of the cycles, and it died more so when the computed results failed to match the actual historic measurements.

Another theory became prominent in the early 2000s. It theorized that long-term fluctuations of galactic cosmic-ray flux can cause increased cloudiness, which cools the Earth as the white cloud tops reflect more sunlight back into space, which is lost to the heat budget on Earth. 

While this theory has a measure of elegance, it falls far short of rationalizing the enormously cold climates during the 90,000-year glaciation cycles, where temperatures plummet 30 to 50 times below the cooling experienced during the Little Ice Age in the 1600s, so that ice piles up more that 10,000 deep over much of the northern hemisphere, with corresponding permafrost reaching far into the South.

It became increasingly recognized in this period that the Sun cannot be a constant star, powered from within by nuclear fusion occurring at its core, but is instead electrically powered by interstellar plasma interacting at its surface, which renders the Sun a variable star depending on fluctuating supply conditions. It was further discovered, more recently, and replicated in laboratory experiments, that large electromagnetic fields form at the plasma interface with the Sun, which concentrate the interstellar plasma and focus high pressure plasma onto the Sun. 

Since electromagnetic fields in plasma streams are dynamic structures that depend for their forming on a minimal rate of plasma flow, a low-level threshold exists, below which the fields cannot form nor be maintained. For the fields that prime the Sun with plasma, the threshold point becomes the point below which the entire dynamic system breaks down, stops functioning, with the Sun going inactive as a consequence.

With these discoveries, a rational Ice Age theory finally came to light, which not only matches the measured ice core data, but is also supported by a wide range of secondary evidence, and even laboratory experiments for verification. (See the video "New Ice Age Near: 58-part Evidence")

No other cause than the Sun becoming inactive has the power to cause the long deep ice ages, with the enormous temperature oscillations that we have seen and measured in Greenland's historic ice deposits.

These enormous oscillations from deep glacial conditions to near interglacial conditions, which have been termed the Dansgaard Oeschger Oscillation, are only possible by the Sun being inactive, but recovering from its inactive status for brief periods till the built-up local plasma density becomes exhausted again, and the Sun reverts back to its inactive state.

That these measured oscillations are not local phantoms, but reflect ocean surface temperature variations, is illustrated by the close agreement of long-term ice core isotope measurements, with ocean sediment measurements.

So, what does this all mean? It means that our Sun is vulnerable to the density of its energy input streams, and is extremely fragile in times of weak galactic plasma density conditions, such as we have, which are the weakest in 440 million years . The ice ages that have been measured in ice-core records stand as silent witnesses for that. How vulnerable our Sun actually is, can be seen to some degree in the sunspots.

The existence of sunspots, where the solar reaction cells break down over wide regions on the Sun - up to 20,000 Km wide - result from conditions by which the dynamic flow system is interrupted. The dynamics of the sunspots gives a faint indication of how fragile the solar reaction process inherently is, and how vulnerable the entire process can be under extremely weak galactic density conditions as had existed for the last two million years already. The umbra of the sunspots also reveals what an inactive Sun may look like. What we see doesn't bode well for the northern regions, from Canada to Europe, Russia, and China.

Numerous types of evidence tell us that the diminishing plasma density in the solar system may lead to the collapse of our Sun's primer fields in the 2050s, with the Sun going inactive at this time in whatever form this may unfold. This means that our current interglacial period may be compared to the splash of a dump-bucket cycle that has largely run its course with the last of the load coming down the ramp. 

It is the lean time thereafter, that we need to prepare for. We may have still 30 years left for the preparations, before the current big 'splash' is over. The lean times are harsh times in a world that is not prepared for it. Only 1 to 10 million people emerged from the last lean epoch. Surely, we can do much better than that this time around, with 7 to 10 billion people building a active renaissance instead of allowing its presence to be collapsed by the new climate. We have the power to snub the harsh conditions, and live abundantly. But will we do it?

Everything depends on the answer.

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