The Titanic World Ship is Sinking -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The World Ship is sinking into a new Ice Age

The sinking is unavoidable, but will we be sinking with it?


The steam ship RMS Titanic  - the "Unsinkable Ship" -  sank on Feb. 14, 1912, in the dark of night with 1,500 people remaining on board.

The Titanic World Ship is sinking with 7 billion people riding the ship. The Earth is in the process of sinking into its next Ice Age, with the phase shift occurring potentially in the 2050s. The transition process has begun; the evidence is monumental:

Evidence in Carbon-14
Evidence in visible observation
Evidence in the sunlight
Evidence in diminish solar wind
Evidence measured in space
Evidence discovered on Earth
Evidence replicated in laboratories.

But will we be sinking with the ship? Or will humanity create itself a future in which the Ice Age has no sting?


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