Part 3, of the Plasma-Core Resources, series - video by  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Miracle Planet

Part 3 of "Earth Plasma Core Resources"

This presentation is Part 3 of a 3-part series

Links to: - Part 1   Part 2

This video series explores a wide range of subjects related to the resources for our living, provided by the Earth's plasma core.

Part 1: Water, Gas, and Oil

#1 Review of the Plasma Core principle
#2 'Unlimited' freshwater from the core of the Earth (Primary Water)
#3 'Unlimited' gas and oil energy resources from the core of the Earth.

Part 2: The Atmosphere

#1 CO2 and Oxygen, not from the Earth.
#2 CO2 from the Sun. Oxygen from CO2
CO2 depletion. Atmospheric CO2 renewal.

Part 3: Miracle Planet

#1 The 'miracle' molecules for life - Water, CO2, and Nitrogen
#2 Sulphur dioxide, potential cause for mass extinction events
#3 The measured CO2 historic density, related to solar activity, not volcanic activity.
#4 Human creativity, the natural progressive extension of the natural system.

The series is designed to counter some of the long-held myths about the origin of the natural resources of the Earth, and the critical role that humanity plays to extend the power of the natural system.


run time: 1:05


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