Palmyra, G20, Belt and Road, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping-  by Rolf Witzsche

The Russians and Chinese did hack, and still do
They hack with cultural light and whispers of an Ice Age Renaissance.
They hack into the Western Deep State despair, war, terror, and destruction,
with a healing of civilization from economic collapse, lies, and cultural hopelessness.

A year of cultural healing unfolded, leading up to the Trump election in November 2016;
starting with the Russian liberation concert in Palmyra-Syria, on May 5, 2016;
 followed by the 2016-G20 on Sept 4 in Hangzhou-China.

 The cultural healing continued with the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing in May 2017.
The two Chinese events had Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker" ballets
standing in the background, leading into 2017-G20 in Hamburg-Germany.

When future historians look back in time to where the decisive breakthroughs were made that changed the course of history into a new direction, they will look at the timeframe when Russia began to intervene against the imperial drive of regime change by the force of terror, subversion, and war. Russia intervened and supported Syria when it was overrun by several terror organizations. It liberated Palmira and demonstrated that peace is possible.

Another significant peace break-through was made by China's Belt and Road initiative. Both together, changed the world political landscape. All this happened, while in the background the U.S. federal election was unfolding. It affected the election outcome. Donald Trump was elected, who too, spoke the words of peace.

The sore looser, the Democratic Party, blamed its loss on Russia, asserting that Russian hackers broke into the party's computer and revealed the dirty secrets of how the party manipulated its own nomination process against the fore-runner who was not approved by the elite. Forensic evidence proved that the hacking was an inside job, nor did it likely affect the election.

What likely affected the U.S. election, was Russia's decisive 'hacking' into the decaying world-political landscape of terror games and subversive revolutions with its victory for peace, in conjunction with the Chinese Belt and Road initiative for international cooperation and infrastructure building. Borth efforts where crowned with cultural celebrations. The conjuncture for peace and development, and their celebration in great culture, changed the world.

Culture and Freedom is One - humanity is a 'prince' who is free.

This video covers the transition from the unitary Deep State of terror, war, and hate, to the dawning multilateral world, powered by cultural, economic, political, and scientific development, and extends it towards meeting the greatest challenge in human history - the Ice Age Challenge - with the greatest Renaissance ever imagined that becomes possible in a lateral humanist world.

Russia and China are pioneers in the lateral world, a light on the hill that has the eyes of the world evermore fixed onto it, which is hard to ignore. This light did hack into darkness and hopelessness of the depressed western social, political, and economic platform, with its force of healing that also contributed a measure of healing in America during 2016 U.S. election campaign and the resulting election. Real humanist light tend to have this effect.

Because of its extraordinary length this video is logically divided into 8 parts, which are also available as separate videos (via the links and thumbnails below.)

run time 3:25 min


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Separate videos available of the 8 parts

Part 1 - Freedom to Love - World-Shaping Effects (30 min)
Part 2 - Promise of Swan Lake - Cultural Wake-up-call (36 min)
Part 3 - Nutcracker Revolution - Towards a Cultural Renaissance (22 min)
Part 4 - In an Ice Planet World - Alive with optimism (22 min)
Part 5 - 2016 <G20> 2017 Incomparable - The Deep State vs Free States (52 min)
Part 6 - Civilization Is Freedom - Marriage with Civilization towards an Ice Age world. (43 min)
Part 7 - I Can! - The Great American Challenge to honor its Constitution (24 min)
Part 8 - Princes who are Free - Mice Kings, Nutcrackers, and Society (22 min)

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Source videos

"Pray for Palmyra. Music Revives Ancient Ruins" The Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, conducted by the theater's Artistic
and General Director Valery Gergiev - May 5, 2016 (Palmyra - Sputnik)  (the Palmyra Liberation (concert, May 5, 2016) - RT) (2016-G20 opening celebration (Sept. 4, 2016)) (Belt and Road Forum closing gala (May 14, 2017)) (BRICS 2017 Summit gala, China ) Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet (Vienna State opera)  Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet (Mariinsky Theater)

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Interviews with Ray McGovern, of Intelligence Veteran for Sanity
Ray Mc. Govern, on Syria and ISIS:
Ray Mc. Govern on Syrian and CIA
Ray Mc. Govern on 9/11 (15 Years Later) - Ray Mc. Govern on Russian hacking

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