Segment 1, of the Plasma-Core Principle, 3-part video series -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Plasma Core Earth

This presentation is Segment 1 of a 3-part series

Links to:  Segment 2 - Segment 3

This video series explores a wide range of subjects. All of this is New

Segment 1: Plasma Core Principle - the Science

#1 What is a plasma sphere?
#2 Why do planets form around a plasma sphere, exclusively?
#3 What is building up pressure within the plasma core.

Segment 2: Plasma Core Principle - Examples: Earthquakes and Volcanos.

#1 World-Historic seismic and volcanic events 2004 - 2011.
#2 Storms after the calm - 2015 - 2019.
#3 Big events, keyed to solar weak times.

Segment 3: Plasma Core Principle - Examples:: Dinosaurs and Mini-Novas

#4 Paradox of the "too heavy" dinosaurs.
#5 The Earth's variable surface-gravity and size.
#6 The Sun, a naked plasma core - example Mini-Novas.

This segment, Segment 1, solves a long-standing paradox in mainstream science about the makeup of the Earth. It introduces the concept of the Plasma Core as a universally reflected principle for the Earth, the planets, and the Sun. In the background, the exploration of the dynamics is centered on the Yellowstone super-volcano's caldera rising, with swarms of earthquakes happening.

run time: 37 min.


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