Segment 2 of the video series: The Alternate Jesus -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Model of Man - Part 1

Why would we want to build a Model of Man?


We need a scientific model that lets us look deep into the soul to visualize who and what we are as the tallest expression of life on the Earth.

We need to develop this model in order that we may rescue ourselves from the tragedies that we have allowed to come upon us, both historically and in modern time.  Our future is clouded by tragedies that stand poised to destroy us. We see them as threats for nuclear war; we see them as economic collapse; and we see them in the form of the near New Ice Age for which the transition has already begun.

These are all big issues, for which we need big answers to get ourselves out of the unfolding trap? And the solutions that are possible, which may be the only solutions, are equally as big. The solutions point to failures in humanity relating to one another as human beings, for which spiritual solutions are required. These politics cannot provide. But they can be found in spiritual science.

We need a model that locates us within the functional dynamics of God, for the simple reason that God is reflected in humanity, which renders us the most precious gem in the world, and the most-creative beings that we know to exist.

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