Segment 2 of the video series: The Alternate Jesus -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Model of Man - Part 4

Healing the Biblical Adam and Eve


In the story, the names ADAM and EVE are synonymous with a grand rape inflicted on the human soul by the Lord God (the empire-lords' god). The raping is continuing, including society's willing subjection.  The story presents us the colors of the psychological warfare staged by the masters of empire against humanity that is twisting the divine creation into a weapon against which, in the spiritual context, Adam and Eve rebel and start a healing of themselves and for humanity.

The story makes no sense otherwise. It doesn't make sense as an alternate creation story. It presents a paradox, as its god lacks all the features of an intelligent and benign creator, which suggests that the story isn't designed to make sense until the paradox is resolved. With this the spiritual story behind the story begins.

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