Digital Ice Age, Digital Sun: flip point 2050s - time to awake -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Ice Age is Digital - AWAKE

The Ice Age transition is fast, enormous, and brutal,
but if we awake, we can live with it better than we live now.

On President Trump's visit to China, Nov. 3, 2017

Will President Trump, on his visit to China, learn something that he doesn't know, or is officially not allowed to know?

The official logos for the 2016 G20 and the 2017 Belt and Road Forum are more related to cosmic plasma dynamics than to the actual themes, and likewise are some elements in the associated gala performances. Together they cover numerous aspects of the digital nature of the impending Ice Age transition (in the 2050s) that nothing can avoid, that will revert the Earth back to its being largely an uninhabitable Ice Planet by today's standard, so that we find ourselves challenged to create a New World with technological infrastructures that enable a 7-billion world-population to flourish where otherwise barely a million can survive, as during the previous Ice Age.

If China's symbolism signals that there is an awareness of this challenge in China, then the Belt and Road initiative would be just the first step towards a worldwide industrial revolution towards the building of several thousand new cities for the mass-relocation of populations from the Ice Zones into the tropics, together with agriculture and industries. We are looking at an opportunity for world development, so big that "gigantic" is too small a concept.  We would have already started the process if the imperial machine hadn't smothered science and cosmology with its load of counter-science doctrines of the H. G. Wells brand of the "Time Machine," such as the Big Bang doctrine, the Hydrogen Fusion Sun doctrine, and the Milankovitch Cycles doctrine - and all this in concert with the "Controlled Disintegration of the Economy" doctrine that is poised to bring the house down.

It is doubtful, however, that President Trump, choked by his aides, is able to see the real world, hidden by the product of the Wellsian machine that China appears to have stepped away from. It appears that President Trump may need a little help in waking up before he goes to China.

I have produced a little overview-type video on the subject of waking up, for the benefit of humanity. See the link below:

Part 6
To be, or not to be?

Ice Ages are real, and digital in nature. The next one is close, but it remains an enigma for the lack of prior experiences. All that we have ever known - the entire history of civilization, occurred in the brief span of the current warm climate. We have no experiences of the time prior to that, as if the time prior, pertained to an incomparably different world. That's the world we have again in 30 years when the Sun flips back from its current high-powered state, to its low-powered default state, by which the Earth becomes a largely uninhabitable planet of ice and deserts by today's standards. The transition is rapid. It is an on-off type transition. That's what we need to prepare for. But will we do it?

While it is possible for us to build us a technological new world for living in an Ice Planet environment, this option is blocked by the long-standing imperial depopulation doctrine that in modern time is expressed in the controlled disintegration of both economics and science. From the 'great debate' in imperial circles in the 1920s, of how to twist science and cosmology into knots, emerged a series of tragic dreamlike counter-science concepts about the universe, the Sun, and the Ice Age phenomena. This science perversion has put society to sleep at a time of its greatest existential challenge in the entire history of civilization.

Will we awake from this blocking factor and build ourselves a new world to live in, and to have a future? Or will we lay ourselves down to die, instead of building the greatest renaissance ever?


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"Pray for Palmyra. Music Revives Ancient Ruins" The Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, conducted by the theater's Artistic
and General Director Valery Gergiev - May 5, 2016 (Palmyra - Sputnik)  (Palmyra - RT) (2016-G20) (Belt and Road Forum)


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