Physicists not believing in Physics anymore?  -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Peace and Joy and Power

The Beginning of Civilization

This is big! A Christmas video of a different kind, exploring civilization from the last the Ice Age to the next one in 30 years; touching on Theology, Christianity, spirituality, science and deception, and the modern paradox in physics - of physicists not believing in physics anymore.

While we cause the world to move ahead, it is useful to look at the big sweep of history, where we came from, where we are moving to, the achievements that were wrought, and the challenges that remain, and how even the greatest challenge, the Ice Age Challenge, can be overcome.

While the mark of civilization has not yet been achieved, a phase shift has begun, both physically and spiritually, on a path where a new world begins to unfold and evermore features of the old world become conspicuously laid aside in an advance of civilization that characterizes the human being as the highest expression of life with a future that is light, which we have the power to realize.



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What is the trap why physicists don't believe in physics anymore?

Part 1


How did civilization begin?

Part 2


"What is it that I want most in my life?"

Part 3


Theology - Empire - Communism - Christ and Christianity



The theology of empire - and the theology of religion

Part 4


The veiled Trap of Deception



The Neutron Star paradox



Dreams of Radiating Gravitational Waves



Dreams of Dark Energy that blocks light

Part 5


Our Humanity - Peace, Joy, and Power - (freedom from deception)



The Flat Earth mythology dreaming



The Manmade Global Warming doctrine



Science Circumcised



The Hydrogen Gas Sun paradox and Nuclear Fusion Power production?



Big Bang theory impossible



A new mind developing in Cosmic-Ray-Rich times



Giza Pyramids - testament of physics lost but of great potentials

Part 6


Have we done enough?



Closing musical review


 run time 3:49 min
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"Pray for Palmyra. Music Revives Ancient Ruins" The Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, conducted by the theater's Artistic
and General Director Valery Gergiev - May 5, 2016 (Palmyra - Sputnik)  (Palmyra - RT) (2016-G20) (Belt and Road Forum) (BRICS 2017 Summit gala) (Time of Xi - Part 1)  (Time of Xi - Part 2) (Time of Xi - Part 3)

Related Documentary: "The Revelation of the Pyramids"

I gave myself 9 minutes to cover the pyramids. One of the mysteries that archaeologists find puzzling is the precision of the stone work. No one, to my knowledge, recognizes that during Ice Age conditions stronger cosmic-ray flux may have altered the hardness of rock, made them easier to shape, and by electric repulsion easier to transport, a type of ideal building material so that similar constructions methods were used in all places were stone construction was done.. To my knowledge, all of the big stone constructions and monuments from ancient times are built in locations within the habitable zone, so that their construction was likely done during Ice Age conditions. If the Giza pyramids were built at the end the last Ice Age, then the builders would have been a highly cognitively advanced civilization, which the design and the details of the construction bear witness of. This is what archaeology ignores, just as physicists ignore plasma physics and then try to make sense of the universe. These academic questions become significant in our time for the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics as a phenomenon in plasma Astrophysics with its projected startup time in the 2050s., at which point the Earth becomes uninhabitable, except for a few pockets where sufficient fresh water is available. This is the reason why I brought the Giza pyramids into the context of this video.

Exploration elements: Ice Age, ice planet, climate, science, physics, plasma, astrophysics, history, Plato, Aristotle, theology, Christianity, Jesus, Trinity, deception, Flat Earth, Global Warming, Neutron star, black hole, Sun, nuclear fusion, dark energy, gravity, gravitational, waves, Big Bang, red-shift, Doppler effect, Giza pyramids, China, 2016 G20, Belt and Road, BRICS.

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