National Security Alert: Our Children are at Risk -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

National Security: Children at Risk

Part 4 of the series: To Be or Not to Be?

The greatest national security dander lies with the national borders

All the nations of the world, large or small, powerful or poor, admired, or hated or feared, face one single common national security threat that clouds their future. This is the gravest threat of all times, and a threat that very few are aware of, but the danger is a passive danger. It results from society's failing to embrace the greatest economic development opportunity in the history of civilization, impelled by the Ice Age Challenge. No greater impetus has ever existed for humanity to build itself a new world, then now lays before it, with opportunities for economic development, industrial revolution, agricultural renewal, and a cultural renaissance. But will we latch on to the opportunity? If we fail, our children are at risk.

Monumental evidence now exist, developed with numerous science missions over the last two decades, that a phase shift will occur in the dynamics that power our Sun, by which the long expected new Ice Age will start up in the near future, potentially in the 2050s, or sooner. The incredible knowledge that has been gained, tells us that the entire Earth becomes essentially uninhabitable by today's standard, in a short period of time, probably in less than a year, when the Ice Age begins.

The challenge that the Ice Age imposes, impels the greatest opportunity in the history of civilization for humanity to create itself a completely new world in every respect, a high technology world that enables the current 7 billion world population to continence to exist, and exist richly, prosperously, and securely, on an Ice Planet that the Earth is poised to become when the next Ice Age begins in the 2050s. The materials, energy, and technologies for building a completely new world, already exist in abundance,  laying mostly unused on the ground, but will we utilize the resources we have, and live?. Will we build a new and secure world for our children to live in, on an Ice Planet? Will we do this? Will we even consider it? Without it, we will abandon them to doom.

Whether this high-level National Security is being realized, depends on each citizen of a nation, and nations, and their combined efforts to secure the needed recognition that gets the process started for building the technological infrastructures for human survival in an Ice Age world that will be our world from the 2050s onward.

This video is not a dooms-day scare story, but it is designed as a wakeup call.

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