The Sun is 'dying' - build a New World, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Sun is 'Dying'

Build a New World before the Ice Age Boundary Zone ends


Climate Change is measured reality, but it isn't manmade. It is caused by changing solar activity, which is now collapsing, and the climate is collapsing with it. We are in the boundary zone of the process of the weakening Sun 'dying' towards the next Ice Age. The boundary zone of roughly 50 years began when the last solar global warming ended in the 1990s, and solar activity sharply reversed. We are currently half-way through Phase 1 of the reversal, which is unfolding like a free-fall collapse.

We know with great certainty that all climate changes, with a few minor exceptions, were and still are caused by the Sun - and as of recently, almost exclusively by changing solar cosmic-ray flux affecting the cloud forming intensity on Earth. We Know this, because we have measured the cause for the process in numerous ways. We have 'measured' the Sun's activity in sunspot numbers, and in historic ratios of radio-isotopes that are exclusively generated by solar cosmic-ray flux in the Earth's atmosphere. We have also 'measured' the Sun in real-time with satellites in space, with radio-telescopes on the ground, and as of late by measuring the neutron-density in the atmosphere as a real-time proxy for changing solar cosmic-ray flux that releases neutrons in the atmosphere by interaction. And what do all of these measurements tell us? They tell us that the Sun is diminishing fast, and that the climate on Earth is correspondingly getting colder, year after year, and more so from 2018 onward, for potentially another 30 years till the Ice Age begins, and things get really bad.

All this means that our agriculture is in danger, and that when food production grinds to a halt, especially in the climate vulnerable regions, entire nations potentially cease to exist with no place for the populations to migrate to, unless a large-scale Plan-B creates a New World for them, with new technological infrastructures for new agricultures that the changing climate cannot affect; and with new cities, and so forth, for continued human living.

Plan-B is critical, because the current Plan-A is to do nothing, with the song, "let the people die."

Plan-B, however is blocked by the Manmade Global Warming hoax that is projected from the highest levels of the United Nations. While over 50,000 scientists have declared their opposition to the Manmade Global Warming doctrine in numerous petition projects and protest statements, the opposition movements do actively support the core assumption of the Manmade Global Warming doctrine, which is the theory of the invariable Sun.

For Plan-B to have a chance, the fundamental blocking factor that is purely theoretical without exclusive evidence to stand on, and which tends to be politically inspired, needs to be overcome.

The needed change may not come from the top through the United Nations, however. It may well be that a Plan-B option may be implemented one day soon, unilaterally, by one of the most advanced nations on Earth simply stating the project, that the rest of the world would than gladly join up.

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Major Topics

1- The Variable Sun: Our Climate Forcer

2 - Measuring Historic Solar Activity in Proxy

3 - Changing Solar Activity, Measured in Real-Time, in Proxy

4 - Climate Change: Forced by Changing Solar Cosmic-Ray Flux - almost exclusively

5 - Real-Time Experienced Climate Consequences

6 - Climate Collapse - Agricultural Collapse

7 -  Exit From the Boundary Zone - Plan-B

8 - Deadly Blocking Factor: The Global Warming Hoax

9 - Plan-B Unfolding: Spontaneous, Unbounded, Cultural and Industrial Revolution

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3-fold measured evidence:
Solar Activity Proxies:
Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 ratios, sunspot cycles
Solar measurements:
collapsing wind pressure, magnetic field, and corona
Measured on Earth:
cooling, magnetic pole drift, cloudiness, droughts

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Keywords:  Ice Age \ Sun \ solar \ climate \ agriculture \ collapse \ global warming \ manmade \ New World \ cosmic-rays \  solar system \ plasma \ powered \  Earth \  Little Ice Age \ glacial \ interglacial \ primer fields \ beryllium-10 \ carbon-14 \ solar activity  \ solar wind \ sunspot numbers\ solar radio flux \ 10.7 cm \ neutron \ cosmic-ray flux \ proxy  \ Plan-B


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