Segment 2 of the series: The Alternate Jesus -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Model of Man - Part 2

Building the Great Model of God and Man


On this path of building the Model of God and Man we explore what the most accomplished pioneer in spiritual science might have presented on the subject in his time. This pioneer is no doubt, the man Christ Jesus, who is regarded to have been the most scientific man that ever walked the earth.

Since no historic documents existed or remained from his time, of what he had actually said, let's explore scientifically what a leading-edge pioneer in spiritual science might have recognized, and might have inspired the people to understand in some degree.

What might this man have known about God? By what names would he have understood God?
So let's build us a science model to answer the great question. Let's build a scientific model of man. But where do we begin? Who do we model ourselves after?

Let's begin by first creating a model of God, because man, as evidence indicates, is God's image and likeness. Let's become scientists for this, in the spiritual realm.  Let's become Christ Scientists.

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