The Science Stick of the Future - lead-in and ordering -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

What's on the stick?

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120 science videos by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Understanding our Near Ice Age Future

The lead-in video is designed to provide a wide overview of what is presented on the USB stick, and to present also an overview of the deeper issues that stand behind the presentation, and of the type of science that addresses the issues.

 Note: The presentation is not a replay of what is already mainstream perception. It goes far beyond it. The entire presentation is designed to provide a window into the future where reality speaks for itself, and speaks on a scale that few yet imagine with consequences that no nation is prepared for, or even considers. In this context the compressive exploration of Plasma Astrophysics, on the data stick, presents imperatives and opportunities for humanity, governments, and world organizations that can open amazing new horizons, and likely will do so.

The presentation has the potential to take us farther than to the moon or Mars.  It has the potential to cross the largest distance, the 'distance' that still isolates humanity from one another. The science of Plasma Astrophysics confronts us with a future of changing climates by a changing Sun, with severe consequences that no one on Earth is exempted from, but which technology and economics can provide solutions for, for us all. We are bound to this imperative together, but we are also bound as one, by the power of the intellect of the humanity that we all share, that is able to meet the challenge that confronts us, and thus come out winners.

Ordering information

Because of the great significance of Plasma Astrophysics for the living of humanity in the modern world, I have combined the entire complex of more than 120 videos on the subject, onto a single USB thumb-drive data-stick, in the form of a comprehensive package focused on the most vital science of modern time.

I will produce and mail the comprehensive USB stick as a gift, in response to a $100 donation that I see as a fellowship commitment to promote the science on which the future of humanity depends, for which the USB stick is offered as a tool. For any lesser reasons it wouldn't be worth the effort to produce and mail the stick.  - Please e-mail your mail-to address to:

The stick, once received, can be freely copied, and be freely distributed for non-commercial, educational purposes. Note: It may take up to 2 hours to copy a stick, because of the large volume of data it contains (19 GB / 42,000 items).

The Lead-in video

 The lead-in video is designed to categorize the diverse aspects of the work, and to sort out some potential ambiguities.


run time: 18 min.


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