Ice Age Start-Up Phase I 45% Complete -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Yes: the 1st phase of the Ice Age start-up IS 45% complete!

3-fold measured evidence:
Solar Activity Proxies: Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 ratios, sunspot cycles
Solar measurements: collapsing wind pressure, magnetic field, and corona
Measured on Earth: cooling, magnetic pole drift, cloudiness, droughts


The solar system is in a free-fall collapse (in cosmic terms) towards the next Little Ice Age in the 2030s (phase I) already 45% complete) and Full Ice Age in the 2050 (phase III) with a 70% cooler Sun.

Professor Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski - a world-renowned atmospheric scientist and mountaineer, who has excavated ice out of 17 glaciers on 6 continents in a 50-years career - warned in his 2003 paper "The Ice Age is Coming"* that according to the observed average duration of the warm periods between the ice ages, the end of the current interglacial period should have already happened 500 years ago and is evermore immanent. He couldn't have known the reason for the delay, because the scientific data for it hadn't been available in 2003. It is available now, measured in Carbon-14 and Berylliun-10 ratios as solar activity proxies, and likewise sunspot numbers, solar cosmic-ray-flux density, solar-wind pressure, magnetic-pole deflection, and coronal holes on the Sun. All of these measurements made in space and on the ground together tell us that the solar system is in an amazing free-fall collapse (in cosmic terms) towards a new Little Ice Age in the 2030 (phase I) and the full Ice Age in the 2050s (phase III).
*21st Century Science and Technology - Winter 2003/2004

This video is designed to present the resulting challenge to humanity, to widen its horizons, and to inspire the steps towards a grand human future in spite of the Ice Age Start-up for which the 1st phase is already 45% complete. It is also intended to  honour the amazingly correct scientific forecast by the late Professor Dr. Jaworowski in 2003. He had suggested that the transition to the next Ice Age could begin at any time without warning. It began in 1998, with fanfares blazing as was measured in Irkutsk. He had forecast that the transition may unfold over a 50-years period. This estimate matches the combined duration of the 1st and 2nd phase of the Ice Age Start-Up for which multiple conclusive evidence has been discovered, of which the 1st phase is already nearly half complete. He further states that the final phase may unfold quickly, in 1 or 2 years. Modern data suggests that the final phase may be a bit shorter.

Dr. Jaworowski didn't spout doom when he made these scientific forecasts, but he did suggest that the time has come to face the future with open eyes and respond to what is scientifically known, and to prepare the world for it.

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Background considerations

The Great Barrier that isn't.

 The word 'barrier' comes to mind, a barrier in the mind that bars the recognition that 99.999% of the mass of the universe exists in the form of plasma, instead of atomic elements. The word, barrier, has a familiar ring to it. A sound barrier had once been envisioned that supposedly made supersonic flight impossible. But the perceived sound barrier was soon broken in the minds of a few scientists, who corrected their approach to airflow dynamics. It was recognized that 'new' physical principles come into play when the flight of an object exceeds the speed of the pressure-wave propagation in the fluid of air, which determines the speed of sound. The discovery of the higher-level principle, which cannot be observed in 'slow' flight, had improved the scientists' understanding of flight dynamics. By the resulting improved perception the sound barrier was reduced to nothing more than just an engineering challenge. Eventually, the challenge was overcome with the appropriate effort to the point that nobody talks about a sound barrier any longer. Hypersonic aircraft that exceed ten times the speed of sound have since then been flown. With a little effort aircraft engineers were able to develop designs that were once deemed totally impossible according to the nature of fundamental physics. But this was then. It had been discovered since then that it hadn't been the Universe, that had stood in the way of breaking the sound barrier, but the prevailing narrow perception that were merely a false concept of the laws of the Universe.

The on-going almost-free-fall collapse of the solar system that is evident in numerous ways is forcing a phase shift in perception and response to it that is similar to breaking the sound barrier. Before this happened in aerodynamics, attempts to break the sound barrier would result in the destruction of the aircraft. The same type of barrier exists in cosmology. The dynamics of the Universe are on a collision course with the mainstream perception of it. We are presently committed by narrow minded perception to ram our 'world ship' with 'hypersonic speed' into the next Ice Age, without the physical preparations for it with which to break the barrier that would otherwise kill us all, with only few exceptions.

The infrastructures for breaking this barrier can be built, but for this too, a phase shift is needed in our perception of economics. For supersonic flight the infrastructures were implemented in the form of design changes. In economics, the necessary 'infrastructures' have to be a platform without monetarism, a daring-to-win platform that raises the value of human life to such a high level that the protection of it inspires the means for it. But will we do it?

To achieve supersonic flight was a matter of choice. The overcoming of the Ice Age barrier is likewise a matter of choice. The difference is in the consequences. We could have lived perfectly well without breaking the sound-speed barrier in avionics, while almost no-one will survive without humanity breaking the Ice Age barrier. The prospect isn't grim. It inspires the choice to become more fully human. It inspires a phase shift in the perception of our humanity. That's what it means to dare to win.

The Color Barrier that leads the way.

Question: How many colors can be seen in the rainbow? If your answer is, seven, then you confirm that the Sun that lights up the rainbow cannot be a sphere of hydrogen gas heated by nuclear fusion from within, because if it was, you would see only 3 colors at the most, in 3 narrow strips, according to the hydrogen emission spectrum. (see more: A critical question)

The sunlight with its seamless spectrum of colors is the composite of the emission spectra of a wide range of atomic elements, which all exist on the solar surface where the sunlight is produced. The only physical process that makes this complex composite possible is the plasma-powered stellar nucleosynthesis happening on the surface of the Sun, which the Hydrogen-Fusion-Sun theory cannot facilitate.

While attempts are made to rescue this archaic theory by assuming that nucleosynthesis is occurring within the Sun, primarily near its core, with heavy elements being formed ranging all the way to iron, including oxygen and carbon along the way, the attempt to rescue the Hydrogen-Fusion-Sun theory breaks down by the fact that the synthesized heavy atomic elements would be gravitationally drawn to the core of the Sun, and create an immensely heavy core there (for which no evidence exists), instead of them being lofted to the surface, where, their presence is required to create the wide spectrum of sunlight that we see.

The paradox points to the still existing barrier in cosmology that bars the recognition of the role of plasma in the Universe, and renders all phenomena as the effect of gravitational attraction. The barrier thereby bars the recognition of 99.999% of the actual mass of the Universe, and thereby causes a wide scene of science delusions.

The barrier in this case is not a natural one, but results from a long-standing political project of science devolution in the defence of the systems of empire, which has been openly stated in numerous ways, going back centuries in some cases. A phase-shift breakout is needed here, and evidence exists that this may have begun.

The Sun Barrier that is poised to be broken

Since the Sun, according to the evidence that we see everywhere we look, cannot be a hydrogen sphere powered from within, what then is it? How is it powered? These are questions that can be answered when one lets the evidence speaks for itself. Instead the evidence that defies old notions, opinions, and long-standing believes, is being denied by these barriers of self-delusion. In the course of advanced explorations it becomes apparent that the Sun is not its own master, but is powered from interstellar plasma streams, which is presently focused on it by electromagnetic primer fields. (See: Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers our Sun) Modern scientific evidence makes it rather plain that the solar process is highly variable, and is presently extremely delicate. Several types of physical evidence have made it rather plain that the solar process is fragile to the point that the Sun can become 'inactive' in the current sense, and fall back to a lesser default state, with which the Ice Age begins. (see: Has an 'inactive' Sun ever been observed?)

For as long as the true nature of the Sun, and the physical evidence for it, remains hidden behind the barrier of ancient believes, popular opinions, intentional delusions, mythological perceptions, the prevailing false concept of the Sun stands as a barrier that hides the Sun's critical role in the Ice Age dynamics. But this too, is a barrier that can be overcome with the same type of scientific honesty with which the sound-speed barrier was overcome in avionics.

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