From the Cygni Ice Age Climate University -  a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Cosmic Climate Change

From Big, to Gigantic, to Joy



  • Cosmic Climate History

  • Cosmic Dynamics

  • The Primer Fields

  • Measuring the Sun (C-14 B-10)

  • The Little-Ice-Age pivot

  • The solar weakening/collapse

  • Cosmic-Ray climate effects

  • Flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes

  • Floating agriculture/cities

  • A New Industrial Revolution

This is the second installment of the series: Cosmic Climate Change, from Cygni Ice Age Climate 'University.'

The focus is on the now increasing Climate Change in the world resulting from the now rapidly weakening Sun, and the consequent increase in solar cosmic-ray flux that enormously increases the cloud-forming intensity, and with it increases flooding, droughts, and hurricanes, all with near unimaginable effects in the immediate future. Fortunately there is a solution possible, in a manner by which we will come out richer, more secure, and with a satisfying future versus having no future at all. The potential solution may even prevent nuclear war. This too, is vital, with nuclear war now being evermore on the agenda, which is unsurvivable in the long run.

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