Failure is not an option on Ice Planet Earth -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Dynamics of Wisdom on Ice Planet Earth

Part 3 of the series: To Be or Not to Be?

We live in an Ice Epoch World,
and have been for several million years.

Failure is not an option indeed, because consequences are too great.

This is true in politics, economics, civilization, even for a concert artist. But most of all, this is true for humanity recognizing its Sun, solar system, and galactic systems as structures of electrodynamics rather than mechanistic phenomena. On this question all ice age philosophers fail, and their concepts with them. This failure prevents humanity from responding to the greatest science challenge in the history of civilization, which if it was responded to would impel the largest industrial, cultural, and economic renaissance of all time, instead of war cries and political impotence.

This video is part 3: of the series, "To be, or not to be?" The issue is Wisdom for Survival when the Earth becomes an Ice Planet, in 30 years, uninhabitable by today's standard. What wisdom will enable us to make it liveable for 7 billion people, before the Ice Age phase shift begins?

The principles of the universe do not fail. The Ice Age does not fail to resume by its principles. Neither should we fail to respond to its challenge, because no doom awaits us then.

The challenge is, to create us a secure platform for our continued living on this planet with advanced technological infrastructures. To fail in this endevor is NOT an option on this slippery slope. It is NOT an option for humanity to choose not to have a future.

But where do the Ice Ages come from? Does anybody know? The answer lies in electrodyamics.

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