Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - Part 6 -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age Water and Energy

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Water and energy needs to be developed to the utmost. Under Ice Age conditions our currently used resources will largely vanish with the Ice Age Climate Change.

The colder Sun will produce 80% less precipitation

By this loss, many regions become deserts, unless water can be brought to them, primarily from the tropics, drawn directly from the outflow of the Amazon River, the Orinoco River, the Parana River, and also the Congo River, the world's four largest tropical rivers in flow volume. 

There is enough water flowing from these four rivers to feed a worldwide water distribution system, including the World Bridge. The movement of water through arteries floating in water, in the oceans, requires little effort as no elevation difference need to be overcome. This type of worldwide water management and distribution systems become critically important during Ice Age conditions that will be our future climate from the 2050s onward.

But it takes time to build the worldwide infrastructures. This vast potential is real. It can be our lifeline in the coming Ice Age World. But what good is the potential if it isn't realized, and nothing is build as is presently the case. Only when the tropics fail to supply the full need of humanity, will seawater desalination be needed, And for this to be practical, a lot more technological progress is required.

Energy Forever

 Here, the ghost of pure illusion that has been pursued as real, is nuclear-fusion power. The dream of harvesting nuclear fusion energy is a dream that will never come true. This is so, for the simple reason that no principle exists that would make this possible. It doesn't happen, not anywhere in the universe. It can't happen for the simple reason that nuclear fusion is an energy consuming process. But who needs it?

NASA has been able to photograph two electric plasma bands encircling the Earth, which appear to be a part of the ionosphere. In short, we are dealing with a cosmically generated energy resource that appears to be a part of the cosmic system of plasma that powers our Sun. As such, it can never be depleted. It may well become stronger the more we draw from it. Till we get there, the molten salt nuclear reactor, will lift us out of energy poverty. It has the theoretical capacity to deliver the equivalent energy of burning 50 million tons of coal, with one single ton of reactor fuel - far in excess of what nuclear-fusion power has envisioned, but couldn't deliver. The basic reactor design has been sitting on the shelf for 50 years already, with several million tons of fuel sitting unused on the ground.

With these resources we will built us a New World and a new industrial revolution, both with the potential to render the coming Ice Age insignificant.


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Ice Age Science Recapitulation

Part 6
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